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Further, St. Jerome was an ardent defender of the Church and her teaching. 1000 years later, Luther and the other protestants sided with Jerome and dropped the apathraca from the bible. St. Jerome is one of the four great Latin Doctors of the Church and is perhaps best known for his translation of the Hebrew books of the Bible into Latin, termed as the Vulgate. . St. Jerome was born into a Christian family, most likely in 342. . Its supremacy was reaffirmed by the Council of Trent in 1546, and it remains to this day the classical Latin Bible. As I follow no leader save Christ, so I communicate with none but Your Blessedness, that is, with the Chair of Peter. He developed the use of philological and geographical material in his exegesis and recognized the scientific importance of archaeology. He is managing editor of catholicpathways.com, and a contributing writer for Catholic Online. F. K. Bartels is a Catholic writer who knows his Catholic faith is one of the greatest gifts a man could ever have. St. Jerome. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. The more I drink, the more thirsty I become. Do the French house of Bourbon and Spanish house of Bourbon share a common ancestor ? St. Jerome the Linguist Widely considered the most learned of the Latin Church Fathers, Jerome achieved fluency in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, with knowledge of Aramaic, Arabic, and Syriac, according to St. Jerome: Perils of a Bible Translator. He was born at Stridon on the borders of Dalmatia and Pannonia (roughly modern Slovenia & Croatia) of a well-to-do Catholic family. What was the biggest battle between Germany and Japan in WWI? For instance, he opposed the objections of Helvidius concerning the perpetual virginity of Mary. What was needed was a complete and accurate translation, and this is where that prominent scholar came in. Would the US had stayed out of WW2 if Pearl Harbour hadn't been attacked? Jerome died in 419 or 420 C.E. As a lover of the fullness of truth, St. Jerome was intimately familiar with the inseparable relationship between Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Church. .". As a mother who teaches her children to speak and so to understand and communicate, the Church our Mother teaches us the language of faith in order to introduce us to the understanding and the life of faith" (CCC No. Thank you. The argument went back and forth. ", St. Jerome died in 420, but his profound influence still works among us. Saint of the Day for Wednesday, Nov 25th, 2020. From this period come his major biblical commentaries and the bulk of his work on the Latin Bible. On his return to Antioch in 378 he heard Apollinaris the Younger (c.310-c.390) lecture and was admitted to the priesthood (379) by Paulinus, bishop of Antioch. He was born at Stridon on the borders of Dalmatia and Pannonia (roughly modern Slovenia & Croatia) of a well-to-do Catholic family. In about 373, Jerome set out on a pilgrimage to the East. The argument went back and forth. uCatholic is dedicated to providing traditional Catholic information in the modern world. If you have already donated, we sincerely thank you. While he is most frequently remembered for his Vulgate, St. Jerome was a prolific writer, and wrote many commentaries on Scripture. After the death (384) of Damasus, however, Jerome fell out of favor, and for a second time he decided to go to the East. Catholic Online is a Project of Your Catholic Voice Foundation, a Not-for-Profit Corporation. Working from the Hebrew OT and the Greek NT, Jerome, after twenty-three years of labor, gave Latin Christianity its Bible anew. St Jerome translated the bible from Greek/Hebrew to Latin (vulgate). We're not salespeople, but we depend on donations averaging $14.76 and fewer than 1% of readers give. The chaos of the older Latin translation was notorious. As the Holy Spirit led him into deeper love for Christ, he directed his love for literature toward an intense study of Scripture. Eventually after Jerome died, Augustine added the books to the Vulgate Latin Bible. He is never slow in giving, nor am I ever weary of receiving. Hi readers, it seems you use Catholic Online a lot; that's great! GLADE PARK, CO (Catholic Online) -- St. Jerome is one of the four great Latin Doctors of the Church and is perhaps best known for his translation of the Hebrew books of the Bible into Latin, termed as the Vulgate. . How Catholics Can Make a Difference This #GivingTuesday, Pope Francis Meets With NBA Players to Discuss Social Issues, Highest Level of Governmental Religious Persecution Found in More Than a…, How Accepting an Apology Led to Pope Gregory VII Dying in…, Pope Francis Talks About His Own ‘Personal COVID Moments’, Nearly $1 Million Dollars Found Hidden at Suspended Vatican Official’s Home, Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, How to Make Space for Prayer in The Midst of Coronavirus…, Free Prayer Card: All Saints & All Souls Prayer Card, Free Prayer Card: 3 Hearts of the Holy Family Devotion, FREE eBook: “The Secret Of The Rosary” by St. Louis de…. St Jerome translated the bible from Greek/Hebrew to Latin (vulgate). They do not deign to notice what the prophets and apostles have intended, but they adapt conflicting passages to suit their own meaning as if it were a grand way of teaching  -- and not rather the faultiest of all -- to misrepresent a writer's views and to force the Scriptures reluctantly to do their will.". Up until 1979, when Pope John Paul II issued the Nova Vulgata, the Vulgate was the official Latin Bible of the Catholic Church. He was staying in a cave in Bethlehem, close to the birth-place of Jesus. It all began as the fourth century drew to a close. 2,000 people per day are dying of covid in the US. Jesus said, “Jerome, what will you give me for my birthday?” A CHRISTMAS GIFT St. Jerome (347-420) was a Dalmatian priest, a great scholar and a Doctor of the Church. All materials contained on this site, whether written, audible or visual are the exclusive property of Catholic Online and are protected under U.S. and International copyright laws, © Copyright 2020 Catholic Online.

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