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The inflorescence usually consists of a terminal cluster of 2 to several flower heads and a number of side branches which reach up to 15 cm long and have fewer heads; each flower head is ca. On first-glance thistles can look similar, but upon closer inspection differences become apparent. Do not download, display, PIN, print, hotlink, reproduce or use my images without my permission. * Inner & outer bracts are wide, scarious, and with erose tips AND outer bracts have a raised, darkened, and resinous keel. 9 to 11 total points scored out of a possible 19. A walk around the same areas over the past couple days showed essentially no signs of re-propagation. I cut these down when the thistle head had formed but had yet to open. Considering how widespread "rhinos" are, this weevil is clearly the best choice for musk thistle control. You can download select species by searching or when you're on a Taxa page like Class, Order, and Family. Habitat in the largest populations is generally of high quality with few if any problem weeds posing significant and immediate threats. The white disk flowers are 20-22 mm long; ray flowers are absent. Location: Little Emigration Canyon, Morgan County, Utah. Score1 - Moderate: Generally 10,000-100,000 individuals. The Musk is fairly easy to deal with, I walk around with a spray (stream) bottle of round-up and hit the ground rosette. The first thing to do is to ensure that the species is truly musk thistle. Are the seed heads, though they had not flowered, still able to regenerate. However, it can still damage desirable vegetation so being selective as possible is preferred. Pine Siskin feeding on Musk Thistle. Score0 - High: Occurs in >25 Subwatersheds (6th Code HUC’s). Because Canada thistle is a creeping perennial the "root" of the issue is the roots. miles (equivalent to the combined area of Phillips and Valley Counties) or <6 Sub-basins (4th code watersheds) Range-wide OR limited to one Sub-basin in Montana. (Click on the following maps and charts to see full sized version), (Observations spanning multiple months or years are excluded from time charts), http://FieldGuide.mt.gov/speciesDetail.aspx?elcode=PDAST2E1P0, Rocky Mountain Subalpine Woodland and Parkland, Rocky Mountain Subalpine-Upper Montane Grassland, Rocky Mountain Montane Douglas-fir Forest and Woodland, Rocky Mountain Subalpine Dry-Mesic Spruce-Fir Forest and Woodland, Rocky Mountain Lower Montane, Foothill, and Valley Grassland, Rocky Mountain Subalpine-Montane Riparian Shrubland, Commonly Associated with these Ecological Systems, Occasionally Associated with these Ecological Systems, Web Search Engines for Articles on "Long-styled Thistle". As always, if you intend to use this product ensure that you meet the requirements of the label. Montana has a very good guide (http://msuinvasiveplants.org/documents/publications/extension_publications/Guide%20to%20thistles_EB0...) to do this. Date: 8/15/2018. I walked over 40 acres and cut these thistles off at their base and sprayed "red" round-up into the stalk(s). In the near future, little change in habitat quality is expected in these populations. The smaller upper leaves are more ovate in outline with mostly entire margins and numerous marginal spines; the herbage is covered with long, tangled, white hairs. A more selective option would be aminopyralid (Milestone). I cut these down when the thistle head had formed but had yet to open. The basal leaves are shallowly lobed, moderately spiny, green and glabrous above, and densely white-hairy below; the lower leaves are narrowly lance-shaped, up to 15 cm long, and lobed to 1/3 or less the leaf width. A review by DeLoach indicates 90 to 99% reduction of in musk thistle stands in Montana and Virginia and 80 to 90% reduction in Missouri. This habit favors attack by R. conicus.. Some of these species are exotics (not native to Montana) and some species have … The Thistle Rosette Weevil, Trichosirocalus horridus, attacks the rosettes and interrupts the apical dominance of the plant.Females often lay over 2000 eggs with the subsequent larval feeding stimulating the plant to form a multi-branched growth habit. I would appreciate any comments/advice you may have. Red Rock Lakes NWR, Montana; Make My Photo Noodle; Musk Thistle. The first documented report of musk thistle in Kansas was from a collection made in Washington County inI 1932. Population estimates of approximately 30,000 plants, including seven high quality populations, scattered over four mountain ranges are promising for the long-term viability of the species. Score3 - Local Endemic or Very Small Montana Range: Generally restricted to an area <10,000 sq. Pine Siskin Images. (aka nodding thistle) is a native of Europe. Home / Musk Thistle. It is fairly selective towards broadleaf plants making it ideal in rangeland situations and it moves down into the root system and controls both above- and below-ground vegetation. Long-styled Thistle has simple or branched stems that are 50-60 cm tall and up to 15 mm thick at the base; plants are perennial, producing daughter rosettes that live for two more years. CommentIntroduced Rhinocyllus weevil, noxious weeds and weed control efforts are the primary threats. Nonetheless, when trying to manage musk thistle, the most important element is the seedbank. Score We had horrible out break. Biological weed control in Montana dates back to 1948 with the release of Chrysolina beetles on St. Johnswort by then State Entomologist, George Roemhilt. Montana has 12 species of Cirsium, and only 6 are described below. The Canadian Thistles were just too thick to attack the same way. Rhinocyllus conicus will use Carduus , Cirsium , Silybum , and Onopordum genera as hosts but prefer the Carduus nutans group [ 11 , 97 ]. They are also known as musk thistle or bristle thistle. Hi Daniel,Thanks for your response. Is this effective control? Musk thistle is a foreign invader which has caused serious infestation problems in pastures and roadside areas of Nebraska. Here's some links if you want to download a whole group. Title: Pine Siskin feeding on Musk Thistle. I am not certain what "red" roundup is but roundup is effective but also non-selective so the herbicide must be very carefully applied to not injure other vegetation. 30 mm high, 25 mm wide, and subtended by a few reduced leaves. Montana has a very good guide ... For the Musk Thistle's, I walked 40 acres with hedge shear and cut the stalks off about 4" above the ground then sprayed round-up down each stalk. Score1 - Moderate: Species is restricted to a specific habitat that is more widely distributed or to several restricted habitats and is typically dependent upon relatively unaltered, good-quality habitat (C Values of 5-7). At least on my property, I attempted to cut the heads off prior to flowering and was probably 85% effective. It sounds like you may have monoculture patches where you aren't too concerned about other species so hopefully this is not too difficult a task. Alternatively, a very successful product that many of our professional managers use is aminopyralid or Milestone as it is known in the trade. Score3 - Very High: >70% of the populations are being negatively impacted or are likely to be negatively impacted in the near future by one or more activities or agents that are expected to result in decreased populations and/or decreasing habitat quality and/or quantity. The first thing to do is to ensure that the species is truly musk thistle. Ask an Expert is made up of groups and individual experts. Last year was a wet spring for most of the state; this can make the outbreak worse for species such as muck thistle. There are numerous tawny bristles which form a pappus at the tip of the achene. Thus, it would take many years of aggressive above ground management to really make any long-term headway. Observations in Montana Natural Heritage Program Database, Ecological Systems Associated with this Species. Also of benefit at this time is the active weed control program employed by the private landowners on their lands. Score0-1 - Low to Moderate Vulnerability. Title: American Goldfinch male on a thistle with ants and aphids, Location: Wasatch Mountains, Summit County, Utah, Title: Male American Goldfinch feasting on aphids, Title: Immature Yellow Warbler lifting off from a thistle, Title: Immature Yellow Warbler fluttering its wings, Title: Immature Yellow Warbler foraging on thistles, Title: Immature Yellow Warbler and thistles, Title: Immature Yellow Warbler perched on a thistle, Title: American Goldfinch male lifting off, Location: Wasatch Mountains, Morgan County, Utah, Title: Pine Siskin feeding on Musk Thistle, Title: Molting American Goldfinch eating a Musk Thistle seed, Title: Molting American Goldfinch perched on a Musk Thistle, Title: Male American Goldfinch lifting off, Title: Female American Goldfinch lifting off, Title: Great Spangled Fritillary female on a Musk Thistle, Title: Female Great Spangled Fritillary nectaring on Musk Thistle, Title: Male American Goldfinch perched on a dried Musk Thistle blossom.

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