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The beautiful beige groin vault ceiling of this kitchen hangs a black wrought iron chandelier right above the large dark wood kitchen island with the same coffee-colored countertop as the U-shaped kitchen. This charming spacious kitchen has an L-shaped peninsula with white shaker cabinets paired with black countertops and a second tier to serve as a breakfast bar for the black cushioned stools. If you spot a particular modern design you like, you can even contact the kitchen designer, showroom or store behind it and get a quote! This elegant and charming kitchen has both a kitchen island and a peninsula. white kitchens). Dries Otten mixes whimsical style with industrial features in this unique kitchen. The distressed white shaker cabinets and drawers of the large U-shaped peninsula gives this shabby-chic kitchen a unique aesthetic matched with the large light patterned area rug in place of a kitchen island in the middle of the hardwood flooring. Lean some small-scale framed artwork on the top shelf to create a real (and unexpected) gallery aesthetic. Browse photos of modern kitchen designs. This matches well with the lighter shade of wood used on the L-shaped kitchen island and cabinetry complemented by the gray stone textured flooring and the redwood stools of the breakfast bar. This is a delightful orange kitchen with an L-shaped peninsula and a small kitchen island that has the same bright orange hue to its cabinetry. This homey kitchen that is dominated by its wooden structures has wine storage built into the large wooden kitchen island. People want modern amenities and integrated looks, but they don’t want their kitchens to look space aged. In his Brooklyn apartment, Crosby Studios designer Harry Nuriev gets to look through a rose-colored window every day. Think wood, stone, shiplap, and jute." When night falls, the light fixtures you choose to illuminate your kitchen will also make a big difference. Making a statement and creating a mood with cabinetry, like using deep or grey-washed blues and greens is in high demand. Some people include Mid-century modern kitchens. ft. kitchen – that would be a real nuisance. - justjoan86, Nancy Nolan Photograpy Large minimalist kitchen photo in Little Rock with flat-panel cabinets, medium tone wood cabinets, quartz countertops and paneled appliancesNot keen on the wood - but having cupboards like this for large appliance and even the microwave (with plug inside) to get it off the counter. This flooring also contrasts the bright white shaker cabinets and drawers of the wooden structure dominating the walls that are counterbalanced by a gray backsplash. It's also making a strong case for gray, which is cool and calming as opposed to dull and bleak. This is not entirely a modern design, but I included it to show you how the backsplash choice can tilt a kitchen toward a particular design. This monochromatic and moody set-up is perfect in a kitchen with little natural light, as it embraces the existing space and creates a cozy and intimate speak-easy effect. Click here for all Multi-colored kitchens. This Industrial-style dine-in kitchen has matte gray walls and ceiling with recessed lights and a skylight over the cooking area at the L-shaped structure of the wall. The island stands out against the red wood flooring with its light beige hue matching with the rest of the cabinetry. You don’t often see a black ceiling; usually the black is woven in other ways, but in this case, I think it works. For a hardworking room like the kitchen, a functional, modern style can be the perfect fit. Sink and faucet innovation is incredible with respect to design and features. The shelves in the backsplash are decorated with wooden structures that has multiple purposes. Click here for all Southwestern-style kitchens. Modern white and brown kitchen with white waterfall island, 31. One way to achieve that uber-modern design is to grow high gloss, all-white cabinets. It’s definitely effective. Design:  There are many different types of kitchen sinks and faucets that meed the contemporary design element. You typically want a more stark, unicolor design that coincides with the simpler modern design overall. Gray, White, and Chrome for Small Kitchen Spaces, 6. You know the drill: whiter=brighter. We remodeled a guest bathroom, and added a drop zone in the front hallway dining. This bright and simple kitchen has a dining area beside it consisting of a round glass-top dining table surrounded by modern white chairs making it stand out against the dark hardwood flooring. These are complemented by the cabinet lights that give a warm glow to the glass panels of the cabinets as well as the backsplash. This is a lovely kitchen wherein the use of green cabinetry benefits the overall beauty of the kitchen. Amazingly, those stools stand out in this kitchen whereas they wouldn’t in so many other designs with far more texture. You no longer need to see appliances sticking out everywhere anymore and that’s the new face of luxury." This is a bright and brilliant galley kitchen mostly due to its cove ceiling dominated by large skylights and augmented by recessed lights for a unique bright aesthetic to complement the white shaker cabinets and drawers of the large kitchen island and cabinetry lining the wall. How is it Made?). - laurel_lacroix, Inspiration for a modern l-shaped kitchen in Melbourne with an undermount sink, flat-panel cabinets, black cabinets, grey splashback, stainless steel appliances, light hardwood floors, with island, beige floor and white benchtop.Splash back tiles bench needs dark stone and light colour draws - webuser_304237181, Design ideas for a modern l-shaped kitchen in Melbourne with an undermount sink, flat-panel cabinets, grey cabinets, stainless steel appliances, light hardwood floors, with island, beige floor and grey benchtop.kitchen hallway matching cab - gvdc, Modern galley kitchen in Brisbane with an undermount sink, flat-panel cabinets, black cabinets, black splashback, stainless steel appliances, with island and grey floor.like wood and contrast with darker colours - jamjac, Architecture by Bruce Stafford & Associates Click here for all kitchens with white cabinets and dark granite. This is matched with a white kitchen island that stands out in the middle of the dark hardwood flooring. Nevertheless, one can understand how tempering modern to some degree is desirable. Click here for all Tropical kitchen ideas. Click here for all kitchens with groin vault ceiling. It’s a very effective technique for a modern vibe despite the very un-modern color scheme. If you’re looking for modern ideas for the kitchen, let the textures and materials you choose for the space guide the look. Keep everything white, then add in pops of color via serving ware, vases, and flowers. For more of a midcentury look, install a colorful tile backsplash. ‘Modern’ architecture breaks with the past – specifically the traditional styles of before the Industrial Revolution.” Jude Loxley looks at furniture and describes that ‘modern’ is “a historic design movement”, and ‘contemporary’ is “an adjective used to define a style”. That warm gray is popular for kitchens; it definitely has a warming effect, which you wouldn’t expect gray to do, but the grain does the job. Without a doubt, the two most used modern and contemporary kitchen lighting options are a combination of recessed and pendant. Explore the beautiful kitchen ideas photo gallery and find out exactly why Houzz is the best experience for home renovation and design. Inspired by hotel and retail spaces, this adds to the overall bold statements many want to make in their homes, forgoing the minimalism that was popular in years past.” – Sara Ianniciello, "We’ll continue to see traditional elements and forms in harmony with modern design in 2019. Thanks for visiting our main kitchen design page where you can search thousands of kitchen design ideas. Kitchens are being pared down to allow raw materials to shine on their own. This is a bright white Farmhouse-style kitchen mostly due to its white shaker cabinets and drawers augmented by the white ceiling and the natural light coming in from the windows above the sink area. They complement the stainless steel appliances making them pop out.

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