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Civil unions provide legal recognition to the couples’ relationship and provide legal rights to the partners similar to those accorded to spouses in marriages. Difference Between Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicion, Consequences of Having a Criminal Record in Arizona, 5 Tips on Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Arizona. In Arizona, Arizona State University has their own domestic partnership application for determining whether on individual can receive the benefit of the tuition waiver because the other individual is an employee of the university. To qualify for certification, PEOs need to adhere to bonding and independent financial review requirements, and also observe ongoing record keeping responsibilities. Domestic partnerships were utilized by same-sex couples, in states that did not recognize same-sex marriage, before the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in all of the fifty states. While domestic partnerships and civil unions do not provide as many benefits as a marriage does, there are still a lot of benefits available for those entering into domestic partnerships and civil unions. Gay Marriage Ruling Applied Retroactively. They are also known as registered partnerships or civil partnerships. Want to Learn How A Transition From PEO Would Work For Your Company? Only a non-employee who qualifies as a tax dependent can get health care expenses paid from such accounts. Leverage a data-driven, carrier-agnostic approach. Since states have different definitions for domestic partnerships and civil unions, a couple that relocates from one state to another must register with the appropriate agency in their new state of residence. But, there are certain eligibility requirements when it comes to each of these arrangements. States have different understandings of domestic partnerships and civil unions. In order to register for a domestic partnership, the couple must declare that their relationship constitutes a serious relationship at a courthouse or other designated government office (depending on the state). The SBEA has tasked the IRS to create a voluntary PEO certification program. What are Zero Tolerance Charges in Arizona? What is the Penalty for First Offense DUI in Arizona? However, the federal law does not recognize these unions, which, as an example, means that domestic partners may not collect Social Security benefits from their deceased partners; In Maryland, unmarried couples may enter into a designated beneficiary agreement, which allows limited rights for the couple such as the right to visit one another in the hospital, share a room at a nursing home, and the ability to make funeral decisions; In Ann Arbor, Michigan, employees of Ann Arbor City may extend employment benefits their partners. Health benefits for parties in a domestic partnership or civil union can be an effective recruiting tool. An employee must pay federal taxes on imputed income when the employee’s partner is a tax dependent. [iii] Generally speaking, many people believe that domestic partnerships are similar to marriages, but many people are unsure of what those similarities are (and what the differences are). A tax dependent is defined as an individual who shares the same principal residence as the employee, receives more than half of his or her support from the employee, is a citizen, national, or legal resident of the U.S. or a resident of Canada or Mexico, and is not be a qualifying child of the employee. Civil Union. Founded in 1933, Stark & Stark has been successful in developing innovative solutions to meet our client’s needs. (See: Employers, Domestic Partnerships, and the IRS). Many states, like California, have mini-COBRA laws that require non-employees in registered domestic partnerships or civil unions be covered. Coverage for such a party extends to the partner’s children. [vii] The residents must also provide documentation to prove that they are over the age of 18, are currently unmarried, and are sharing a permanent residence with one another.[viii]. Civil Union vs Domestic Partnership. If the university makes the determination that the applying individuals qualify to be in a domestic partnership that status will only apply to university determinations. The recognition of domestic partnerships and civil unions vary from state to state, while marriage is not recognized by all fifty states and is available for same-sex couples. [xiii] Couples in a civil union can receive just as many benefits as couples in a domestic partnership, but again, that will vary from state to state on what benefits are available. Before the enactment of civil unions in New Jersey, the only option available to same sex couples was a domestic partnership, which provided limited benefits.

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