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Some of the comments are hilarious and absolutely bang on the money. Try something different for your curry night with a Japanese favourite packed full of flavour and all the veggies your heart desires! These sweet potato dumplings are deceivingly easy! Whether you’re after something for everyday enjoyment or want to plan a big family feast, there’s a recipe for almost every occasion. Another Italian classic from the menu at Frankie’s. British celebrity chef/restaurateur Marco Pierre White is now the brand ambassador for Knorr "Homestyle" stocks in the US. For a lighter pasta sauce, try this version made with spinach leaves, pine nuts and chicken stock. I’ve shown you a few uses for this versatile sauce before. One of the most indulgent pasta dishes you can find. 28/01/13 - 08:59 in Food and Drink #1. Marco Pierre White. I’ve served it in many of my restaurants. Layer after layer of aubergine with tomato sauce topped with Parmesan cheese makes a tasty vegetarian option or part of a selection of starters or ‘antipasti’. This whole duck recipe sees the magnificent bird served on a bed of earthy puy lentils and silverskin onions. Discover our delicious recipe ideas which are both simple to make and require very little time to prepare – ideal for those with a busy modern lifestyle. Below are the original ingredients with my adaptations, largely due to Sainsbury being pretty rubbish. Discover how enjoyable it can be to rustle up vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes with our easy recipes. Tell us your cooking preferences and we'll do the rest. Cooking tips from Marco Pierre White. Watch Chef Marco Pierre White demonstrate how to cook his beef stew which uses Guiness to make all the difference. I'm addicted to watching these terrible Marco Pierre White recipe videos where he's obviously been paid a boatload of cash to shill for Knorr Stockpots. Beef and Guinness Stew Recipe | Marco Pierre White. Try creating our delicious yet simple recipe for Wild Mushroom Risotto, Mixed Bean & Lentil Chilli with Crispy, Cheesy Filled Potato Skins, Roast duck with puy lentils and roasted onions, Check how Knorr makes a little big difference, Gluten Free Summer Vegetable Lentil Salad, Wash them thoroughly – grit will destroy your meal. Served with gnocchi or spaghetti, it’s a very nice vegetarian dish. Marco’s kicking off @TastingAus with an Italian Feast at @seppeltsfield, on 30 April 2017! All the latest news from Marco Pierre White. Once prepared, this delicacy will cook in just 12 minutes. by . Simply satisfying without the need for meat, this butternut squash and mushroom tagine is slow-cooked too intensify the flavours. With capers, black olives and anchovies – all ingredients found in the store cupboard. Serves 10. The whole family will love this amazingly tasty veggie Spaghetti Bolognese. There’s a world of food out there waiting to be explored – and we’re here to help you discover it. Here are a few more for you to try. Knorr Recipes by Marco Pierre White. For those long car journeys in the summer, a delicious dish with minimal mess and fuss is sure to keep back seat passengers going. So far so good. @southaustralia pic:… https://t.co/MOcX1fiifx, Marco Pierre White 3 years, 10 months ago, First course from week one at #masterchefdiningsg https://t.co/3FJfVZE7Fy, Marco Pierre White 3 years, 11 months ago, One of the many lovely interactions with front row diners #masterchefdiningsg https://t.co/KBIjDWn7RX, Beef and Guinness Stew Recipe | Marco Pierre White, Marco Talks Food and Discipline at Sexey's School, P&O Cruises celebrates Britannia’s first year in service. Prep time: 40 mins. Seriously, how much fucking olive oil does he chuck into the vegetable soup. So far so good. Arrabbiata, sorrentina and puttanesca – my favourites. Whether you’re after light spring dishes or classic winter warmers, each season offers up great new flavours. From delicious dinners to something different for lunch, explore our great selection of meals. At 24, I became Head Chef and joint owner of Harveys with a kitchen staff that included the young Gordon Ramsay. Served with the shell, it’s a beautiful, high impact, restaurant dish. Perfect for the rainy autumn days, snuggle up under a blanket and enjoy this simple but delicious soup! Watch Chef Marco Pierre White demonstrate how to cook his beef stew which uses Guiness to make all the difference. Harry Bushmayer Posts: 543. Try creating our delicious yet simple recipe for Baked Macaroni and Cheese | Knorr. I stumbled across his carbonara recipe on Youtube. Homely and tasty with pancetta or smoked bacon and onion. It’s very popular at my restaurant, Frankie’s Italian Bar and Grill. 1 Comments | Tags: Recipes, beef stew, Knorr, Knorr Rich Beef Stock Pot, Marco Pierre White; Read more. And like 6 stockpots as well. At 33, I become the youngest chef to be awarded three Michelin stars. A classic Italian tomato sauce is a great base for many, many delicious dishes, some of which are very quick and simple. The chef, Marco Pierre White, is endorsing Knorr and he is promoting his “little black book” of recipes on the web with this dish included, here is the source. Warm up on an cold evening with this lentil curry, full of spices for rich flavour and made with store cupboard essentials, Try this vegetarian curry made with pulled aubergine, Try this warming soup topped with sourdough croutons and Parmesan. Marco's Recipes - Macaroni of … Cook time: 45 mins. A thick and creamy soup with hints of spice and ginger. That’s why I always have canned tomatoes in the house. This spicy soup recipe with Chipotle, sweetcorn and red peppers is a Mexican favourite – for extra indulgence, serve with grated cheese.

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