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pic.twitter.com/ej8qnGseb4. In the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec), gamers can already earn a range of rewards for games. However, these accomplishments are restricted to 100% game completions. Those of you who've taken the time to complete all of the games side quests with Kratos and the Atreus can now grab themselves an … During the recent PlayStation UI reveal, fans got our first look at the new reward system in action. The Journey Begins Defend your home from The Stranger: Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. PlayStation insider Tidux on Twitter recently shared their findings on the new Trophy system. As we see from the upcoming title Destruction AllStars, players can get their hands on a profile banner and avatar. Delivery Method. This is only the beginning, though, as the user predicts a Uplay-style reward system where players earn points and redeem them in games. The only game we've seen a decent look at appears to be the upcoming Spider-Man sequel. Season 6 End D…, Huge Nintendo Leak Teases Switch Pro, Pokémon Remakes, BOTW 2 an…, Treyarch Responds to Black Ops Cold War Bricking Xbox Series X Co…, How to Complete Nuketown '84 Easter Egg in Black Ops Cold War…, Destruction AllStars is a PS5 launch title with no gameplay reveal, Horizon Zero Dawn Platinum Trophy Theme and Avatar, PaRappa The Rapper Platinum Trophy Avatar Set, God of War Platinum Trophy Character Avatar Set*. Yes, the accomplishment of seeing a rare Trophy on your profile is reward enough, but it feels like something is missing. The Trophy-earning experience is about to get more rewarding than ever, as PS5 owners will now receive prizes for their accomplishments. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed with the PS5 Trophy rewards. Earn all other trophies in God of War (2018) to unlock platinum (DLC not required). A New Friend Survive the Witch’s Woods: Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Reward will be delivered via voucher code to the email address associated with the … Code cannot be returned or exchanged for cash, may not be used for any other purpose and will not be replaced if lost, stolen, or damaged. God of War Platinum Trophy Character Avatar Set* Spider-Man Platinum Trophy Avatar; ... Hopefully, this issue will be fixed with the PS5 Trophy rewards. The full list of offerings are as follows: It's a very specific bunch of games, but at least players see rewards for their hard work. Although it's worth getting excited about this new feature, some gamers are quick to point out that the system has seen some use in the past. PlayStation fans have long-awaited a reason to seek Trophies in-game. Some of these titles have tons of secrets and collectibles to discover before earning the Platinum Trophy. God of War Platinum Trophy will reward you this secret Sony PS4 gift (Image: SONY) God of War players have been gifted with a surprise gift from Sony, but only for those who've earned themselves the game's highest accolade: the platinum trophy. If you have not received your platinum trophy reward, go to the Platinum Trophy Rewards page to confirm that you qualify for the current offerings and have signed up for PlayStation Marketing Communications. Now, PS5 owners will actually be given prizes for the efforts in-game. What's interesting is that we've still not yet seen much gameplay of major titles coming out. If you qualify for the reward, try the following steps below: Rewards are available while supplies last. PS5 Trophy Rewards. What's more, now PS Plus members can see easy guides directly from their console to help them achieve these Trophies. Given the convenience of this new feature, it's about to get easier than ever to earn rewards in-game. In new Spider-Man Miles Morales 4K footage, we can even see a peek at the game's first boss. In fact, Destruction AllStars is a PS5 launch title with no gameplay reveal. When a player hovers over one "activity card" we can see the remaining estimate time, when the player hovers over a "trophy card" the player can see what in-game reward the trophy will unlock. More Trophy news,Trophies can reward you in-game, and we saw it when we saw the UI. PlayStation insider Tidux on Twitter recently shared their findings on the new Trophy system. In a series of tweets, the user points out that the PS5's new activity cards can actually reward players for their Trophy-earning. The platinum trophy reward will be delivered within 14 days of receiving the platinum trophy. Since the game is so beloved, it’s no wonder many players have been pursuing the Platinum trophy. Unlocks when completing 1st main quest “The Marked Trees”. God of War (2018) ~ Trophy Guide and Roadmap If this guide has helped you in any way and would like to join this site for the friendly people, the guides, or just to give thanks to the many people who make guides here, you can join up here and give the author, PainOfDemise , a referral for thanks! Indeed, the PS4 has a range of games that reward players for achieving a Platinum Trophy. How to Turn Off Your PlayStation 5 Console, PlayStation CEO Says "Absolutely Everything is Sold" for PS5…, How to Beat PlayStation 5 Scalpers and Find Your Next-Gen Console…, When Will the PS5 and Xbox Series X Be Back in Stock?…, PS5 Consoles Arriving in Damaged Boxes and Po…, Does Black Ops Cold War Perform Better on PS5…, How to Turn Off Rest Mode on PS5 and Avoid Is…, Sony Boss Discusses Risks Associated with Dev…, Sony To Add Requested Visual Feature in Futur…, When Does Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 7 Start? It should be pointed out that many players who would qualify for these rewards claim to have never received them. The voucher code (“Code”) is good for one qualifying Account to redeem the Platinum Trophy Reward via the PlayStation®Store. If you are one of the players who has earned the Platinum trophy in …

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