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It’s a good idea for landlords to include information about who should pay to rekey the locks in different scenarios so that tenants understand what to expect in each event. Most landlords will have the locks changed. Congrats! Congratulations! If you have any legal concerns we suggest you consult a solicitor. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Dedicated to answering tenant questions about leasing residential property, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. What surfaces would you have walked past that would be around hand-height? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. We are very familiar with these creatures. A landlord … I don't think this is something to get worked up over tbh. I have always been terrible at finding lost things, I usually search by looking for things in the places I expect them to be. We refused to get copies cut and told him that as he had lost our keys he should be changing the locks, in order to keep the flat secure.He has finally agreed to come around on saturday with a locksmith but says he will only be changing one of the locks (there are two on the door). Can I legally deny their request to copy the keys, and make them replace the locks? Bring a fresh pair of eyes to the situation. They must have fallen out of my hand when I reached in to get an apple. Wait, are you actually really locked in your apartment? When I did this last week, I tore apart my room to eventually find them...in a side pocket of my purse rather than the main compartment I normally put them in. Rekey Fee for Tenants. Maybe on top of the toilet tank? And give serious consideration to a single dedicated key-place, like the hanging hooks or a key bowl! I'm baffled, embarassed, and trapped inside my apartment. He seemd to think that was a ridiculous request. I give at least 24 hours notice to my tenants in compliance with local law. Stupid-place-to-look-time: did you check outside the front door? Don't forget to check your winter boots, even if they're in the back of the closet and you haven't worn them for months. Have you taken the garbage out since you got home? Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines. I once knocked a Sharpie off my desk and couldn't find it anywhere. If you didn't need them to lock yourself in but simply can't leave because you'd have no way back in; time to penny up for a locksmith (not an emergency one, one that charges a reasonable rate - possibly the landlord's preferred one). Always change locks between tenants to reduce landlord liability in the event a former tenant, guest, or … Maybe you do, too? Man, I had so many things go missing until I figured that one out. well actually when we are living in the flat they are our keys for our home.we have sctually decided to just give him a copy of the second key. And perhaps the friend could help to calm ya down. I found my keys wedged behind a bookcase once, so pull any furniture away from the wall. It's amazing how much more successful you are at finding stuff if you don't feel like you are supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. Most landlords will have the locks changed. He doesn't have them). His reason for changing one is that he says you need both keys to enter the property.He is also demanding that i either provide him with the other key to copy on saturday or that i have a copy of the other key ready for him to pick up. I found out that they lost their set of keys. I'm baffled, embarassed, and trapped inside my apartment. They would also be responsible for the cost if they have lost their keys and need new ones. You really do not want some random person finding the keys, and using them to steal your stuff. Coupled with access cards for laundry or pool areas, the theft of one tenant’s keys or a master key does not create the need to re-key every lock on the property. The landlord has a duty to protect the keys as a reasonable landlord would, and the failure to do so may be considered negligence. I googled How to Find Lost. If you've checked the inside of your apartment thoroughly, check the outside too. This is their 6th-month into the lease and one of them has lost the key. It doesn't matter if it's the back corner of the kitchen and the only thing there is the dog food bowl. One day later, I saw maintenance people on my floor, they were knocking the door and asking every resident if they saw the lost keys. im not sure if i should be awkward, i think im just annoyed that it was his his fault that a set of keys were lost (with our address on the tag) and his response when we asked him to therefore change the locks was to drag his feet and try to get us to just give him a copy of our keys. Check behind furniture, too. Dig through the trash. Have you rooted around in your upholstered furniture? It's his key! Start in one corner of one room. Says the girl who was taking apart the bathroom sink to find the lost wedding ring that was actually on her finger. Also, why would you want to make them incur costs to change the locks and then you both will be inconvenienced trying to coordinate with you so YOU can get in?? Where did you go, what did you touch, and what were you wearing? You can also do it quickly as long as you are thorough. If so, how did you check the door? If all else fails, call the landlord. All posts copyright their original authors. Oh, The Squirrels came and took your keys inside your house. I have been worried that they might have been in the lock and stolen, but it was such a short timeframe that I doubt it. If you change the lock without the landlord's approval, you quite possibly will have to prostrate yourself so low as to be underground. Get a new bag and take out the garbage piece by piece. Ask MetaFilter is where thousands of life's little questions are answered. I'd just give him a key. I lost my keys a few years ago and found them in the rotter* of my fridge. They just have to give you forward notice that someone is coming. I initially had more concern on the security than the cost and wondering how others have done during a lease situation. So things can slip through the hole yet still be in your purse? Well, I feel I've earned a Best Answer for suggesting you cancel everything! but that's where they were! Good luck, I know how frustrating this is. If you aren't so trapped inside your house that you can use the front door, go outside and check the yard/parking lot/under & around cars. Good advice from everyone. A landlord doesnt need your permission to enter to do maintenance. Look through your laundry, too. Nthing checking the garbage—I've definitely found important, expensive things accidentally thrown away before! A landlord has a right to have keys to their properties. Don't forget the garbage too. Just to build on the good advice given so far on searching: yes, methodical is the way to go, one room at a time. IMO, not a good reason to refuse to help him with the keys. but i think the point was not who'd keys they were, more the point that he lost a labelled set of keys to our home (if someone had found them they would have the full address to walk on in) and was quite irate with us for suggesting that he should therefore change the locks instead of us just providing him with more keys.ultimately it doesnt matter now as, as i said we have decided that as he has grudgingly agreed to change one of the locks our property will be secure and he can therefore just copy the other key. Before you start searching every square inch of the place, concentrate on reconstructing your path through the space from the time you got home to the time you realized the keys were missing. Lost keys mean the security of your investment property has been compromised; therefore, you may require them to handle the costs incurred in changing the locks as well. You need at least 24 hours notice of a viewing, OR you provide them with days and times where they may book appointments (you will have to include a weekend day) and tell them all appointments can be arranged for then, but must be confirmed by you.You can also state categorically that NO viewings are to take place unless you are present.This is YOUR RIGHT, so don't let them bully you into being inconvenienced.Has your LL given you notice? Sometimes when I'm searching for small things that have dropped on the floor, I lay a flashlight on the floor and sweep around the room looking for either oddball shadows or a reflection if the thing is metallic (turning the lights off helps a bit). His next move will be to send a locksmith to change the locks and then bill you for it. They are not moving anywhere and it seems the key was lost in another town about 15 miles away. The listing agent might pay to have the lock rekeyed, or the landlord should be responsible for this. Your end of lease is coming up and pissing off the landlord at this juncture means he is just going to be vindictive and go through your apartment with a fine tooth comb looking for reasons to ding you. Perform a grid-search in each room like they do on CSI. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is very helpful. I lost my keys, and then I lost my landlord's keys. basically, i know i was being over dramatic but was just so upset over his attitude.I suppose i am asking if i was right that as he lost our keys we were in the right to demand that the locks were changed?

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