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The night sky has perhaps never been a bigger tourist attraction, and there are few better spots for its viewing than along long, rural stretches of Pure Michigan sandy beach where the rhythm of Great Lakes waves serves as a stargazing soundtrack. These locations are specially designated because they have qualities that complement nighttime viewing, such as the ability to limit the amount of artificial light. Some spots are particular favorites of night sky photographer and stargazers alike for the way they're both free of distracting lights and filled with nature that's preserved and abundantPictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Isle Royale National Park, Tahquame… Michigan is lucky to play host to both dark sky preserves and parks that offer stellar celestial landscapes. After nightfall most anywhere along the some 15,000 square miles that make up Michigan's remote Upper Peninsula, you can look up to find a sky so filled with stars you'll be inspired as you imagine the ancients were to spin legends of this site filling you with awe. Staring into Michigan's night sky can provoke a sense of wonder - but not if you're living around Detroit.

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