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Welcome to the Orange County Sheriff's Office We are pledged to protect, respect and assist you in many ways. Call descriptions are based upon the information received at the time of dispatch; the final outcome of the investigation may vary. My office provides you with information, helps you file a report, request records, report a crime, find a location, or ask a question. The page automatically refreshes information every minute. OCFR Tac 4,6,8,9 WPFD Tac 3, GOAA TAC 3 & Tac 4. This page shows Orange County Government fire and rescue active calls for service. Below is a list of the active calls for service being handled by deputies of the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Public Safety 3 **Major Incidents requiring 4 or more units** OFD 3&4. Orange County Fire Major Incidents OCFR, OFD,WPFD and GOAA on the Orange County Public Services(FL) On the Orange County Project 25 System. All Calls for Service information shall be updated every 7 minutes.

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