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View All Features. This also allows you to adjust the bags position on top of the sleeping pad, which as I might add is incredibly stable with the horizontal baffle design of the NeoAir. Strong recommended! The regular Alsek weighs in at around 21oz, but the overfill puts it at 24oz or so and that's fine. A Membership is required to post in the forums. We believe that features such as our patented quilt attachment system, down filled collars, and differential cut (to name a few) make our backpacking quilts the best you can find. The included stuff sack is great and Katabatic includes pad attachment accessories for all setups. In fact, we had some of the same concerns you may have about making the switch to a quilt style bag. KATABATIC GEAR Alsek 22°F / -5.5°C - is very light, very warm, comfortable and functional quilt with temperature ratings somewhere in the middle of Palisade and Sawatch. I especially like how well it's shaped; the differential cut; and the draught collar'I don't think I could ever go back to a mummy bag or a quilt without these features. This versatile quilt will keep you cozy in warm or cool months, and all your trail mates will be jealous that you got a good night's sleep. Each of the sleeping bags is made to order by skilled seamsters and seamstresses on the premises. Why Choose a Quilt over a Sleeping Bag? Item 500205 - Katabatic Gear - Alsek 22°F - LONG WIDE - 850 WR FILL - U Weight and measurements are as advertised. Patented Cord Clip Attachment System – Easily attaches to any sleeping pad and offers unmatched versatility, comfort and efficiency in a quilt style sleeping bag. Read more here. UPDATE: I have about 100 nights in the Alsek now. Made in Colorado – We take pride in a quality product made in the USA.". This post is geared toward 3+ season bikepacking, and travel through areas where temperatures may fluctuate. I honestly doubt that I'll ever use the pad attachment system just for that reason. “Using the Alsek 22 was my first experience with a quilt style bag, and I have to say I am extremely impressed. Perfect Sleeping Quilt for Hiking the PCT, Backpacker Long Trails - Mastering the Art of the Thru-Hike, Keeps your insulation drier: Best DWR we’ve tested, Keeps your insulation loftier: Lightweight, soft, breathable, and downproof, Reduces demand for raw materials: Eco version of Pertex Quantum is made from recycled yarns and maintains the fabric’s advanced performance qualities. Used this wonderful quilt for 5.5 months when hiking the PCT in 2016. The stitching is so tight and clean. Always order the 900 DryDown for water resistance and a little extra warmth. There are many good reasons to choose down, and air mattresses have come along way, but that last question opens up a few additional points of discussion. Your input is very much appreciated. I would be getting a 6 foot, 900fp down. Cick the link to see them plotted or select from the links to the right to filter. It's extremely light, lofty, and I love the silky outer material. Or conversely, a 20º quilt can be opened up for nights in the 70s. Length-wise is true to size. It’s really a case by case conundrum based on personal sleeping habits, cold sensitive areas, and ultimately your own comfort. “With a quilt, you can get the warmth of a bag for 2/3 to ¾ of the weight with the Katabatic Alsek 22.This is a good transition model for newbies because you never feel the draft you would with minimalist quilts, thanks to strong clips that secure it to inflatable pads.” 22°F This order was definitely worth the wait and definitely worth the cost. All ZPacks sleeping bags are overfilled 30% based on the calculated amount of 900 fill power down required to fill the volume. Absolutely Fantastic! Inflatable air mattress or closed cell pad? It’s heavy duty, has a great cinch and drawstring. Per Katabatic Gear’s website, the total weight of this quilt is 22 ounces. To help customers make those design decisions, Joe or one of his very tight-knit crew members is available to personally answer questions or make suggestions. The most compelling case for the sleeping bag is that its basic tube design prevents air drafts. Despite the cost, + expensive (albeit inevitable) tax and international shipping, this quilt is 100% worth the money. Why Choose a Frameless Backpack? If it performs as well as I expect, then I will likely never look elsewhere when in the market for a quilt. This quilt-style sleeping bag has been slept in twice, has been stored uncompressed in its included storage sack, and is in essentially new condition. So, when Logan and I decided on a late fall bikepack in Europe (yeah…I know southern Spain isn’t exactly Nordic), I knew I needed a warm sleeping bag. Receive new Members-only content, gain access to 2,000+ articles in the archives, and become a part of the most passionate community of backpacking experts in the world. SARA and An-Ra Continuous Baffles – With continuous baffles the down can be easily moved around in the bag as temperatures dictate for maximum versatility. Really…the warmth factor is remarkable. Katabatic specializes in quilt style sleeping bags, based on Aaron’s real world experience proving their products in the Colorado wilderness and beyond. With numerous options available, each ultraminimal ZPacks sleeping bag is customized to best meet the needs of its owner. However, for bikepacking, I found it best stowed it in a weatherproof ZPacks cuben fiber Slim Dry Bag, which pairs perfectly with a UL tent in the Revelate Harness. For warm weather this gives you the most freedom of movement and allows you to easily maneuver in and out of the system. The quilt itself is gorgeous. Joe, an avid hiker, designs and tests all of the company’s gear himself. Reviewed by Logan Watts. The stitching is so tight and clean. This often resulted in gear that was light, but didn’t function well. Speaking for the “baggers”, I’d sum it up by saying that a good old-fashioned sleeping bag utilizes a simple design that combines warmth with a dash of security. I'll update this review once I've taken it tramping, but I couldn't resist using it at home because it's so warm, soft, and well-designed. This extra room also leaves more space for layering; or it can also be left loose to remain comfortable in mild temperatures. Elastic Binding Around Bottom Opening – Elastic binding around the bottom opening prevents gaps and drafts at the sleeping pad.

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