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Many of us, who are healthy with healthy children, may take a phone call to a family member for granted. Client Served May you continue to have great success in all of your projects and endeavors at the Childhood Leukemia Foundation! It was the 29th day that this boy and his family were at the hospital. In addition, the iPads are a very useful tool to help divert the child’s attention during stressful, lengthy or painful procedures, Estrella M. You have continually provided Calling Cards, Hugs U Wear and Hope Binders free of charge to our families in need. Innovative Teleservices For Childhood Leukemia, Disabled Veterans, Now Childhood Cancer: 1 : Innovative Teleservices On Behalf Of Childhood Leukemia Foundation: 1 : Lorrell : 1: Caller Type : Telemarketer: 5: File a Complaint. Executive Director. Our social media will launch soon! I don't know whose idea this was, but I commend them and commend the foundation for all of your efforts! I'm registered on TPS and should not get these calls. I actually worked with this fundraiser for a short while, while they DO fundraise for a few different charities. 06/15/2011. Client Served [they] Yep, yep and we're, we're raising money for the gift baskets that I mentioned and also in addition to that the Foundation provides human hair wigs for the children who lose their hair during chemotherapy treatments. The Kids Cancer Foundation is honored to have been chosen to receive this thoughtful gift that has brought hours of entertainment and laughter (which is something we truly value) to these brave "little warriors". Liabilities were limited to accounts payable (about $133,000) leaving a net fund balance of about $850,000, all unrestricted. Clearly many telemarketers violate the "Solicitations Act" every day, but the vast majority do it from undisclosed locations, almost certainly in other countries, and the FTC attempts to find these outfits and take them down. Anyone donating to this charity should beware! Instead of because a decent human being and apologizing for wasting both our times, he hung up on me like I'm a POS because they couldn't get their donation. [ I provide her a fake name and address courtesy of FakeNameGenerator.com ] Ok, um, you'll get it [pledge card] in about three days that's just when we ask you to send it back, ok? It was great! The organization's financial statements show much more in the expense/salary categories than this website shows. General Member of the Public As you can from his note, he wanted one for a long time. The teenagers love having the gift cards and begin thinking about what they want. Thanks soooo much!!! It has been very well received by our parents. Well that's very generous, now can I get your first name? I brought her her Wish Basket and all she kept saying was "Oh my gosh, the box is purple". Our son is 20 months old and getting over a bone marrow transplant. We received an amazing gift from CLF in July as our son spent several weeks in the hospital and was finally diagnosed with MDS (Monosomy 7), which can only be treated by a bone marrow transplant. lomalinda New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Our kids spend many hours in the hospital and clinic receiving lifesaving therapies; the time can seem endless. Client Served Immediately we had to download every game she had ever played on one before, then she realized she could listen to her favorite music and watch movies… :) Later that evening she was able to "see" her brothers for the first time in over a week. Words cannot adequately express the joy that the Childhood Leukemia Foundation and its donors recently brought to my five year old son. She was very excited to get her toys and a new headband. Disabled Veterans Services, Inc., Shorewood, WI, www.disabledveteransservices.org Client Served Respectfully , Rocio & Gilbert, Rosie1128 Client Served The only reason the percentage of money they gave away went up was because (thankfully) the amount of money donated went down. I feel for their employees, but also feel it is important to let folks know that most of the money raised goes to the for-profit teleservice, not to Vets or children with leukemia. He did amazing! There are quite a few that can do it and turn numbers well above 50%. Another mom said her daughter was able to buy the watch she always wanted with the Target gift card. I am writing in support of CLF and their innovative resource for patients and families known as the Hope Binder. This binder is a LIFELINE!!! 03/28/2012. These scoundrels coaxed $25.00 out of us via asking us to commit without any paperwork or information on the charity. I appreciate all of these wonderful programs and will continue to utilize them to help my patients and families during their treatments. Each of the twenty-one violations 8 described in Section III are subject to a civil fine of up to $10,000. I already tithe and give to a group ,so my answer is no. Help Charity Navigator rate more organizations with your tax-deductible donation. "Thank you" doesn't seem to do justice the gratitude my family feels. One star rating only because I was required to enter a rating. Toll free: 800.825.2536. During this period, CLF must also submit its solicitations materials to the undersigned Assistant Attorney General.

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