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A lot of people aren’t aware of the harm some of the baby products can do. Food-grade mineral oil with a scent additive is used as baby oil. Cookies help us deliver our Services. My mother has been using Vaseline and baby oil all my life. I ran to look at all of my cosmetics I have now, low and behold, Petroleum is in all of it, with different wording. From beer, to light-up bike nuts, to custom machined holiday decorations, there's something for everyone. Though there is no real scientific evidence to back their claim up. Both are insoluble in water and have an extremely high boiling point, about 500 to 625 degrees Fahrenheit. Ask Mack about that, he just did it to his XT 4 pots, I believe. Post your problems, and we will try to get your bike rolling again. Click here for details and to learn how to participate. Plain mineral oil is usually available in all the same drugstores as baby oil and at the same price. But mineral oil is synonymous with one of the best-selling baby products of all time Johnson and Johnson’s baby oil. I changed everything during a long journey to get pregnant, it was difficult, frustrating and seriously time consuming. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is important to minimise your children’s exposure to endocrine disruptors right from the very start. Ah, grasshopper, but mineral oil used for brake fluid should 'stop' you up, no? didnt notice much of a difference at all after 5 minutes on the bike. So why may you ask am I here scaremongering about mineral oil…..because it is important, having now read extensively and having seen this research from the Environmental working group which found that children are more vulnerable to the effects of carcinogens than adults: Up to 10x more vulnerable! The health of the eggs is influenced from inside her mother’s womb. So I thought it was important to highlight this and give you 4 clear reasons why mineral oil should be kept at arms length! Baby oil is just perfumed mineral oil. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the LIVESTRONG.COM There was a study done in 2011 published in the Journal of women’s health citing mineral oil hydrocarbons as possibly the biggest contaminator of the human body and how this contamination is linked to the cosmetics we use over our lifetimes. Mineral oil vs baby oil – what it is the difference and are they ok to use on my little one? Chrisie. Mineral oil can not be metabolised. It really helps if you can provide pictures and/or video. advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. Mineral oil can treat some scalp conditions such as dandruff and cradle cap. Although mineral oil can be used as a laxative, it is not recommended for extended use. It is interesting how so many of us assume products designed for babies are safe….I am glad you already use a lot of the natural oils. And it is not required to be listed on the ingredients list in the US even though in 2001 after a study, the FDA acknowledged that 1,4 dioxane was found in worryingly high levels in some children’s shampoos but no law was passed to change this. We are all extra careful of everything regarding our babies, this is partly mother nature wanting us to protect them but it is also heightened by society constantly freaking us out about the infinite possible dangers that may (or may not) occur. Great thank you! It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Don’t throw out everything all at once – just change out the key products first – the ones that you use closest to your skin and every day. The oil predates the current FDA approval process, according to the American Cancer Society. Prolonged contact with the skin can cause irritation. Chrisie, I am so glad you came to the site and so many people have the same experience as you. Certain precautions need to be taken when using mineral or baby oil for medical purposes. However, some of their commentary is below: “I was at Walgreens today and talk to the girl at the makeup counter and asked her about Argan oil. We'll get more into that in a second, but here's what mineral oil actually does: Mineral oil is an inert substance, which means it doesn't change or … I recall somewhere in the instructions that you need to use their oil because there are certain additives, including the pink coloring, that help the oil sustain the higher temperatures involved with disc brakes.

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