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MoCA really is the next best thing to a direct ethernet connection between rooms. LawrenceC. 01:14 PM The only application of mid-range MoCA I’m aware of is DirecTV, and they supply their customers directly with STBs with native support or the DECA for those that aren’t. MoCA or ethernet? If you are looking for a reliable, convenient and also fast setup, MoCA is the way to go. Actually, you can leverage coax to improve your Internet speeds. Learn more. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page. by MoCA stands for Multimedia over Cable, and the Router supplied by FiOS acts as a MoCA bridge, translating the signal to Ethernet for use by devices on your network. But apparently the TV One DVR which will be in the living room must be connected by coax. Wherever you put the main TV One DVR it has to be connected via coax. 802.11n lives in 2.4Ghz and/or 5GHz. The Coax (MoCA 2.0) connection supports 700 Mbps. Here’s how. So yes, it is all MoCA, but it is MoCA using two different frequency bands. The ONT is in the utility room. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Looking into moving one of the two aps to beter cover where the desktop is and drop the powerline. I'm thinking about putting an external HD antenna in the utility room & connecting it to both the utility room TV & the living room TV by coax splitter. I used to have service through DirecTv but disconnected a few months ago. 1] If you have a bonded MoCA 2.0 device talking with other bonded MoCA 2.0 device, the network will achieve bonded MoCA 2.0 speeds of up to 1 Gbps. I Think So, Virgin Galactic Announces LauncherOne SmallSat Launcher, Highlights of the SpaceX Dragon’s Historic Mission to the ISS, JVC Plans 55-Inch LCD HDTV With Embedded SlingPlayer, Win An ASUS Transformer Pad & Keyboard Dock From TechnoBuffalo, Farnborough International Airshow 2012 Video Roundup 2, Understanding the Bandwidth Needs of SlingPlayer. Out of curiosity, why is one better than the other? I'm thinking about upgrading to the quantum router. It's easy to run an ethernet cable from the router in the utility room to the utility room STB. The DECA units talk to each other over the coax and don’t care about other devices on the wire as long as they don’t compete for frequencies. The Ethernet WAN Internet connection supports 10/100/1000 Mbps. MoCA only works with traditional cable TV providers. Both versions of MoCA are being deployed primarily to enable the Multi-Room DVR feature available from all the major Pay TV providers. Please note I still have the Dish for DirecTv connected outside my home (and the power to it is still ON) but don’t have have the DirecTv receivers. MoCA is wired technology, but it should be noted that the bandwidth across all MoCA adapters is shared. The powerline adapters stopped working and rather than replace them I purchased a 10/100/1000 switch and connected it to the DECA unit. ‎09-14-2019 MoCA (Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance) and Ethernet are different but do share some similarities. A coax comes out of the ONT & connects to a 4-way splitter. That could be a cable box, satellite receiver, TiVo, DVD player, external antenna tuner, etc. You can enhance your Wi-Fi connection in every corner of your home with HT-EM4 MoCA adapters. Learn > MoCA > How Fast is Ethernet Over Coax? Ping test across the lan only on both, powerline bounces all around 3-5ms, the mocas keep around 1-3ms, small increase over Ethernet but doable. MoCA lowers latency (no lag) and improves connection speed. The frequencies will conflict. MoCA: The idea of MoCA is to use the existing TV cable wiring (coaxial cables) in your home to transmit data. 1000BASE-T was designed for an error rate of 1e-10, MoCA 2.0 for 1e-8. Or is there hardware that handles both? *Except* MoCA is almost exclusively used on coax that is also carrying cable or satellite signals. So there probably isn’t a large market for 3rd party vendors who might make a dual-band product that could be used with cable or DirecTV, just one band at a time. Specifically, you would need to use a MoCA adapter.Defining Coax Coaxial cable, sometimes abbreviated as coax, is the type of wiring in your home that... Like with many things, there can always be a better solution for the situation you are in or the challenge that you are facing. In theory you could have one device that handles both ranges. Neither can use ethernet or wifi. Speeds – it’s true, Ethernet can get fast Internet connection, Direct connection avoids most interferences, Installation requires a professional, which can get expensive, The structure of your home may not allow installation, or at least make it very challenging, Each device in the home needs its own Ethernet cable (can get expensive and creates cable clutter in the home), If too many people connect to the Internet at once, speeds will fall. It’s a worry-free. Ethernet over Coax, or MoCA, uses existing coaxial TV wiring that is already in your home as an in-home backbone to extend Ethernet or wireless network to more corners of the home. 5 people found this solution to be helpful. There are single-band 802.11b/g/n products and single-band 802.11a/n products, but there are also dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n products – and the dual-band units when running as 802.11n can combine the throughput of both frequency bands for a higher total throughput. And you can’t use mid-range MoCA on coax with cable, or high-range MoCA on coax with satellite. Mostly people saying that DirecTV uses ‘DECA’ and not MoCA, and they’re not compatible. DARN! 11:35 AM Yes, DirecTV uses MoCA. In-Store or Curbside Pickup: • In-Store Pickup is available across the U.S. at participating Verizon Wireless stores. Great, so if DirecTV uses MoCA and cable uses MoCA, it’s all good, right? My Verizon I-211M-L ONT was installed in October 2018 and the datasheet states that it supports MoCA 2.0. Please choose “ACCEPT” or click Privacy Policy for more information. Learn > MoCA > How Do I Convert Coax to Ethernet?You can convert coaxial to Ethernet by using an adapter. Coax (MoCA) and Ethernet are solid Internet solutions, but MoCA may be better for your needs. Ethernet: The idea of Ethernet is to use individual wires (Ethernet cables). The 7232 and 7100 both need coax. Common MoCA FAQs, Featured MoCA Learn, Learn, MoCA Learn. I could be wrong, but I don't think that it's possible to wirelessly connect my STBs to the router. Your order will be held for 3 days from the time it's placed. The DECA is just the adapter needed to connect an DirecTV receivers Cat5 Ethernet port to the MoCA coaxial network. Yes FiOS TV One can run on the coax there is no need to change the WAN to ethernet. What that means is if you’re switching to cable, or planning to connect a central antenna to the coax to feed multiple rooms, then probably not. Check out the HT-EM2 MoCA 2.0 adapters to boost your Internet. Having the Coax output from the ONT requires using a MoCA Wide Area Network (WAN) bridge. Hitron uses some analytics, targeting and advertising cookies provided by third parties, but Hitron does not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). If you are not satisfied with your home Wi-Fi network’s performance and notice that it could use a boost, turn to MoCA. Is there an advantage of one over the other? The Coax (MoCA 2.0) connection supports 700 Mbps. Does the hardware need to be dedicated for each of the MoCA frequency bands? Our more advanced readers may recognize that cable TV broadcasts below 850 MHz on the coax and satellite TV broadcasts above 950 MHz, hence the need for MoCA to avoid interfering with current signals on the line and 2 separate RF bands. • Please bring photo ID and credit/debit card only if used as payment. Error: Twitter did not respond. The 3rd output goes to the QIP 7232 2 STB in the living room. You don’t need the dish, powered or not, as far as I know. The standard takes its name from the group, like ATSC. I'm also contemplating upgrading to the TV One & TV One mini. So a DirecTV MoCA network will not interoperate with a a cable MoCA network. Ethernet is plug-and-play. So what is it hardware for? It is a wired solution that makes your Wi-Fi better. Think of dual-band WiFi products. I think that the TV One AND the TV One mini can be connected wirelessly to the router, can't they? Individual Ethernet cables do not share bandwidth. This is both correct and incorrect. Can the TV One be connected either by coax or by ethernet? Another output goes to the router in the utility room. Can I purchase the DECA HW and still use it to extend my network using the coaxial cable (which was used for DirecTv)? I learned something today!

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