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When the X-Men came to her rescue, Jean's true love, Cyclops, faced Mastermind in a psychic duel and was defeated. While they are both strong, here's how they compare. For every positive, there is a negative, whether it be the charge of atomic particles or matter and anti-matter and the Speed Force is no different- there is a Negative Speed Force. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Intelligence: The Phoenix Force is an ancient cosmic being with untold knowledge on the universe and life. The White Hot Room, which is located at the heart of the Multiversal Phoenix Force. The Speed Force allows its users to run at amazing velocities and even allows the users to manipulate time. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. When a Speed Force user moves fast enough, they can also travel through time but it's not very accurate. It traveled to Earth, craving Scott's power and forced Jean to return to life so that it could be with him. Barry Allen once used it to try and stop his mother's murder and that opened up a whole can of worms. Other than that, everyone falls to the power to the Dark Phoenix. The Phoenix Force, mistakenly, gave a spark of itself to Madelyne, granting her a life force and some of Jean's memories. [42] It brushed aside the X-Men and departed for the heavens. Agent Takes the Spotlight in a Character-Driven Debut, 10 Ways Spider-Man's Relationship With Iron Man Is Completely Different In The Comics, 10 Marvel Villains Who Started Out As Regular People (& Why They Went Bad), Justice League: 5 DC Villains That Should Be Able To Beat Them (& Why They Can't), Superman: All Of Clark Kent's Major Love Interests (In Chronological Order), Batman: Every Comic Storyline Where Bruce Wayne Dies (Or Seems To Die), Marvel: The 10 Most Powerful Henchmen, Ranked, 10 DC Characters You Didn't Know Were In The Teen Titans, Fantastic Four: 10 Characters That Need To Join The MCU, 10 Things Avengers: The Extinction Key Tells Us About the Gamerverse, Marvel Comics: The 15 Most Powerful Female Members Of The Avengers, Ranked. As Hope surged with the incredible powers of the Phoenix, the Scarlet Witch reminded her of her purpose, and together, they used the Phoenix's powers to reverse the Scarlet Witch's spell, and restore mutantkind. Jean held onto the Phoenix Force's arm and fell into a coma-like state. Odin takes it, he's no fool. The Phoenix complied just to be rid of her and sent the younger Jean back to Earth. Also, which force is more powerful regardless of wielder? Freaking X O R N. This is spite... PF would basically not even notice the OF. Celeste however, who was still in partial control of both herself and her sisters' super-mind, alerted the X-Men that they could short-circuit the girls' linkage by destroying Sublime's machinery. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. [67] The Avengers then teamed up with several X-Men who had realized that Cyclops and Emma had completely lost control. The Phoenix Force gives it bearer phenomenal power but at the cost of their sanity and the Speed Force empowers its users with the power to move very fast. Marvel, Mattel Reveal Mystique, Storm, and Dark Phoenix Barbie Dolls - Comic Con 2019, https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Phoenix_Force_(Earth-616)?oldid=5811483, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Like Jean Grey-Summers, the Phoenix used telepathy and telekinesis, but at a much, much greater near-limitless power levels (unlimited as White Phoenix). gladiator killed a phoenix as well, did he not? The Phoenix complied, and Scott took the chance to push them both into a containment unit. An Iron First named Fongji Wu used the powers of the dragon to tame the Phoenix and controlled its powers. Jean Grey was the closest thing the Phoenix Force had to a true earthly Avatar or physical embodiment and further that the Phoenix Force empowered Jean with life in a kind of mutual relationship or psychic bond. Only for a reborn phoenix to rise from the ashes of its predecessor, meaning that it never really dies since it is constantly reborn or regenerated. In fact, anyone in their empire who shows even the slightest sign of Phoenix power is guaranteed a visit from the Imperial Guard and either death or imprisonment. Still, time travel is a very impressive power that should only be used with the greatest of care. Independent of bodies Phoenix Force is much greater than the Odin Force, Thor has downed the PF before, Odin should have no trouble. Due to their diamond hearts' flawless state it could not be destroyed even by splintered Phoenix itself. Kate bargained with the Force to save Rachel from the Sentinels' rule and to keep her from remembering the horrors she had experienced. Another example is its time as Jean Grey, the Phoenix Force made itself into a simulacrum of the X-Man and experienced human life through her before being driven to go Dark Phoenix by a variety of circumstances. When she refused to share her older self's fate and fought back against it, the cosmic entity immolated her and set about resurrecting the elder Jean Grey - resulting in a number of psionic disturbances. [citation needed], To sate its hunger, the Dark Phoenix flew to a distant galaxy and devoured the star of the D'bari system. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [citation needed], A billion years ago,[verification needed] the alien Demon Lords of Stasis weaved a spell that had halted evolution on their planet. After meeting Scott Summers of the mainstream reality and not telling him of her true origins, Rachel visited the home of Grey's parents while they were absent and she found a holo-empathic crystal that was imbued with an imprint of Grey's personality. [27], The Phoenix Force was called back to Earth when it felt the mind of a human transcend the physical realm, a mind that resonated with the Phoenix's energy. After Cable and Hope returned from the future, Emma and many others saw Hope manifest a Phoenix flamebird from the flames of a bonfire. [63], The Avengers waged guerrilla warfare against the X-Men and the Phoenix Five but were ill matched against their vast power and continued to lose members for each battle. Someone with the Speed Force can move much faster than anyone else, with the most powerful being able to move faster than the speed of light. Full might of the Phoenix Force would be WPOTC. Rachel and Kate illegally entered the laboratory of Project Nimrod, which was the attempt to construct the most highly advanced Sentinel possible with the technology of that time, in the hopes of sabotaging the project.

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