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I-joist depth can also vary. Going back to the original post, my understanding that engineered wood is much more expensive, however, the payoff is that you have to use less material than dimensional lumber. I’d also recommend trying engineered lumber on a tall-wall application or a kitchen first, to get the most bang for your buck. Their "I" configuration provides high bending strength and stiffness characteristics. Floor joists often had large crowns and the 5⁄8-inch commodity OSB decking (glued and nailed) would telegraph those humps or dips. Fortunately, most manufacturers are more than willing to provide fixes for most applications. Drilling through the web material is normally an acceptable practice," says, O'Day. Currently, most engineered wood products are limited to interior use. Lack of familiarity with the product: Resistance to specifying engineered lumber generally comes from subcontractors that are not familiar with the product. The, Installations using engineered lumber products have increased over the last 10 years. As I mentioned earlier, I build a lot of architect-designed modern homes that require a high standard for flatness and perfection. True indeed, but steel studs aren’t structural or load-bearing, and our residentially focused trades don’t know how to work with them. My building career started in the ’90s, working for a company that used panelized systems for its houses. The flange permits a firm, comfortable, secure grip even when the joist is wet or covered with wood dust. Glulam beams and wood I-joists can carry greater loads over longer spans than is possible with solid sawn wood of the same size," adds Merry. "Engineered wood products actually improve upon many of the inherent structural advantages of wood," adds Merry. Dimensional lumber is most commonly milled from softwoods such as pine, spruce and fir. Softwood lumber is a commodity whose price fluctuates with the markets. Installation errors: Damage to wood I-joists within a structural system is normally associated with notching of the flanges or misapplication of the manufacturer's web hole information. Then I discovered laminated strand lumber (LSL). My framer and I loved how each 20-foot-long stud for a two-story living room was perfectly straight, flat, and devoid of potential for future movement. READ: THE PROS AND CONS OF UPPER CABINETS, OPEN STORAGE AND MORE. Maximum Usability . The walls were preframed in a factory and delivered to our jobsites where the local framer assembled the components. Our ½-inch, Level-4 drywall and vinyl floors telegraphed those inconsistencies, so if I missed them on a frame check, I had a ton of work ahead if it became a punch list item. Glulam beams have low moisture content (about 12 percent at production stage). There are a number of products currently working through the code acceptance system that can be used in the field to restore the joist to its full capacity without having to have the solution engineered. Other factors affecting the choice of dimensional lumber vs. engineered products include: Major players in developing and manufacturing engineered wood products for the home building industry include: Boise Cascade, Georgia Pacific, Huber Engineered Woods, LP, Universal Forest Products, and Weyerhaeuser. Dimensional lumber has a wide range of uses from building homes to do-it-yourself projects. Depths from 9 1/2 to 16 inches are common in residential installations, while depths of up to 48 inches are possible for commercial applications. They are also dead flat. As a result, glulam can absorb moisture from the surrounding air without cracking, making it a suitable choice for more humid climates. Once you have completed the form, don’t forget to click on the submit button to forward your sample request. LP® SolidStart® LSL 2 x 4 x 8' Laminated Strand Lumber. I also always use the best available waterproofing methods and materials. Underwriters Laboratories, in collaboration with the Chicago Fire Department, Michigan State University, and the International Association of Fire Chiefs, undertook a fire research study, which it published in 2006, aimed at understanding the hazards to firefighters posed by the use of lightweight construction in the form of wood trusses and engineered lumber in roof and floor designs.

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