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Value of parameter indicates greater than relation. https://services.marinetraffic.com/en/api/etatoport/vq2qwlotil09zhgi2xjyzvuf5hd6irw88cq8gxtn/portid:2036/shipid:292/speed_calc:18.8/msgtype:simple, Example API call(2) -> extended cost: Same as PS02. Click on the API Services option under the My Account Section.. Now you are able to manage your API Services in terms of activating or de-activating each one of them. if the same vessel has called twice within the same week, it will count twice in calls and once in vessels. Vessel Events between fromdate and todate. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) number of the vessel you wish to handle. Access detailed road segment traffic … The way each application will be implemented is completely independent of the respective API's definitions of its functionalities - thus, API definitions and implementations can vary without compromising each other. Detailed examples of call request and sample responses per format is available in the Data Services (API) Documentation. Manage your MarineTraffic fleet through an API. The MarineTraffic ID of the vessel you wish to monitor found on the URL of the respective Vessel page. Get a voyage forecast for a vessel or your MarineTraffic fleet. Endpoint URL: https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/setfleet/, Typical API call: defined the last average speed of the Vessel will be used. If undefined and 1b: MSGTYPE NOT ALLOWED: The msgtype URL parameter requested by the user is not a valid choice. REST/JSON -API. Receive an ETA to port for a vessel and port you define. respective Port page), The Distance (in NM) between the specified point or port to the destination port, Whether the vessel route passes via the Panama canal, Whether the vessel route passes via the Suez canal, Route/Waypoints as Linestring Geometry in WKT - Well-Known Text. https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/exportcredits/YOUR-API-KEY/, Examples API call: DOCUMENTATION; Traffic Incidents. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais-api-services/documentation/api-service:ps05 Get berth arrival and departure information for a specific vessel, berth, terminal or port. You can view each Service's cost (in Credits) by clicking on it and getting to the Service's Details page. The results will contain all vessels whose name is like the given words. # extended msg_type returns a lot more data but cost, # raw data from api call (json, csv or xml), # data formatted in python's native data types, # list of model objects representing the data, # meta data that in some way describes API response, """Handle All Marine Traffic Exceptions""", # after every API call the client library will automatically print all the data to standard output, # and you can always have all debug data in your code, https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais-api-services/documentation/api-service:ps03, https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais-api-services/documentation/api-service:ps04, https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais-api-services/documentation/api-service:ps05, https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais-api-services/, Marine_Traffic_API-0.20.1-py3-none-any.whl. you must have defined a Payment Method prior to purchasing a subscription-based API Service. When you have made your selections, click on the. If defined and ship-class is undefined, return all ship-classes of the specific market. https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/clearfleet/8205c862d0572op1655989d939f1496c092ksvs4/fleet_id:1073568, Description: Get berth arrival and departure information for a specific vessel, berth, terminal or port, Endpoint URL: https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/berth-calls/v:2, Typical API call: https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/exportvessels/v:8/YOUR-API-KEY/MINLAT:value/MAXLAT:value/MINLON:value/MAXLON:value/timespan:#minutes/protocol:value, Example API call: For more information visit official documentation: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais-api-services/, Something wrong with this page? If more than one vessels are found with the same parameter (MMSI, IMO, SHIP ID) then an error message is return with all the available vessels. Get the most popular photo for a vessel from the MarineTraffic photo database. Code is Open Source under AGPLv3 license https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais-api-services/documentation/api-service:ps04 https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais-api-services/documentation/api-service:ps03 Use 0 to include both, 1 to only receive dockings or 2 for only undockings within the defined period. response should look for position data. The MarineTraffic ID of the terminal you wish to monitor (list to be provided upon The place the subject vessel was built at, The extreme breadth (in metres) of the subject vessel, Displacement - a measure of the vessel's weight, The Maximum Draught (in metres) of the subject vessel, The Overall Length (in metres) of the subject vessel, The Fuel Consumption of the subject vessel, The Maximum Operational Speed of the subject vessel, The Speed that the vessel is designed to sail under certain conditions, The Capacity (in cubic metres) of the wet cargo the vessel can carry, The Owning Company of the subject vessel (null if the Owner and the Manager are the same), The Managing Company of the subject vessel (null if the Owner and the Manager are the same), The Owning/Managing Company (null if the Owner is different than the Manager). data, AIS-transmitted What is the significance of the MarineTraffic Events. Same as PS02. The standard deviation of days spent at port the previous week. https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/setfleet/8205c862d0572op1655989d939f1496c092ksvs4/mmsi:1234567890/active:0, Activates terrestrial tracking for vessel. The country of the subject vessel according to AIS transmissions. https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/setfleet/8205c862d0572op1655989d939f1496c092ksvs4/mmsi:1234567890/delete:1, Description: Get a detailed listing of vessels included in one of your MarineTraffic fleets, Endpoint URL: https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/getfleet/, Typical API call: Keep in mind that, regardless of your choice (On Demand / Subscription), you can visit the My Account Section and use the API Services option to overview and manage (activate/de-activate) your API Services at any time. for week 18/2018 input 18). ship-class. Get a detailed listing of vessels included in one of your MarineTraffic fleets. This section provides examples of requests reflecting typical use cases for the Traffic API, along with the corresponding results. https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/getfleet/8205c862d0572op1655989d939f1496c092ksvs4/protocol:xml, Description: Get an overview list of all your MarineTraffic fleets, Endpoint URL: https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/getfleets/, Typical API call: Copy PIP instructions, View statistics for this project via Libraries.io, or by using our public dataset on Google BigQuery, Author: Ivan Arar @ Amphinicy Technologies, Tags https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/exportvesselphoto/8205c862d0572op1655989d939f1496c092ksvs4/vessel_id:310627000, Description: Retrieve positions for vessels sailing in an area that you define each time you call the service, Typical API call: It is limiting your browsing experience. Number of vessels that were used in the median calculations. API | Why do I not receive vessel particulars via the API? The API charges per record are based on the parameters used above. Get vessel particulars (including type, dimensions, ownership etc). Call requires API Key. api, Status: To create a new item in a fleet, use the active parameter. The Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) of the vessel you wish to handle. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais-api-services/documentation/api-service:ps01, https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais-api-services/documentation/api-service:ps02. https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/exportvesseltrack/YOUR-API-KEY/v:2/period:value/days:value/mmsi:value, Example API call: Same as PS02. If the item already exists, it will update item's status. MarineTraffic provides data on millions of daily vessel positions, which users may integrate with their applications or websites using the RESTful API. The Traffic Service provides real time traffic information related to markets, incidents, and flow. https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/exportvessels/v:8/8205c862d0572op1655989d939f1496c092ksvs4/timespan:10/protocol:json, Typical API call: https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/voyageforecast/8205c862d0572op1655989d939f1496c092ksvs4/mmsi:355906000, Endpoint URL: https://services.marinetraffic.com/api/exportcredits/, Typical API call: help. Maximum value is 190 (days). © 2020 Python Software Foundation Marine Traffic Client Api - 0.20.1 - a Python package on PyPI - Libraries.io If absent, current date will be selected. Get detailed arrival and departure information for a port or vessel.

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