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I also have some favorite standbys that I use not only for Reux Design Co. but for loads of personal + professional projects. They’ve typically got letters that connect together, much like cursive lettering. Mixing fonts is about experimentation and playing with ideas, but understand how the font is going to be used. Just remember, you’re using Dingbat fonts for easy access to icons, not to represent the letters you’re actually typing. Think about the classic font, Times New Roman for a second. I personally group them in with script fonts, but don’t be surprised if you see them called display, too! It’s commonly shorted to simply “sans,” so if you hear people talking about sans fonts, they’re referring to sans serifs. First, it’s important we understand that fonts are divided into 3 common categories: Serif, Sans Serif, and Script (sometimes called cursive). From extra heavy bold weight paired with light, or regular weight with italic. Use only what’s necessary and nothing more. Serifs come in all shapes and sizes ranging from slabs (think chunky and blocky) to hair (teeny tiny little wisps) and everywhere in between. Once the role of the new font is clear, start searching and mixing fonts. They’re specifically designed to be written in Title Case or all lowercase, so ALL CAPS just looks trashy (plus it’s really hard to read!). Something as simple as a text document outlining what each font will be used for will help bring consistency to a project—plus, it’ll be a good reference throughout. If you go overboard with different fonts, your final product can end up a jumbled mess. Script fonts are very popular right now; it seems like everywhere you look in the blogging industry (here included! I typically recommend choosing no more than 3 fonts per project. A super creative brand could use two wild and crazy fonts, a bank needs to use two plain and solid fonts. noticed first) and what is less important (i.e. From extra heavy bold weight paired with light, or regular … That’s when we add a second layer into our pairing strategy. Language evolves over time, and we've come to apply old words to new technology. They should be pretty similar! There are millions (hmmm, maybe thousands?) Continue to experiment with different fonts. The more consistent you are, the better people will be able to recognize your brand & you can, Finding Your Brand Voice by Embracing Juxtaposition, A Guide to Emotional Branding: What It Is & How to Use It. But then use a thinner version of the header font for the body text. Serif letters have a small line attached to the end of the stroke. BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP ALLIANCE | brand + website design, TEAM EMPOWER HOUR | brand + website design, The #1 Trick to Make Your Website Look 10x More Professional, StudioAndolina | branding + website design, Squarespace or Wordpress? Mixing fonts isn’t a matter of picking 2 contrasting typefaces at random and putting them on a page—it requires careful effort so the fonts complement one another in their different shapes, sizes, and textures, and bring a visual harmony to the page. With each choice there’s an opportunity to improve. Select a filter and it will present you a list of font pairings with heading and paragraph. Currently working at Hudl. The x-height is a major factor in defining how text feels when read, so if 2 fonts have a similar x-height, they’ll be easier to combine and will flow into one another more naturally. Mix and match thick and thin. Just remember that contrast is key! If not, please go back and brush up! After the letters were laid out, ink was rolled over it and pressed onto paper. Ok, so, if you saw the post of how to pick a font type for your brand, you know all about characteristics, font categories and so on. For The Classic Designer. Choose a serif or sans serif font that you’ll want to use for your document. I don’t have many, Don’t worry, bud, dad is working on your chocola, Quarantrends: Giving the fonts rooms to breathe can create a simple change to the overall appearance. And just like with script, please don’t use Blackletter in ALL CAPS. In order to know how to pair the fonts, we need to know what all of the different types of fonts actually are. FontPair is a nice typography tool that helps designers find font combinations using a set of font pairing filters. About a month ago I came across a tea kettle on Amazon that had the most hilarious review section ever. If the fonts look basically the same, try different choices. It will still be time consuming, but these tips will make it a bit easier! Use the same methods mentioned in the previous chapter to find the required font, and compare it alongside your font to see if it works. Follow me on Twitter, Use these typography tips for a more comfortable read, Get Luke Jones’s free, 9-part InVision e-course, Provides typographic contrast without adding design noise to a page, Provides an additional font when body text may not be suitable by itself for many different kinds of content. This isn’t to say it’s okay to add a bunch of fonts to a design—this has further ramifications like page weight and additional complexity in typesetting. For example, you could choose Lato Black and Lato Thin, and then you wouldn’t have to deal with finding a second font! LEARN MORE, A conscious guide to creating a brilliant brand, ©2013-2020 Dapper Fox DesignPrivacy Policy  //  Terms + Conditions, A creative business resource & blog for entrepreneurs, PORTFOLIO: RIME Raw Bar - Park City Restaurant Brand + Website Design, PORTFOLIO: Alana Kessler, Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist Brand + Website Design, PORTFOLIO: Shannon Bahrke, Olympic Skier + Entrepreneur, DEVON DENNIS COACHING | branding + website design, MIRANDA WEBB COACHING | branding + website design, PATTERN OBSERVER | branding + logo design, MARK EDWARDS LAW | branding + website design, INDIGO RESEARCH | branding + website design, CAROLINA MOSER | branding + website design, SOURCE WELLNESS | branding + website design, THE YOGA BEAUTY | branding + website design, 6 Questions To Find Your Perfect Brand Name, B.R.A. Join me here >>, « Finding Your Brand Voice by Embracing Juxtaposition, A Guide to Emotional Branding: What It Is & How to Use It ». Mix serif with sans serif. Do the same. Combining different typefaces is an indispensable part of providing readers with an elegant, pleasurable read. Get Luke Jones’s free, 9-part InVision e-course, Designing with type, delivered right to your inbox. These font pairs are perfect if you are trying to create your next logo, presentation, infographic, or anything else you’d like to design. There’s a science to applying a heading, subheading and body copy to suit the type of content you’re producing and the message or tone of your brand. Decide what information is most important (i.e. Futura | Montserrat | Brandon Grotesque | MoonBodoni | Modern No. You understand how to use fonts now, but where do you find them? You can click anywhere in the paragraph or heading text and start typing.

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