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Uh oh, now I need to try the Orion Choco Pie! Segura na minha mão, e assista o video. Much more smaller than original. The pies are individually packaged and easy to put in your child’s lunch tiffin. As we all love tea-time snacks, so this chocopie is absolutely a delight to make. Infelizmente, não me recordo de ter visto a versão japonesa (na Liberdade)… também nunca dei muita atenção pra falar a verdade. Tem uma versão dele Cingapura/Filipinas/Outro-país que é quase igual ao australiano, só não pode ser vendido na Austrália! How food is made, where is comes from, and the people responsible for growing it are all important parts of the food chain. E esse wallpaper da Tardis? While making the filling, add condensed milk if the mixture turns out too thick. The packaging is slick and as a matter of fact I always used to pass them by thinking they are some expensive foreign brand. I have to say, the Lotte Choco pie had more flavor than the Orion Choco pie. Provei um suco de beringela, era asiatico mas nao lembro de qual pais. Vai ter reprise Doctor Who por aqui só pra assistir com soufle! Although, Lotte is only the second leading brand of choco pie, I did find it to have more sweetness to it. I'm eating a regular choco thing. At least not at my favourite grocery stores. Salvar meus dados neste navegador para a próxima vez que eu comentar. Click. Asian dramas, the arts, food, travel, etc.. Atualizado: mar 4, 2019. The chocolate was much thicker and the center was more of a soft cream. While making the coffee syrup, add sugar only if required. These things are gonna kill me, I mistakenly bought a 6-pack (6? Valeu Helio! Eu adoro experimentar os produtos, sejam eles nacionais ou importados. This product actually declares it has transfats.The packaging states “Hydrogenated vegetable oil used — contains trans fats.” The ingredient list is as expected with many preservatives — how else would they have a shelf life of over a year? entre o da lotte e da orion ,eu prefiro o da orion. Becoz Lotte is my gf. The Orion Choco pie is not too sweet and definitely earns its name as the leading brand of Choco pie. To me, it's not a "choco-pie," it's something else they tried to mimic. Lotte also began selling as Choco Pie in Japan in 1983. Recipes you Need. However, there is also more confusion. The packaging is slick and as a matter of fact I always used to pass them by thinking they are some expensive foreign brand. 440 kcal . Soak a Marie biscuit with coffee syrup and top it with thin layer of coconut mixture. Orion has more popularity in Korea. Click here to edit. Orion has a more chocolate scent compared to Lotte's flatter smell. De qualquer modo, fica o alerta. Is this information inaccurate or incomplete? I love how more soft and moist the Orion is, as versus Lotte the pie crumbles when you take a bite. Serving Size. Lotte is a Japanese brand you say? Definitivamente, quando você provar o VERDADEIRO Choco Pie, você mudará o ranking – tenho certeza. Energy. Not that the charm has entirely faded today but it’s more common nowadays. :). Olá Victor Hugo, conforme você colocou na atualização, realmente pode ser que para o mercado internacional eles ofereçam este produto – o Choco Pie Alternativo… hehehe. Make a moderately thick paste or filling with desiccated coconut, condensed milk, vanilla essence by mixing them in the bowl. Agora é com vocês! Protein. Is this information inaccurate or incomplete? They are actually made by the Lotte Food Corporation based in Chennai. Preço: R$5,70 (valor pago, pode variar). The chocolate was much thicker and the center was more of a soft cream. Orion is the original Choco pie that was established in Korea, while Lotte Choco pie is a Japanese brand. Use a double boiler or microwave to melt the dark chocolate. Nao gostei nao :( Mas eu nao posso ver nada estranho que eu provo. Também queria provar os doces japoneses de sabores aleatórios. Brand List. Only the imported version of it. To prepare the coffee syrup, mix coffee and milk in a bowl. É só ver uma caixinha nova no supermercado que eu já quero levar pra casa! Joinha: é menos ruim do que aparenta ser, considerando ser bem industrializado é razoável. It is a Korean company as 180,000 Korean employees vs 5,000. I am in deep love with Indian food and can cook anytime. Ranking: #4/#10 Bonitinho. Enjoy every morsel of Choco Pie. Imagino que a versão japonesa seja muito boa, mesmo sendo algo altamente industrializado, como de costume a corônia consegue essa façanha. Hahaha. It's personal preference but I like Orion better because of its soft and moist texture and that's the only choco-pie i will eat. Bottom Line– Avoid. Lotte Choco Pie November 9, 2012 July 29, 2015 Rita 7862 Views 0 Comment Product Reviews, War on Obesity. [Video: Lotte Choco Pie] Quem nunca teve aquela curiosidade de saber se um produto era bom ou ruim? Last updated: 06 Nov 13 11:28 AM. Wiki states Lotte as the original place as Tokyo, Japan "by a Japanese businessman of Korean decent" but don't know how accurate it is.Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotte_(conglomerate)Either way, it still tastes great no matter who created the choco pie first! So I had the pleasure of snacking on a classic Asian snack, the Choco pie. Satisfy your sweet tooth with, How To Make Potato Laccha Pancakes Recipe – Indian Vegan Recipe, How To Make Kalmi Vada Fries| Snacks Recipes, My Kitchen Tools – Resources For My Readers. Both are very delectably delicious, coated with sweet, sweet chocolate. Uma combinação diferente, né? x3 *espirito de gordo*. I haven’t added it here. I have to say, the Lotte Choco pie had more flavor than the Orion Choco pie. para encontrar os verdadeiros e bons chocopies vc deve ir no bairro da liberdade no centro de sp. RealfoodIndia gives you the information you need to make better food choices. Lotte may have started in Japan but it was a Korean man who created it. Choco Pie. Soak a Marie biscuit with coffee syrup and top it with thin layer of coconut mixture. Yup, Whovian detected. Não sei você, mas isso acontece comigo o tempo todo. Learning how to makeeggless Choco Pie at home is easy-peasy! Olá Victor Hugo, conheci o PratoFundo esses dias e você está de parabéns – ele é muito legal. Surprisingly, I nailed it in my second attempt and here I’m today, sharing how to make eggless Choco Pie at home. Now that schools are temporarily closed due to the ongoing pandemic, it struck me – how about collecting Choco Pie ingredients from the store and giving it a shot. Edit this Food. Lotte. Although the information provided on this site is presented in good faith and believed to be correct, FatSecret makes no representations or warranties as to its completeness or accuracy and all information, including nutritional values, is used by you at your own risk. Cover it with another biscuit. It has no nutritional value. instead of the 2-pack after a night of drinking so I have to be careful not to eat all of 'em! It has been very successful in many Asian countries and I was lucky to find the delicious sweet treat in a Japanese market here in Cali. E por falar em japão, lá têm muitas gordices interessantes…eu fui determinada a provar os kit kats (chá verde, cheesecake e morango), mas tem outros mais estranhos (azuki, maple e outros não tão facilmente identificáveis). Well, everyone has their own preference when it comes to food. Foods. E gostando do video dá um joinha aí, custa nada, hein! Then, smear a thin layer of coconut mixture over it. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hahahah Vi esse da Orion outro dia desses. Fast foods and processed foods are increasingly becoming part of the Indian diet, robbing us of the balanced nutrition our traditional diet provides. 8?) Spread some Nutella on a biscuit instead — this is still calorific but has some nutrition. Recipes; Fitness; Community. Refrigerate the entire thing for 30 minutes to set and after that, evenly coat it with melted dark chocolate. The Choco pie originates from Korea and is very popular there.

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