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This should never have happened, and this has been heartbreaking. The Star requires its staff to adhere to stringent editorial and ethical standards. The Montana Standard has elected to replace the “Non Sequitur” comic panel and strip in daily and Sunday editions. “The comics section is dear to many readers, and the standards of taste there are no different than they are in other parts of the newspaper,” said New Mexican Editor Phill Casaus. The Source for industry news for the professional cartoonist. The language crossed a profanity line for us. Thank you for signing in! The tweet has subsequently been deleted, though his tweets calling the president things like “a gaslighting projectionist” and more obscene names are still there, demonstrating Miller is not hiding interested in hiding his personal beliefs or relegating them to the bottom right corner of his art. This decision comes after significant consideration and discussion. Our concern isn’t that Mr. Miller made a political statement — plenty of comics, “Doonesbury” and “Pearls Before Swine” among them, are known for their biting, critical observations of politicians and government institutions and policies. The Courier is one of many newspapers around the country that suddenly dropped the popular comic strip “Non Sequitur” over a profane message about President Donald Trump drawn into one of its panels over the weekend. “I can assure you, had we spotted it, we would have pulled it out.”. It has been running since 1992 and is better known for genteel political satire. Tags: Banned for obscenity cartoonist comic strip Non Sequitur the guardian The Washington post US President Wiley Miller, Vendor: Houghton MifflinType: Graphic NovelsPrice: Copyright © 2020 Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. They claimed one of their vendors had inserted the design without authorisation. We are replacing “Non Sequitur” with “The Middletons” as of today. Film and TV director Carly Usdin (Suicide Kale) teams up with breakout artist Nina Vakueva (Lilith's Word) for a new series that's music to our ears! The Tampa Bay Times is still running “Non Sequitur” as of 2/13 with no word about it’s immediate fate. The Journal was unaware of the hidden message until news accounts began to spread on Monday. Last year Hasbro were forced to apologise after one of their Transformer dolls was revealed to have spelled out “Maga” in Cybertronian language. Miller’s tweet on Sunday about the inclusion of the vulgarity, calling it an “Easter egg” and encouraging readers to look for it, was a deciding factor in the newspaper’s decision to drop the strip, [State Journal editor John] Smalley said. From the St Louis Post-Dispatch: I have seen no response in the Post-Dispatch to the highly offensive insult hidden in the Non Sequitur comic strip Sunday. I get that, but we live in the real world. You’re outraged because you feel a sense of betrayal of trust. The Chicago Tribune I considered him my mentor. This past Sunday’s Non Sequitur, a strip usually known for its subtle sense of humor, was an uncolored three-panel sight gag based on replacing Leonardo DaVinci and his subjects with bears, reveling in the pun “Bearaissance.” The first panel was “Leonardo Bear-Vinci” holding up his iconic work “The Vetruvian Bear.” The second panel was set up to look like the design sketches of a flying machine, except with a bear attempting to use it. The Herald-Tribune is canceling the daily and Sunday comic strip “Non Sequitur” because of profanity that the author used in reference to President Donald Trump in a strip published on Sunday, Feb. 10. To readers who noticed and were disturbed by the message, we apologize. Non Sequitur has been pulled from all other upcoming days, which means readers may see extra white space on the page on some days. The comic strip Non Sequitur in Sunday’s Orlando Sentinel and others papers across the nation included a vulgar comment directed at President Donald Trump. Today’s comic, for example, shows an older couple whose cats have taken up the whole sofa. However, The Pilot’s Sunday comic pages are prepared in advance, so readers will see one more “Non Sequitur” this Sunday. “The decision to drop a comic is not made lightly, but it’s one we have to make.”. The Eagle has a similar process. (And believe me, he could really let you know when you screwed up.) The Herald Bulletin, which does not publish the daily “Non Sequitur” strip, will drop the Sunday strip, effective Feb. 24. Sidney Powell isn't done fighting for President Trump even though the Trump legal team distanced themselves from the attorney over the weekend. It suggested the president perform an act on himself not anatomically possible. Too many people have become inured to profanity. Miller, in a statement Monday through his distributor, Andrews McMeel Syndication, said the profane statement, which was in the second of three panels published Sunday in The New Mexican comics section, was included by mistake. The Orlando Sentinel This will be news to readers of the Butler Eagle, a conservative family-owned local paper in Pennsylvania, as the comic was missing from Monday’s edition. The Register-Guard is canceling the comic strip “Non Sequitur” beginning Feb. 18. The parents of a deceased British teenager lost their High Court battle attempting to establish that the wife of a U.S. official did not have diplomatic immunity at the time of her fatal crash with their son. Please familiarize yourself with the community guidelines. When Sentinel editors heard what was done, we decided to stop publishing Non Sequitur. Others, no doubt, will be joining the movement. The comics page is where we turn for relief from the fussin’ and fightin’ among our political leaders. The change will be made as soon as production requirements allow. As The Guardian pointed out, the next day Miller’s strip “shows an older couple whose cats have taken up the whole sofa. I’ll take the occasional f-bomb over Mallard Fillmore’s consistently racist, misogynist and xenophobic strip any day of the week. Trump can take some solace in the fact that not every hidden message is attacking him.

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