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Clark Kent is simply too good to beat. thats his whole argument. ...too bad he only really had two or three good games total, and that was 20 years ago. Indeed, it always bugged me when he ran away at the end of the games. sonic could go super making him 1000x more powerful,has beaten omnipotents, is invincible, is faster than 1000x the speed of light, has chaos control, so sonic wins. Oh yeah? Is Sonic Faster than Superman? @tunaburn: my bad I misread your OP as arguing with "a" 5 y/old rather than "my" 5 y/old. Really, they tell you that like 20 times in the song. Sonic, he can really move. pretty stupid concept if you ask me! could sonic even run around the earth like that? I do agree with GOTTA GO FAST, so I also voted Sonic. because when you have kids you argue with them as part of life. © 2020 GIANT BOMB, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. That's pretty much what we do here isn't it? Tell him "yeah, sonics faster... in the bedroom" then proceed to jump around the room shouting "ooooohhhhhhhh.". Faster than a speeding bullet. How long does a fresh turkey last in the refrigerator? Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. Christ, did you drop him on his head as a baby? That sick burn should end this argument with your five year old promptly. Ever notice how Sonic can never catch Robotnik on foot? In the 2020 movie Sonic the Hedgehog, we have seen him travel to the pacific and back within 3 seconds. Sonic is a better character overall though. i will screenshot this vote and show it to him when hes older! that the song says sonic is the fastest thing alive. Your five year old is a moron. As soon as I read the topic I got terrible flash backs to Comicvine's battle thread......... *shrugs*. this started the argument as he is a die hard sonic the hedgehog fan. You may be right but it's time to concede this battle and lick your wounds, there are still decades left in this war. in my defense its only the free demo off the xbox marketplace! Sonic of course.I don't know if any of you knew this, but in one episode of one of the Sonic series, he made time stop completely and saved his friends before time started up again. Advantage: 5 year old! I came into this thread saying "Goku" and then you do it. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Superman is clearly faster, but Sonic can grind rails and that's pretty boss. ", to which i say, "yea hes one of the fastest super heroes". Ah yes, the internet finally getting to the brass tacks. His name is Superman, after all. That's the first problem. he like flew around the earth so fast he reversed time. No disrespect intended. Edit: Nah, I'm not trying to say you should be discussing more important matters with a 5 year old. but in. He says sonic is the fastest thing alive. Superman because he has enough speed to rotate the Earth on its axis by flying around it enough. But then.. "Come play this Superman 64 and you'll see just how fast he is!" At least I think that's what happened in one of the Superman movies I don't bother watching. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Who's really the winner there? and went back to watching the Saturday morning show. Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The Flash 4. Dash from The Incredibles 7. When did organ music become associated with baseball? What part of the liturgical calendar are flowers removed from the sanctuary? Lightning McQueen from Cars 3. Superman 8. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. But as a kid, I just went "Stupid Robotnik!" Well damn. And dont get me started on the flash. Could be worse. What are the release dates for The Wonder Pets - 2006 Save the Ladybug? All Rights Reserved. Im arguing with my 5 year old about this. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Quicksilver 5. But proves my point. So, Superman is faster. 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000mph Sonic and I'm basing this off the games Superman 64 and Sonic CD. Sonic isn't that fast. @defe: yea i kinda figured out what you meant. Sonic, he's the fastest thing alive, etc. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Sonic, he's got an attitude. And i was like, cut a dude some slack we gotta be stupid sometimes. Can you treat poison ivy with econazole nitrate cream? Also, probably depends on what era of Supes you're talking about. Just a joke. but it makes no sense seeing how in the game tails, knuckles, and a couple other characters basically keep up with him.

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