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Thought I was trippin’ but when i find myself looking at the screen a hundred times Heck, I bought gold up to $1000 and ounce and $17 silver…. Don’t know if there were more before we got into it. We saw them in Northern KY at 8:15 last night! I just saw them it’s March 6th, 7:40pm probably 15 of them, but a couple nights ago I saw only one or two, figured it was just a plane or something. There were about 30 of them!! i saw these strange lights moving in line coming from the western side to east and disappears on 21:00 hrs on 19th feb 2020 in south sudan africa. April 11th 2020. Wow amazing 10:00 pm. News, nature, and community throughout the Emerald Triangle. 30 of them. Yes! However, the very last craft in the long line of crafts was out of line flying ‘ instead . West to east . Pretty cool! We saw the same miracles thing During the night time of 08 August 2020, In kyiv Ukraine, We we’re stunned what’s going on, After 3-4 Hours we saw that same thing again. Strange. Chicago Alderman proposes tax on ground delivery services, Sunbeam recalls 940,000 crock-pots ahead of Thanksgiving due to burn risk, OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma pleads guilty in criminal case, Officials warn of pandemic’s impact on mental health as Illinois reports 9,469 COVID-19 cases, 125 deaths, Biden win over Trump in Nevada made official by court, Country artist Hal Ketchum dies from complications of dementia, Family of 911 dispatcher who died of COVID-19 asks for prayers as mother battles virus, Dow crests 30,000 points on vaccine hopes, Biden transition, WATCH: Where did it come from? Seen em at 10:02 in burton michigan. Time now 21.49 bst. Though we don’t know for sure, most likely they were from Elon Musk’s space launch program in which a series of satellites travel across the sky. Two at the end of it broke away and started flying outward. Did anyone else see them. I saw the same thing but they either came in pares of two or one slightly in front of the other but this was at 5 the were going west to east I saw 10 to 12 of them overall and all of them came from slightly different directions but they all went toward the moon and this was last night and it’s April 14t, Cool Thanks-I spotted at least 59 tonight in the hot tub from 930pm-1010pm-SLC, UT. Haha. After about 30 minutes I watched around 11 PM they tiled from across the horizon, still keeping their perfect formation and spacing to an up and down row that moved slowing behind the trees and I could no longer see them. However, while many were left puzzling about the mysterious train of lights snaking across the night sky, many astronomers have slammed the billionaire for the project which they claim is 'a crime against humanity'. But hank for the attempted explanation!!! Around the 12th one, there was a gap, but there seemed to be a faint one in there. SO Bright. Traveling from NW to SE. Typical UFO shaky shit. It was a bit further back. Just saw it this morning 0515 in California. Fargo, ND. I saw the same thing but over 100 went by us… lots where uniform the odd one or two that wasn’t… can any explain? around New London Wisconsin. I took my dog out about 30, mins ago and saw several of them. Ya straight up right around 9pm there were several objects they looked like stars hauling ass across the SoCal (Southern California) sky in perfect formation and they kept coming and coming and coming I counted over 40 whos to say how many passed before I noticed them .Hard to believe they are satellites ,if they are and they are for 5g were are really screwed. Never seen anything like this before. Strange how these lights are all in formation going exact same speed and direction being seen since Covid-19 outbreak first reported in 2019. Since it was dark i couldn’t see shapes of any kind.but i know they were moving with intention..not stagnate. At ~9:10pm 4/19/2020. We saw exactly the same thing, rows of about 30 all near enough same distance apart. My neighbor, Derek, came over and got me about 9:00 p.m. Sunday the 22nd to verify that He and his wife were seeing weird lights from their porch. CHICAGO — Police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who struck and critically injured an elderly man as he crossed the street in Little Village Tuesday afternoon. Traveling North west to North East. They started around 5:55p.m. Was there and it makes me want to puke. I thought maybe I was losing my mind!!! 22:35 GMT Essex UK. DENVER — Have you seen mysterious lights in the Colorado sky this week? And again on March 29th but going North West to South East same time 8:50 p.m. Mount Pleasant Iowa. just spotted at least 25-30 light looking like a strategist pattern two low for satellites SW Minnesota 9:25 pm. But don’t satellites have blinking lights none of these lights blink. Wish my cell phone video could have picked it up! Like mentioned before apart from the last one, which was further back. Would guess @ 40. Still what it is. Saw the same thing from the Klamath River Mountains outside of Happy Camp… 915ish. Tried to take pic through my window screen, phone wasn’t set to night mode (of course)… The pics I got look like it’s a string from my screen, but it is not (I have daytime pics of that). and had all passed by 6:10p.m. I just saw 33 of them tonight starting at roughly 10 pm, exactly what was described with a few having a little bigger gap between them. Greece time! Myself and a friend were camping in the forest out in brandenberg and we were watching them to. 9:15 scary till we found this info….saw around 50. What in the world? I counted at least 34 on 4/27/2020. Just saw them 60118 @ 21:20 I did see them , but it was in the early morning around 5:35 . https://www.space.com/spacex-starlink-6-satellites-falcon-9-rocket-test.html. Very strange. What are these things? It sounds crazy but, I don’t think it’s satellites. Yuba city marysville and surrounding towns have that problem and attitude no one respects the city and school speed. Apparently it’s Satellites. So my husband thinks I’m crazy about this but we just saw the same thing here in Zephyrhills Florida at 9:30 at night EST. I seen the same thing March 28 2020 About 8:50 p.m. What are they? The company plans to eventually grow its constellation to more than 40,000 satellites, blanketing the entire planet in cheap, high-speed Internet connectivity. My oldest son and I were sitting by our bonfire in our backyard and just saw this strange occurrence about 9:15 PM here in Belleville, Illinois, which is right over the river from St. Louis, Missouri. Early this morning at 4:20 a.m. 7 hours from Sac by plane! The ones I saw were spaced a little more evenly and there was one or two sets of them side by side. I looked it up online and found out it’s the SpaceX Starlink program. Last week I saw the same type of thing although I only counted about 5-6. Never seen any more than 1 or 2 before I have a very shirt video clip. I can’t understand the change in motion. I’m from Wisconsin seen these same lights in a row must of been 30 of them in the middle there were two almost close to each other very odd never seen these before in my life.march 6 2020 at around 7:20 at night.me n my son seen them my son recorded them . (Paul Parker? 10 pm EST, tonight (April 18/20) saw a string of lights (about 30 of them). We are about an hour west of Toronto Ontario. Our vision for this project is that Night Lights Denver truly becomes ‘the people’s projector,’ encouraging Denver to participate and contribute – including the international, national and locally-based artists we pay for commissioned artworks, schools and people walking through the district. In Asotin Washington 9:40 pm on April 17, 2020. In total around 20 lights. There was about 25 or more of the lights . My son told me the same thing about #:30a.m. . They appeared to come out of nowhere and traveled very fast and were so high up like where the stars are, so strange. I managed to grab a pair of binoculars to get a better look and all I could see was a bright light zipping across the sky. While much of the world economy stands still, SpaceX is running full speed ahead. and awesome.

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