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Just because the capacity is there, doesn’t mean it’s supposed to be used. i am using a ceramic baking dish to make the tamago sheet as i don’t have non-stick cookware. Recipe developer Cosette Posko on the joys of the virtual cookie exchange. No. I own several of the Pampered Chef stoneware and some thick baking tiles I got for high heat baking (artisan pizza and bread — which I still have yet to make). I’ve been wondering for quite some time now, ppl seem to get all hyped up about their cookware, stainless, teflon, cast iron, enamal…. She comes from a long line of cooks, including ancestors who were chefs to German nobility. However, I don’t believe oil and butter are evil. I use a stainless steel pans from all-clad, the little 20cm fry pan is great for a couple of eggs sunny side or omelet and I slowly worked out that if you ensure that the oil/butter has reached it’s correct cooking temp, which takes a minimum of 5 minutes on my stove and the oil takes on that lovely sheen of heat and the fluidity of hot oil then the eggs will start to cook instantly and not stick to the pan when dropped in, a couple of minutes later perfect fried eggs, and if any egg does leave a residue, I pour off the oil add some water and drop back on the cooling hot plate (electric) the water will boil and the residue will simply wipe away in the wash. Thanks for sharing your experience, Victor! I’m Katie, the voice of healthy kids cooking, and I’m on a mission to connect families around healthy food. I plan to keep using it as much as possible. But not all enamels are created equal, so be forewarned. Follow the tips I mentioned earlier – and don’t skimp on butter. Katie. Le Creuset Toughened Non Stick (TNS) products can be used in all types of conventional ovens, and fry pans may be used under the broiler. really appreciate it. at lunch time …. You can read more about my reasoning (and experience) here: http://www.kitchenstewardship.com/2015/03/25/nonstick-controversy/, Bethany, thanks for your post. And I know what you mean about the registry… oh well. Thanks! Karen – I think that would be a “check what your owner’s manual says” situation. (Got it for Christmas three years ago and it is still in excellent condition. But I’ve never cooked with a true wok, so that’s outside my realm of knowledge. Have you ever cooked with enameled cast iron? It is thick and quite heavy, but I have a glass cook-top and for me it was important to have a skillet … Butter/oil is key to making your pan stick resistant. It takes a little longer for cast iron to warm up because the material is so dense. Stainless steel frying pans, for instance, like all stainless steel cookware, are both easy to clean and capable of providing equal heat distribution across their surfaces. Read it here: Cookware, Cookware, Controversy, and Cancer: Our … but I’ll answer anyway – peanuts are a legume, therefore can be hard to digest when not properly soaked/cooked – and what peanut butter is? Their enameled cast iron is still made in their original location in France. I sold them and have had no regrets. Toughened Non-Stick (TNS) Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick pans are manufactured from premium materials that will provide the best in durability and cooking performance. If you were around Kitchen Stewardship two weeks ago, you may have caught my post on why our family no longer uses nonstick pans. Additionally, non-stick frying pans make cleanup painless and keep your dishes looking picturesque. I wish I had known all this back when I got married so I could have registered for some of this stuff! Weekly Recipe RANKING. In an effort to pare down, last year I went through my kitchen and took a dry erase marker and marked the date on my pots/pans.

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