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There are a plethora of Youtube videos about how to have a kundalini awakening. Black Magic (Witchcraft Curses/Spells) Exposed, Demonic Doorways and Signs or Symptoms of Demonization/Demonic Oppression, Generational Curses – Inheriting Demons From Ancestors, Powers, Abilities, and Exploits of Satan’s Kingdom (Know Your Enemy), Prayers For Deliverance From Demonic Attacks, Breaking Curses, And God’s Protection, The Serious Dangers of the Occult/Witchcraft/New Age. I got my Reiki master attunement and had a pendulum divination crystal that reacted to occult energies. I have been doing yoga on and off for the last 30 years, and had heard of kundalini but never done it. As a result of kundalini’s unfoldment spontaneous purifying movements, called kriyas will occur…”. I knew nothing about it, and just expected it to be relaxing. I wish someone could tell me because ever since then i have hever been the same. I have used yoga as a tool for practicing peace of mind, body awareness, body positivity, and to gain strength. (May be misdiagnosed as epilepsy, restless legs syndrome, or PLMD, Episodes of extreme hyperactivity or, conversely, overwhelming fatigue, Emotional outbursts; rapid mood shifts; seemingly unprovoked or excessive episodes of grief, fear, rage, depression. Indeed, many yogis often declare themselves to have achieved “self-realization” – the acknowledgment of one’s own unity with Brahman, the “Universal Divine consciousness”. I scurried home and slept for three days. You might feel more mentally balanced, and happier and healthier overall. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. As you just read the symptoms of kundalini can be harrowing. Every day I had meditation like that. Sorry to aay but you are greatly deceived. These tips can help make any meditation practice more successful. Hearing an inner sound or sounds, classically described as a flute, drum, waterfall, birds singing, bees buzzing but which may also sound like roaring, whooshing, or thunderous noises or like ringing in the ears. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I’m glad to hear that your symptoms seem to have decreased since stopping the practices. The list goes on and on. What the hell happened??? I started it and was blown away! Of course I can’t stop you from looking these techniques up yourself. Well, if it acts like a devil, destroys like a devil, and looks like a devil….. then it is probably a devil. It was so overpowering I could barely focus on doing the poses. He recounts the bliss but educates his audiences about preventing the dangers that he became victim to such as convulsions, seizures, and loss of memory. That’s why , when indians gurus know immediatly the failure of someone, they are able to abuse of the sef freedom of the people He asserts that “true kundalini awakening is the power of creation; literally the power of the big bang waking up in you.”. They often describe themselves in that manner, although they refer to it as a ‘divinizing’ – not a demonizing- process… But when describing their spirit, or ‘energy,’ possession, it is often directly linked to kundalini activity…. I was surprised to find that my peaceful prayer life was often counterbalanced with thoughts of suicide. I melted like wax. People who practice Kundalini meditation report experiencing a range of benefits. You may see this as negative or hateful but the Biblical truth is we are all under the wrath of God, and we are all in darkness until we repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. However, some people intentionally attempt to awaken their kundalini energy by using meditation, chanting, asanas, and other techniques. I am writing you from Germany in those times of corona because I really need to counter your statement very politely and with as much sensivity and respect as possible through anonymous writing and inbetween human beings. Learning from an experienced yoga teacher will greatly reduce these dangers and the risk of having a bad experience. Any form of rest and relaxation will benefit your body and energy flow. These were the cries of a suffering man(whatever else he may have been). The physical, mental, and emotional problems that surfaced were so dramatic that I had to quit working. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Someone had seated himself in my eyes and was making me see things… It seemed that I was being controlled by some power which made me do all these things. Sadly, the enemy has achieved a significant level of success. He was not afraid of kundalini…. He said he felt like someone was sticking him with needles. According to Dr. Bonnie Greenwell, a therapist who works with people’s Kundalini energy, the feelings can be intense, but aren’t usually painful. We all are evil AND good. Whether or not you have attempted a kundalini awakening or practiced kundalini yoga, it is important to educate yourself on the subject and know the positive and negative effects it can have on your body. The power of the guru’s grace enters the disciple’s body in a subtle form and does many great things…. Symptoms of this syndrome are also thought to result from kundalini awakening, when it occurs unexpectedly or the proper precautions are not followed.”, “…Someone who undertakes awakening their kundalini must be prepared though, as in rare cases this energy can have negative effects – known as kundalini syndrome.”. She told me about the dead people and more serious things lately when it finally made sense. 3:1-5 satan is in the form of a serpent who deceived Eve. But because I did not understand these kriyas [spontaneous yoga movements], I was always worried and afraid. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Eating more filling meals may aid in coping with kundalini side effects. And He is coming back to judge the world in righteousness (2 Timothy 4:1). This activity, added to long periods of prayer, was causing changes, painful ones, in my mind and body. Don’t Do Excessive Chakra Meditations: I constantly have yogis reaching out to me, both online and at my studio, who have focused exclusively on Chakra Meditations and thus, created imbalances for themselves. You will find Ayurveda to be an invaluable resource on the path to enlightenment and healthy living. There is great darkness in the world (a lot of it to be found in the hearts of christians). – I love to see the best in people despite their flaws All the while I was locked tight in the lotus posture, my eyes closed, my chin pressed down against my throat so that no air could escape. I start online cours of « awakening the light body. She would listen to these mantras and songs 24/7, do her meditations for 3 hours a day and talk complete nonsense like she was in her own world. Kundalini Awakening/Arousal/Activation or Really Demonic Possession? You don’t know what you are talking about. I think I’ll add some Hatha or yin into the mix. Kundalini is an energy (or shakti) that Hindus believe normally lies coiled at the base of a person’s spine. Is Kundalini Yoga dangerous? When practicing Kundalini Yoga, your frequency shifts. The Five Tibetan Rites are an exercise program that’s been practiced for more than 2,500 years. During so-called kundalini arousal, the experiences may last for months or even years, in which case a long time of insanity and/or demonization is endured. Work in the garden or any activity outside will bring you closer to nature. Many things had happened before to me, most of which due to satanic stuff but it is irrelevant to this point. Despite her endless energy and kundalini bliss, she explains how it feels like an extra responsibility to always be conscious of balancing her energy to keep it under control. Stay away from yoga, meditation, tantra, hinduism and anything guruish or eastern or mantras or manifesting. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. The Taoist “Master” Chao Pi Ch-en admitted that, as time passes, demonic states will occur to the practiser [sic]… Significantly, yogic energy manifesations and possession are sometimes intially sensed by the experiences as the work of an evil spirit. Kundalini meditation is a comprehensive approach, so if you’re new to meditation, it may help to try it first with a practitioner or follow along with a guided meditation.

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