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Cast Iron Reversible Griddle for Grill. If you’re cooking for a crowd every day or even occasionally, you’ll love this super large 10.5” x 20.5” electric griddle. The (optional) griddle frame – This is the frame and wheels system that helps you move the griddle around the yard or the camping site. Outdoor griddles use propane as a fuel, and they include either U or H-shaped burners, which gives them the edge when it comes to power and allows them to heat food more efficiently. Cleaning the plates was simple, though – hand-washing was fuss-free, as was popping them in the dishwasher. Also, it has four industrial strength and caster wheels which are both lockable for safe use while cooking your favorite meat recipes. Inside the unit, there are 2 burners installed. Well, it doesn’t happen with our griddle. This tabletop grill doesn’t take ages to cook your food. Many would say that a griddle master is as good as his tools, and we must agree to some degree. Blackstone 1554 Station is easily assembled with a quick ignition button that allows you to start grilling your favorite food recipes right away. You can push the button of the grill, and you’re ready to cook. Larger is better, and outdoor griddles tend to have the biggest cooking surfaces. Easy and Appealing Designs – Electric griddles are not complicated to use at all which make them a great choice for inexperienced cooks as well. If you’re looking for a balance between the cost and the features, this is the outdoor griddle for you. It is a tabletop outdoor griddle that can be relocated easily. For convenience, this griddle features Blackstone’s new and improved side shelf on both sides, which comes with a removable cutting board, Garbage Disposal hooks, and paper towel holder. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Easy assembly, and quick ignition button. Even if you’re not an outdoor lover, this grill is for everyone who wants to experience versatile cooking. These burners can be controlled via knobs (or switches). The best thing about the dual griddle/grill combo is that you can use only one at a time. The drip tray underneath the griddle catches greases and drippings and is very easy to just slide out and wash. It has 23 inches skewers or cast iron for various grilling. Absolutely! The Blackstone grill is what you seek. This way you minimize the risk of burning the food. Grilled on the outside and melty on the inside, it’s the perfect panini. You can use the extra space for food trays, spices, cutting boards, and various things that can help you prepare a great meal. Makes you feel like a Professional chef. Heat up of an electric griddle is extremely fast. Similar to its predecessor, this Blackstone has a story to tell as well. 2. Take the Blackstone grill. The steel frame is mounted on a 4-wheel system, making the model portable despite the fact that it weighs just over 100 pounds. The other bars hold the food over an open flame. Griddling is a type of cooking that grows on you. Whether you are a burger lover or steak fanatic, Blackstone grills prove to be one of the respected brands in the market today as evidenced on Blackstone Grills reviews. Heavy cast-iron aluminum makes up the surface of the Presto Jumbo Cool Touch which makes it resistant to warping. RESTAURANT STYLE COOKING - With 720sq inches of flat top... DIMENSIONS: 62.5" W x 22" D x 36" H | Weight: 116 lb. Therefore, it will be more durable. Now double it. Don’t use abrasive cleaners on the griddle as this can scratch the nonstick surface. Out of all the models on our list, this one takes the crown of the most compact and most portable. Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. After reading this electric griddle review you will have all the information necessary to decide on the right electric griddle for your kitchen. Next up, we have a somewhat unique model on this list. A bit too hot or cold can mean all the difference for a nice steak. This one has an added worktable on the side, with the heavy-duty handle being on the other side. Rachel Ogden | March 15, 2020 8:01 am GMT.

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