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As a philosophy graduate, your understanding of multiple perspectives on political and social issues can help you create effective messages. Finally, for philosophy majors who absolutely love their subject and are passionate about lifelong learning, a career in academia can be a natural fit. But recent years have seen a trend toward the creation of positions for in-house philosophers. As the study of philosophy carries a large emphasis on writing and communication skills, students who major in philosophy commonly work as writers in a field such as journalism. Do Not Call Registry. Political scientists can work for the government, non-profits, think tanks and more. During this course, you will be expected to write a scholarly research paper that illustrates your understanding and application of philosophical analysis. We cover everything from career advice to the latest company headlines. Jobs for philosophy majors are more common—and often better-paying—than you might think. Can philosophy act as "therapy of the soul?" By submitting this form, I am giving Gwynedd Mercy University consent to contact me by email, telephone and/or text messaging at the address(es) and telephone number(s) provided above, including wireless, even if I am on a corporate, state or national Common entry-level degree: Bachelor’s degree & teaching certificate, Likelihood that robots will take your job: 1%. A doctoral degree in philosophy is focused primarily on a dissertation on topics such as medical ethics, religion or existentialism. Especially when it comes to controversial issues, readers will appreciate their ability to provide nuanced, unbiased news coverage that incorporates many perspectives. Philosophy majors often find work in well-paying, rewarding fields such as law, government and public service. A bachelor's in philosophy can be an excellent first degree before starting your legal studies. The average annual salary for a public policy professional is approximately $57,000. Short, career-oriented programs are often a good fit for students with a foundation in philosophy. So start making plans to turn your dreams into reality. A philosopher salary can range depending on the field they specialize in. A lobbyist is an advocate for a particular side of an issue; someone who articulates and communicates the views of a company or organization to outside stakeholders, such as government agencies, trade associations, and legislative bodies. The rate of acceptance for philosophy majors into law schools is extremely high. That's because hiring managers don't always recognize the true value of an education in philosophy. This consent includes contact via automated means. They also develop, gather, and disseminate technical information through an organization’s communications channels. Surprising salary stats, Why take philosophy? Philosophy encourages critical and systematic thinking, explores core issues of intellectual tradition, and offers great preparation for many professional occupations if you choose to become a philosophy major. The reason for this is a philosophy degree teaches you how to think, question what you’re being told, and come to new conclusions. They may wonder, "What can you do with a degree in philosophy that will actually help us make money?" Librarians can work at various institutions, including schools, public libraries, museums, law firms, non-profit organizations and others. This also includes the interviewing of clients prior to referring them to their organization’s lawyers which the skills of a philosopher could very much come in handy. Policy analysts work with politicians and other government officials to develop or revise public policies. And great careers for philosophy majors can be found in many industries, including some of today's most cutting-edge career sectors. For example, should consumers be told when a company is using their personal data to shape sales plans? They are responsible for the look of the site. This profession requires a persuasive personality, a stable sense of ethics, and the ability to make sense of complex legal or policy-related documents. Data analysts gather data and use it to draw logical conclusions that can guide organizations' decisions. These complimentary capacities, combined with their ability to construct clear, logical arguments, make them ideally suited to a career in journalism. The idea of being a philosopher isn’t quite as grand as it may have been in ancient Greece or Rome, but the world is still in need of great thinkers. They often handle other human resources work, such as those related to employee relations, compensation and benefits, and training. Last updated: One group of social workers—clinical social workers—also diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional issues. Skilled reporters are master storytellers with strong writing and grammar skills. That's what this article is for. Studying philosophy can not only teach you the value of clear communication, but also help you hone your attention to detail in the written word. So if you’re a philosophy major about to hit the job market and are scrambling to come up with a solid post-grad plan, read below for suggested career paths, job search advice and more! A master’s in philosophy polishes all of the skills learned and developed in undergrad and brings them to the next level, introducing more complex theories in areas such as aesthetics, logic, political philosophy, and philosophy of mind and language. Nonetheless, it can be very satisfying to pursue your own scholarly activities and help others answer big questions, such as "What do philosophers do?" If you'd like to use your understanding of philosophy to help those who need guidance, then research the requirements for mental health professionals in your region. But, in truth, job opportunities for philosophy majors aren’t so grim. Believe it or not, studying philosophy can be excellent preparation for financial analyst jobs. A Project Coordinator runs, administers, and organizes all project activities in an organization. Learning these skills will not only help you grow as a professional, but they will help those around you gain a better and more beneficial understanding. Also, consider philosophical counseling.

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