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For instance, colons should introduce a list, example, or explanation of the previous idea. Henry defended his rights with vigour and once again Germany was ravaged by war, for although he was unpopular in Bavaria he was strongly supported by the Saxons, who, since the time of Henry IV., had always been ready to join in an attack on the, monarchy, and he had little difficulty in driving Albert the Bear from the land. She had the hole about a foot deep when Gerald joined her. The story of the " exodus " is that of the religious birth of " Israel," joined by covenant with the national god Yahweh' whose aid in times of peril and need ' On the name see Jehovah, Tetragrammaton. He had the assistance of Marco d'Amadeo, a master-builder, and of Matteo Reverti, a Milanese sculptor, who were joined later on by Giovanni Buono and his son Bartolomeo. The Hessians retired upon Hanau to join the 8th Federal corps; only the Hanoverians remained in the north, and they too, threatened by Beyer's advance, marched from their point of concentration at Göttingen southward for the Main. John Campbell in his second journey to South Africa to inspect the stations of the London Missionary Society, and reported that the conduct of the Cape Colonists towards the natives was deserving of strong reprobation. Gerry joined her, watching the four below. "It was bound to happen," I said as I passed the Boston paper to the others as they joined us. She slowed, unwilling to join the throng of bloodsuckers. "Rules," Darkyn stated as she joined him in the hallway. 59) is sufficiently described in the letterpress attached to it; the pair of buccal ganglia joined by the connectives to the cerebrals are, as in most of our figures, omitted. Two lines may be drawn from this point, one to each of the two rails, in a plane normal to the rails, and the ends of these lines, where they meet the rails, may be joined to complete a triangle, which may conveniently be regarded as a rigid frame resting on the rails. The network is partly formed out of pigmented cells which are excavated and join to form tubes, the socalled botryoidal tissue, not found among the Rhynchobdellidae at all. The rest of the climbers followed in the truck but Ryland declined to join them, turning a perturbed eye to Bird Song. Wrong: Larry has proposed a toast to his bride, but has given her nothing but a headache. Now look at some more examples showing compound sentences and coordinating conjunctions or semicolons in context. "I will join you later," she said, and promptly left Carmen alone. Franny asked Donnie as the two joined Dean and Martha. He took a leading part in the formation of the party of the Centre in 1870-1871, but he did not become a member of it, fearing that his reputation as a follower of the king of Hanover would injure the party, until he was formally requested to join them by the leaders. 7 Secrets for ESL Learners - FREE download. Bordeaux helped her down the hill and they joined the Indians. Catching her hair up in a pony tail, she tugged on her boots and joined Alex in the kitchen. Wakefield seceded, and joined Lord Lyttelton and John Robert Godley in establishing the Canterbury settlement as a Church of England colony. Soon after quitting the uterus it is joined by a long duct leading from a glandular sac, the spermatheca (Rf). Numbers of Beghards joined the Brethren of the Cross, and the two sects were confounded in the rigorous persecution conducted in Germany by the inquisitor Eylard Schoneveld, who almost annihilated the flagellants. Some sentences have one subject (who or what you’re talking about) and two verbs joined by and, but, or, and nor. The guards outside joined in the song. Another shorter valley began near the present Jaffa gate and, taking an easterly direction, joined the Tyropoeon; while a third ravine passed across what is now the northern part of the Haram enclosure and fell into the valley of the Kidron. Several of his former colleagues declined to join him, on the ground of their absolute hostility to the policy of Home Rule; others joined on the express understanding that they were only pledged to consider the policy, and did not fetter their further liberty of action. Crossing the Hellespont in 84 into Asia, he was joined by the troops of C. Flavius Fimbria, who soon deserted their general, a man sent out by the Marian party, now again in the ascendant at Rome. Ram cut the grass; Ati trimmed the hedge; Tara watched. On the 26th of August 1716 he wrote to Alexius from abroad urging him, if he desired to remain tsarevich, to join him and the army without delay. by plains below 300 ft., which join the depression of the middle Volga, and extend as far as the mouth of the Oka. The British government, having neglected to occupy the Straits of Gibraltar in time, despatched Admiral Byron from Plymouth on the 9th of June with thirteen sail of the line to join Admiral (Lord) Howe, Sir William's brother, in America, and collected a strong force at home, called the Western Squadron, under Viscount Keppel.

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