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Birds make good use of the allotted space for their tiny brains by packing in lots of neurons—more so than mammals, in fact. In general, birds have relatively large brains compared to their head size. The nutcrackers are also famous for their memory and knowledge of their surroundings. According to a study these parrots have excellent reasoning skills which can be and can find hidden food by using their detection skills. Some smart birds are savvy enough to use trial and error to adapt to new situations. Move over, Polly! The problem with animals is that their intellect can’t be measured quantitatively. Steller’s jays mimic many wild birds, as well as chickens, squirrels, cats and dogs. They will begin talking at a young age and learn words and phrases from their owners. Almost universally, the crows responded by scolding the people—and even alerting other crows in the vicinity. Other even more astounding examples have come to light, though, showing how much smarter birds are than previously thought. The fork-tailed drongo provides a useful service to other animals, acting as a sentry and raising the alarm when a predator is approaching. “Being able to fly to Argentina, come back, and land in the same bush—we don’t value that intelligence in a lot of other organisms,” says Kevin McGowan, an expert on crows at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, New York. Studies also reveal that Ravens can plan for the future. Based on this scale, hawks were named among the most intelligent birds. It may surprise you, but birds are one of the smartest creatures in the world. (‘Caching’ is when birds hide surplus food for use at a later date.). The woodpecker finch will try a selection of tools in order to find the most suitable one for the job. Unfortunately, the kea is often so eager to examine human-made objects that it often damages them! Corvid expert. The Eurasian jay is a handsome woodland bird found across much of Europe and Asia, as well as in parts of North Africa. A study conducted at the universities of Cambridge and Queen Mary revealed that rooks always chose the correct type of tool when presented with a problem to solve and a set of instruments. Another member of the crow family, the Rooks have exceptional task solving skills. To analyze the intelligence of birds, we can consider the brain size and structure. Great-tailed grackles, for instance, belong to the same family as blackbirds and orioles—a group not often considered particularly smart. For hundreds of years, Amazon Parrots have been kept as pets, primarily because of their supreme intelligence and talking ability. When offered a selection of objects almost 24 hours later, the ravens selected that specific tool again—and performed the task to get their treat. So sit back and be amazed how smart some of our feathered friends really are! Research reveals that they are more intelligent than four-year-old children. ²The Conversation, *Top photo: Ravens (Corvus spp.). Being ‘self-aware’ basically means that you’re aware that you’re alive. In captivity, the exceptionally intelligent raven has been taught to mimic human words. Western scrub jays have learned that certain food goes bad faster than other foods. Ravens have a large vocabulary, and individuals have their own, unique contact calls. A list of the most intelligent birds, with pictures and facts. Regardless, birds of prey are fascinating to all and so we present this list of some of the largest, mightiest and most spectacular raptors from around the world. Bird Intelligence: How Intelligent Are Birds? And we know that the smartest birds understand cause and effect. In Australia, White-winged Choughs (. ) This family includes birds such as ravens, rooks, magpies and jays. Although keas are friendly and playful birdies, they have a reputation for being notorious when it comes to stealing food. So it looks as if Aesop knew what he was talking about! What is the claim that we should believe? European starlings (which, despite their name, are widespread in North America) learn and repeat the songs of eastern wood pewee, killdeer, meadowlarks and many others; they even mimic cellphone ring tones and other urban noises. Bird Intelligence: Mimics Speaking of mockingbirds, they’re astonishing in their ability to learn and mimic foreign noises. Enough chit-chat: take me straight to the list! They have comical personalities but are also one of the most affectionate. They remember all the locations (they can be about 3000) where they store these seeds. Smartest Birds: Planning and Memorizing Some birds, especially woodpeckers and jays, hoard nuts for later feeding. Not as stupid as owls, but definitely down in “special class” territory. If the animal tries to remove the sticker after seeing it in the reflection, the animal is deemed to be self-aware. Studies have shown that by watching the social interactions of other pinyon jays – including some strangers – an individual bird is able to work out its own social rank, without knowing all of the other birds involved. Now Pepperberg is working with another African grey, Griffin, at Harvard University. It revealed their ability to determine when they needed to work as a team and wait for a cooperative partner. Further, they can track the same item if you place it in a different location. Well, I am not surprised, the way my budgie mimics everything that we say around him speaks a lot about his intelligence. In the simple experiment, scientists taught the birds how a tool can help them access a piece of food. Yet a recent study of northern mockingbirds documented that they not only recognize individuals of a potentially dangerous species but remember an individual’s past behavior and single him or her out for attack. Another study revealed an unusual characteristic of non-human creatures that kea’s demonstrated. In fact, their ability of object permanence is higher than four-year-old children. This saves all of the birds concerned a large amount of time and energy having to fight each other to find out where they all stand! Owls are a group of raptors belong to the order Strigiformes. This causes the other animals to flee, leaving the meal to the drongo. It is no surprise that they are considered to be among the world’s most intelligent birds. Other smart birds are almost as versatile. (Read: “In a First, Bird Uses Tools to Make Sweet Music.”). During the summer season, they collect massive amounts of pine seeds for winter and bury them over an area of 200 square miles. And yet the more we study bird intelligence, the more those assumptions are breaking down. An analysis of the sequence of the genome of macaws shows that the genome had DNA basis which is one-third of what mammals have. While at first the birds living near the lab seemed to dislike McGowan for approaching their nests, they love him now that he’s started leaving the birds healthy treats. The biggest and most powerful birds of prey The world’s largest predatory birds. Griffin can label shapes and colors, and is working on the concept of zero. Lacking the long, strong bill of its (unrelated) namesake, the woodpecker finch instead creates its own tools. Further research could well reveal that still other kinds of birds have this ability to recognize not just a threatening species but a particular human or other potential predator—undeniably a sign of sophisticated intelligence. Based on numerous analyses related to these birds’ prey size, their aggressiveness and the proportion of the bird’s body size in relation to the prey size, we have appointed the winner and the whole list in that category.

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