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I’m going through it all currently as I prepare for my big move home after these two years teaching English through EPIK – WHERE DID THE TIME GO?! Children must apply separately for a registration card if they are aged 17 or over. The card is commonly referred to as an Alien Registration Card (ARC). For example, I was only personally responsible for gas and electric while friends of mine are also responsible for an internet bill and water. In the case of many Koreans, this is often displayed by packing vast amounts of Ramen noodles into one’s suitcase for a trip abroad. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Requirements vary among countries, so select an insurance provider with the expertise and resources to ensure the policy is appropriate. Determine the tax obligations and gather the necessary paperwork. Often these certificates expire after a year, so it may be set to expire right as you’re getting ready to leave the country. You can make a good deal of money back from the investment you made into furniture and other household goods to turn your apartment into a home while living in Korea. If the original card was lost, then a document stating the reason for needing the new card is also required. With this huge mass of people often comes a lot of noise. Are there any items I’m missing that you’ve found to be of particular importance? Korea is a hiker’s paradise, so if you’re interested in checking out some of the beautiful national parks in South Korea, I recommend bringing a pair of good shoes or hiking boots, a set of base layers, a day backpack and any of your favorite work out clothes or hiking clothes. Some people swear by ear plugs, but in my case, those don’t do anything for the more percussive thumping-type sounds. The card must be returned to the immigration office when leaving the country permanently. The application requires a passport, two colour photographs and a foreign registration card (a parent's or guardian's). So you’re moving to South Korea for a year, and you don’t know what to pack. Korea’s floor heating feels rather cozy, but heavy use of it will run up the gas bill fast. Restrictions or taxes on shipped household items. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Custom Regulations for South Korea. These cookies do not store any personal information. After 2.5 years of teaching English in Korea and Vietnam, I now teach online and freelance to fund a life of travel. ). Be sure to request official copies of important personal documents and allow at least several weeks to receive them. The easier option is to turn it in directly to passport control when flying out of Korea. Other good options are to donate them to one of the following organizations: Goodwill, Korean Unwed Mothers Families Assocation (KUMFA) or the Salvation Army, although they may only be available in Seoul. You can read more about it here. Menu. Some things that you’re used to can be easy to find and some things are nearly impossible. I don’t care if you’re Sam from Saskatoon, and it gets to -40 back home in winter. blocker. Since I worked with EPIK for two years, I will receive severance of two months’ pay: 2.1 mil x 2 = 4.2 mil won in severance. If you’ve been here longer than a year, you should be good and have gotten the extension when you renewed your contract for your subsequent years. So recently, the E-2 was changed to have a validity of 13 months. However, as a foreigner, this may or may not be on your list of tangible concerns. Other common things on the pages are couches, beds, cars, TVs, etc. Get an international driving permit/licence (IDP/L). Of course the details for cancellation all varies depending on your exact contract and your carrier, but it’s still a chore that needs to be done! It goes without saying that Korea is a completely different country with a completely different set of material needs. Receiving the news that you and your family are moving to South Korea may not be expected. Hi, I'm Brit! Anyone planning to operate a vehicle internationally will need to ensure they have the correct insurance. It’s a flat 1.3 mil won that is given regardless of the actual amount spent on your journey home. If you’re one of those lucky people who can sleep through a literal earthquake, I am truly envious of you. Any services you subscribe to, your school or work, or financial accounts you have all need to be notified that you're moving to Korea. However, Koreans are definitely still far behind their western counterparts in terms of girth. The market for used items here is actually pretty good and since there is always constant turn around of new expats moving to Korea, especially in the big cities, selling is actually quite easy. Sources of bothersome noise pollution may include early-morning construction, traffic sounds, loudspeaker trucks, fighting couples, frisky couples, fighting-couples-who-are-now-frisky couples, door-slammers, heel-walkers, soju-screamers, the list goes on. One need only ride the Seoul subway on a sweltering August morning for a truly odoriferous experience. Your Leaving Korea Checklist Extending your Visa (if necessary) In the past, the E-2 Visa issued for teachers moving to Korea had a duration of 12 months, which didn’t adequately provide enough time for teachers to teach their 12 month contracts and have time to move to and leave Korea.

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