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Yes, I would like this for my U/R aggro deck. Moving on, Daring Buccaneer also seems strong to me. However, it can peter off earlier than you’d like, especially when most of the spells that beat you only cost 1 mana. I am not too big a fan. In Ixalan it would mean a miserable, uninteractive game while also knowing that the opponent was doing exactly what they should be doing. Trapjaw Tyrant Reduces your spells, pumps your creatures, draws cards, and hoses those pesky Atraxa decks! No deck needs this, but most blue decks would be happy playing it. I love having this in the format. Check out the latest preview cards, prices, and preorder here! It’s exciting to think about “drawing” 2-4 cards, but you’ve gotta land this on a decently-sized creature, then kill it, and then you can cast spells off it (and nearly half the cards you hit will be lands). Maybe there is some sort of a Nic Fit deck in Modern that could potentially run this as a win condition. Zacama should be lots of fun in Naya ramp, Dinosaurs not required, and the abilities do a great job of affecting multiplayer boards, even into the late game. Verdict: If you are going to be playing with at least 3+ other opponents, Etali gives you plenty of bang for your buck. Verdict: Decks that can abuse this ability will ravenously add this card. The classic sideboard card is still going strong. I’m still a bit skeptical and both cards probably won’t see any play, but it might be worth trying them out. The “Sphinx’s Revelation” trigger assures that you will always have a late-game mana sink and you can thus justify adding quite a few mana rocks to your deck. He can often be found playing Vintage in between competitions and loves any format where Force of Will is legal. Spire Winder, on the other hand, is priced to move. That will often snowball into getting 5 Merfolk into play, at which point you should win easily. There’s just not much you can do to play around Tetzimoc, as it’s not like a normal Wrath—it’s a Plague Wind. It’s a set of multicolor enchantments based on the old Ravnica guilds. Ixalan Set Reviews ... Kumena has good stats and can often hit in for 2 unblockable damage, but he really starts making waves when you get to draw extra cards. The cost is right and the ability powerful enough, especially when there are multiple opponents to attack to ensure connecting with your fishy friends. Crashing Tide Rivals of Ixalan Pack 1 Pick 1 with BenS. Is that all and anything that is good or playable in Rivals of Ixalan? I’m not going nuts over this, but I’ll cast it before the format is done. A 2-mana bounce spell that turns into Time Ebb later in the game is a fine card, though I don’t expect to have the city’s blessing all that often in decks that want bounce spells. 7 mana is way too much mana even though the card is cool. At least the activation is only sorcery speed, which means that you can’t kill the creature they played on turn 6 (or you have to wait an extra turn). That makes this a fine card, and one I’m happy to play every time. Unfortunately for me, I started the new year by getting sick and I’ve yet to nurse myself back to health. Verdict: Fail. You don’t need to have a single Merfolk in your deck for this to be good. Take Merfolk, for example, where your main fear is your islandwalk Lord being killed mid-combat and being blown out with blocks. In decks with a lot of token-making, maybe this gets there, but I’m not overly impressed. Kumena comes down much earlier on turn 3 and has excellent early-, mid-, and late-game abilities. This counts itself, so already you’ve got a great deal. Sadly, the majority of players won’t see a Leovold across their table ever again. Inquiring minds want to know: Is this card playable? It just makes mana better across the board, and allows for splashes for time to time, which I view as a positive. It also rewards you for having decent evasive creatures, and is big enough that it is still passable to cast it without raid. I think Azor has great potential as a general and you can build a version of him that is more competitive or more casual. This just ticks all the boxes, and is good even in a deck without Dinosaurs (though much better with a few juicy targets). Verdict: The abilities not requiring mana is an excellent bonus. Bouncing their biggest creature and crashing in is well worth 3 mana if it doesn’t cost you a card, and it just gets better from there. In a multiplayer game, ascending with this card is elementary. Hi, I'm a relatively new player slowly picking up magic and trying to get familiar with the game, and I'm curious how do vampires fare in the current meta. This is a very powerful 1-drop, but like with Merfolk, I don’t think the Pirate deck is there yet. Still, the effect is very powerful, so it might find its way into some obscure combo deck. She dabbles in all formats, always looking to take her game to the next level. For 1v1 formats, the Chupacabra is a solid addition, especially if your general presents ways to abuse the enters-the-battlefield trigger. Cancel isn’t a particularly strong card in this format, and letting you cast it for 1 mana during your combat step doesn’t make me admire it all that much more. The awkwardness of Blood Moon in Storm has long been a nuisance, as it cuts off blue mana and makes it difficult to go off, so you can sometimes hurt yourself as much as your opponent. So many creatures need to die to give her formidable stats, but perhaps just the natural attrition of a multiplayer Commander game can grow her significantly. Now this is what I call flood protection. As I have done with the last few sets, I will be covering what I believe are the best commons and uncommons for each color in Rivals of Ixalan. Verdict: Stick to Snappy or even Dualcaster Mage if you like. While I do think Gaea’s Cradles and Tolarian Academies should make their ways into EDH decks, they need to perform slightly better than these Ixalan cards have. At least you do get a Treasure out of the deal, making this a pseudo-ramp card, and playable in decks that don’t have the best curve. It’s also a good sideboard card if your deck doesn’t want it in the main deck, though I wouldn’t expect to see it come around late all that often. Verdict: Fail because of the narrow window in which it interacts. Lately WotC made some good multiple sets draft formats—both Hour of Devastation and Aether Revolt improved their respective formats, in my opinion. It’s really hard to get this to a 4/4, and at 3/3 it just isn’t good enough. It’s no Vampire Nighthawk, but 2/2 flying, lifelink for 3 are okay numbers in Limited. Since raid applies until the end of the turn, the existence of this spell flips that on its head as they’ll have a one-mana counter available in their end step, and makes it hard to decide when to use your removal spells. In conclusion, I think that out of all of the cards in RIX, this one will have the most impact on the Modern format, and will see the most play across the board. I don’t think flipping this is even what you want most of the time, but as a 2-mana looter this does a fine job of preventing mana flood. permalink; embed; save; parent; give award; ep29 3 points 4 points 5 points 1 year ago . Thanks so much for reading, and until next time, be thankful Zacama isn’t in the same colors as Deadeye Navigator. My guess is that more than half of Merfolk decks fit that description, making this a solid card. Both of these tribes get some tokens, even if Vampires gets more, and both have good keywords (flying/unblockable and flying/lifelink), so I’m happy with either lord. The extra stats will let your creatures get by theirs more often, and when you have this ability, you want to attack every turn anyway. 1 year ago. Stealing Treasure is solid too, and if this manages to hit, you’ll be very happy. Next Post. These are basically Evolving Wilds, but they go in specific decks, which makes them playable if you’re those colors. Edgar Markov can enjoy this card too since you are casting it from the graveyard, allowing you to get extra tokens. Niels Viaene. Most Vampire decks will have multiple life gain sources naturally, and it’s likely playable without any to begin with. Each of them flip into a land with some sweet abilities using the guild’s mana symbols. Warkite Marauder is exactly what aggressive decks want. The flavor on this card is great, until you steal a Dinosaur token all of a sudden.

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