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In 2018, 58 percent of organizations aim to be transparent (level 3) with employees about their pay process. You need to focus your research on the following points: To learn more about all those three points, you should use online resources to your advantage. It would help your cause and negotiations to find something good about the offer. I didn’t think anything of it at that time, until I got the job offer. Is it low compared to industry standards? Employers Compare Their Salaries Against the Market. Be Positive: Don't share anything negative about your current or former job or co-workers. If your salary is topped out in your current job or career path and the new job gets you into a field where salaries keep going up, the lower salary could pay off later. Here are a few phrases that show enthusiasm and are, therefore, great to add to a counter proposal letter: I’m excited by the opportunity to work together/with you/in the organization. AMY: Evidently not, Jim. So been a business owner of a promotional…, see the employee’s performance the same as…, When I read some of these salary negotiation…. (Really -- everyone on your team is crazy about me? AMY:  Honestly Jim, we're talking about starting a business relationship that's going to be very significant for both of us. Your counter proposal shouldn’t just be to argue what you want but what the company is going to get by hiring you. However, this is not the only way to renegotiate an offer as you are about to find out. More than half of surveyed organizations have completed a market study within the past year. Honestly Jim, if I join your team I'm going to be looking to you to shake certain things up on the management team, and you've told me you're game to do that. In two more years, Leslie had doubled her salary again at Associated Press. I would like to negotiate the salary further, as it currently doesn’t reflect my talent, considering the current market conditions. Does it include an automatic increase if you hit targets? Be honest about your salary if asked during a renegotiation. Dream Job: If you've always imagined yourself in a certain role, or working for a particular company, taking the job might be worth it even if the salary is lower than at your current position. In addition, you should always conclude your counter proposal letter with another two things you’re most looking forward to in the role. If you choose to do that, always remember to back it up with research and data. The non-salary items that many people negotiate include things like: Another great benefit to consider is development schemes. If it’s clearly lower (+10-20%), then you have to consider whether it’s best to just tell the employer you find the offer rather disappointing and ask them for an altogether new offer. Your response will end up being more coherent and thorough. I got it from HR. They made it seem like it was a favour, wheras the workload was 20times more. AMY: I'm confused, Jim. The guide consist of the following sections: At the end of the guide, you’ll find a template and an example letter to help you with your writing. Now I write for LinkedIn and Forbes.com and lead the worldwide Human Workplace movement to reinvent work for people. If you don’t, just think about it and write it down. only 8 percent of organizations do not compare their jobs to the market. A Nigeria-based writer and blogger who has written and edited for top brands including The SUN, Punch, Newswatch, Pulse.ng, Bigsam Media, Nigerian Bulletin, Swish Interativ, Hello Nigeria, National LIFE, iCampus, Jobberman and Cheki. BOSS: So anyway Amy, we're excited to … To learn more about how organizations are making pay decisions, read PayScale’s Compensation Best Practices Report. The opportunity to work in an exciting work environment is enticing. This guide will help you write a counter proposal letter that gets results. AMY: No, but you can send me an email message and I'll respond in the morning. Then, we’ll provide you with a set of questions you can ask during a salary negotiation process get yourself a better offer. They can be good things to add to your counter proposal because they show the employer you are willing to negotiate beyond just the salary. Jingcong (“JC”) Zhao was a Senior Content Marketing Manager at PayScale. They have offered me a pay rate that is $8,000 lower than I expected. By far, the most typical form of variable pay is the individual incentive bonus (67 percent), followed by spot bonuses/other discretionary bonus programs (39 percent). So just asking for the moon and the stars is not beneficial or practical. BOSS: You're right. How Do You Know If You Should Negotiate Your Salary? You then calculate that your red line is the lowest average pay, which is $105k. Here's my thought process. E-mail is already registered on the site.

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