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Otherwise, take 500 damage. Pendulum Effect : Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Monsters your opponent controls cannot activate their effects. If your LP are lower than your opponent's: Add to your hand, or Special Summon, 1 "Elemental HERO" monster, "Kuriboh" monster, or "Neo-Spacian" monster from your Deck or GY, with ATK less than or equal to the difference in LPs, also for the rest of this turn, you cannot activate cards, or the effects of cards, with the same name as that card. You can only use each effect of "Zubababancho Gagagacoat" once per turn. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme. $6.48, As low as: Game Retail Limited acts as a broker and not a lender. … If a Pendulum Monster you control battles, your opponent cannot activate Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step. 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters © 2020 Camarilla Hobbies / YuGiOh! You can only use this effect of "Performapal Celestial Magician" once per turn. If this card is sent to the Graveyard as a Synchro Material: You can Special Summon 2 "Doppel Tokens" (Warrior-Type/DARK/Level 1/ATK 400/DEF 400) in Attack Position. Quantity. Magical Hero features Yugi's Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl in the ultimate magical team-up! If this card attacks, it is changed to Defense Position at the end of the Battle Phase. Must be Fusion Summoned and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. • During your opponent's turn, if you activate a Spell/Trap Card or effect (except during the Damage Step): You can Special Summon this card from your hand. $0.10, As low as: Will usually dispatch within 3 working days of receiving cleared payment. • Deliveries to non-mainland UK addresses and remote locations (such as the Scottish Isles, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands) may take longer to reach you. Sealed Product. There are 1 items available. • You (the attacked player) can randomly add 1 of your cards banished by this card's effect to your hand, then you can discard it and negate that attack, but if you do not discard that added card, any battle damage you take this turn is doubled (even if this card leaves the field). TCG Legendary Collection Individual Collectable Card Game Cards, Booster Pack Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG 1st Edition Legendary Duelists Bundle (+2 Bonus Collector Packs), Yu-Gi-Oh! Join GAME Elite today and earn up to 10% points back with GAME Elite - Our exclusive membership service from GAME. YU-GI-OH! Monster Effect : Each turn, the first card(s) in your Pendulum Zone that would be destroyed by an opponent's card effect, is not destroyed. If this card is sent to the GY as Synchro Material: You can target 1 Tuner in your GY; Special Summon it in Defense Position, but it cannot activate its effects this turn. … When this card is Normal Summoned: You can target 1 Level 4 or lower "HERO" monster in your GY, except "Elemental HERO Liquid Soldier"; Special Summon it. International postage of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges. Set Card Lists:Legendary Duelists: Magical Hero (TCG-EN) Edit. Please allow additional time if international delivery is subject to customs processing. - Reduce this card's Level by the Level of the sent monster. Duelists aiming to walk in Yugi's footsteps and become the next master of these magicians can find a treasure trove of amazing new cards for Dark Magician Decks as well as another chance to get high-demand cards like Apprentice Illusion Magician in this 56-card booster set! If this face-up card on the field would be destroyed by a card effect, you can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card instead. We use cookies belonging to GAME & third parties to provide you with the best experience on our site and deliver marketing based on your interests. You may send us an inquiry about it. TCG Maximum Gold Box English 1st Edition, Fennekin Kalos XY Pokemon 60-Card Starter Deck Legendary Treasures Booster Pack, Yu-Gi-Oh! • It can attack all monsters your opponent controls once each. 1 Features 2 Breakdown 3 Galleries 4 Lists 5 External links Includes cards used by Yami Yugi, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo, Yuma Tsukumo, Yuya Sakaki and Z-ARC. Duelists aiming to walk in Yugi's footsteps and become the next master of these magicians can find a treasure trove of amazing new cards for Dark Magician Decks as well as another chance to get high-demand cards like Apprentice Illusion Magician in this 56-card … You can only use each effect of "Dodododwarf Gogogoglove" once per turn. Pendulum Effect: During your opponent's Main Phase, you can: Immediately after this effect resolves, Synchro Summon 1 Synchro Monster, using Material including this card you control (this is a Quick Effect). You can only activate 1 "Magistery Alchemist" per turn. As low as: $0.10. You can only use this effect of "Gagagaga Magician" once per turn. Send up to 3 cards from your hand to the GY; draw that many cards, then you can Special Summon up to that many monsters from your hand, with different names, that are "Performapal" monsters, "Magician" Pendulum Monsters, and/or "Odd-Eyes" monsters, each with a Level between the Pendulum Scales of the 2 cards in your Pendulum Zones. Please enter up to 7 characters for the postcode. 20+ NM in stock at: $3.02. TCG Legendary Duelists Season 1 Box - 38 Cards, 4 EX Legend Maker Art Set Pokemon Card Sealed Booster Pack Genuine Mew Arcanine. When this card is Tribute Summoned: You can target 1 "Dododo" monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target in face-up Defense Position. • Add to your hand, 1 Level 7 "Odd-Eyes" monster from your Deck, or 1 face-up Level 7 "Odd-Eyes" Pendulum Monster from your Extra Deck. 1 Tuner Synchro Monster + 2 or more non-Tuner Synchro Monsters If this card is Special Summoned: Destroy all cards your opponent controls. $15.00, As low as:

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