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By continuing to use this website without disabling cookies in your web browser, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. This is also a suitable occasion and tribute to welcome and socialize with the balikbayan. The Cante de las Minas Museum is located on the ground floor of Casa del Piñón, and is a sensory museum, where you will relive the most outstanding performances of the Cante de Las Minas International Flamenco Festival. We assure you that you will get goose bumps. Dinengdeng, one of the most popular of Ilocano dishes, will be cooked in a big clay pot with 101 competitors creating their best version as they vie for rewards. One version of Dinengdeng – a big favorite among Ilocanos – is the Buridibod, a mixture of sweet potatoes, the fragrant legume patani, bungon (birch flower himbaba), the leaf and fruit of malunggay (moringa), samping-samping (butterfly pea, bataw (hyacinth bean) and sigarilyas (winged seguidillas bean). Taal Volcano & Lake. Instituto de Turismo de la Región de Murcia. AGOO, La Union: The Dinengdeng Festival of Festivals will be held on Monday (May 1) in Cases Boulevard here as the main attraction of the town’s annual fiesta from April 30 to May 6. The opening ceremony of Tawid Taoid was held at the Santol Town Auditorium on Feb. 17. The genome of the Universe at your fingertips. Part of the permanent exhibition are: glass relics, weights and measures instruments, esparto grass containers, ceramics, agricultural tools, traditional costumes and ancient lighting systems, such as the "velero", "churro" or the oil lamp. To complete the three-day festival, Globe partnered up with La Union Surf Club for a massive surfing exhibition, capping off the weekend by donating rashguards to members of the non-profit organization. And to add more flavor, the dish is also topped with rice field mushrooms or broiled milkfish, tuna steak or scad fish. For news, announcements and event updates, follow La Union Surfing Break on, A post shared by La Union Surfing Break (@launionsurfingbreak), 5 Local Products To Jumpstart Your Shift to Zero-Waste Sustainable Living, Itching To Start The New Year? This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Each year, there will be a new theme for the festival’s anniversary. Bauangenians are going all out in paying tribute as they celebrate the Baggak (morning star) festival which the town had been celebrating for the past years. When people hear about La Union, beach trips and resorts immediately come into mind. That is why they specifically have a festival for this dish. In the surroundings you will find the remains of mining operations and facilities for the mineral smelting of that time and the 19th century. Being the first town of La Union from Manila, it is considered the gateway to Ilocandia and Cordillera Region. Each and every devotee along with the Filipino-Chinese community in San Fernando City gather for the annual pilgrimage of Our Lady of Caysasay from the Ma-cho Taoist Temple to the Basilica of St. Martin in Taal. This festival highlights the Ilocano dish that is most popular and highly economical in the place. Among the most interesting items, you will find mining tools, scale models, several rooms dedicated to miners and their lifestyles and an excellent mineral collection. Every town in La Union celebrates its own unique fiesta. Moreover, next to this room is the Interpretation Centre of La Unión. 3. As mandated by Presidential Proclamation 683, National Arts Month is annually celebrated and spearheaded by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. Mayor Stefanie Ann Eriguel said the idea for the competition was to highlight this Ilocano dish that is highly nutritious and most economical. La Union's Damortis barangay of Santo Tomas is dubbed as the 'Tabo-an of the North’ because of its priceless 'danggit' (often associated with the small malaga), the dalag-baybay, espada, sapsap, pusit, turay, dilis, and shrimp, a local fish, 1 foot basasong, dried bangus (milkfish), patis (fish sauce), alamang, and … © 2020 La Union Tayo! this is the Festival in URBIZTONDO, SAN JUAN, LA UNION and the first ever 48 hours of non stop party in the beach front of the waves of LA UNION itself Sillag is an Ilocano word that means “illumination from the moon.” The two or three-day event features light-inspired activities such as a ceremonial lighting of Sillag Village, a musical show, and lantern parade. It is supported by the local government unit leaders and La Union 2nd Dist. Popular Festivals You Can Experience in La Union. Children show off their bright attires with a smile as they parade during the street dancing competition. If flamenco is in your blood, welcome, you are in one of its epicentres. Its mountains, with iron, manganese, zinc, sphalerite or pyrite brushstrokes, give a peculiar touch to the landscape, deeply marked by the traces that the mining industry left behind throughout centuries of activity . Labor Union Festival. Here’s How To Get A Head Start. Read More: This pilgrimage town held its 8th “Dinengdeng Festival” on Tuesday with local cooks simultaneously whipping up various kinds of dinengdeng (vegetable) dishes at the grounds of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, South La Union campus. 4. And to make it more exciting, concerts of local and national bands will rock you in the evening. Other Visitors Also Viewed: Palani Beach Boasts of a 10 Km-Long White Sand Beach. La Union has been labeled as a growing and developing region, not only for its economic development in San Fernando and the booming surf tourism in San Juan, but also for their colorful events and festivities. La Union’s surf season officially getting underway marked the return of La Union Surfing Break! Underwater Marine Treasures, Manila Bay A post shared by La Union Surfing Break (@launionsurfingbreak) on Oct 26, 2019 at 6:03pm PDT, RELATED: 5 Local Products To Jumpstart Your Shift to Zero-Waste Sustainable Living. The Antiguo Mercado Público, completed in 1907, is one of the most outstanding works of Modernism in the Region of Murcia. Typically, “Baggak” means “morning star,” and stands for the dawning of a new day for Bauang. The event co-presented by Globe highlighted a lineup of sports and wellness events like beachside yoga, volleyball and surf sessions happening throughout the weekend. Don’t get confused there. Search the Festivalnet database. The biggest and best-preserved collection of Roman mosaics in the Region of Murcia stands out among the museum treasures. Buyboy Festival of La Union. Adquiere aquí tu Manilla Unicef y ayúdanos a mejorar la vida de los niños y niñas más vulnerables de Colombia. Click here for more from La Union Surfing Break 2019. Interesting Tourist Spots in La Union. 8 Reasons A Trip to the Philippines Should Be In Your Future by Huffington Post, Breathtaking Volcanoes in the Philippines, Colorful and Meaningful Festivals in the Philippines.

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