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Plus, I’m usually the last to participate because of school so I have to clean up any bosses left. Below is the table of item distribution in a reward bundle by level, with 95% confidence intervals:eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thesilphroad_com-banner-1','ezslot_9',152,'0','0'])); Remember, the distributions now that POTIONS have been added are currently unknown. For raids I-IV, each hero yo… Doesn't stack with similar effects (2% increase per level), Each instance of incoming damage cannot deal more than 6% - 8.7% of your max health (0.3% increase per level). I'll keep working hard in the raids as I like to see how much damage I can get with the teams I've built, but I'm always disappointed in my rewards. I think you need to update. You can participate by selecting the Solo Raid tile from the home screen while the event is active. All the top 5 have at some point managed to score JSGL,RF,PG drops, and they have better shots at getting higher level drops. This guide can also be used as a portal to pages specially dedicated to all known challenges. Each boss has a huge amount of health, multiple modifiers, and is immensely difficult to defeat in one go by a single player. Glad to LLJ at the top and ESF in the middle of the pack. Level 2 - Available after defeating (4) Solo Raid Bosses or Sub-Bosses. Members. Injustice 2 Mobile Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. We are working on improving the site and keeping it up to date. 12. I'm consistently in the top 3 and my rewards have been awful every time as I've never gotten more than 15 shards. So the latest suspected Raid level bundles are: This is a nerf, but notably level 5 Raids are still more profitable than level 4 Raids – due to the higher item multiples in each reward bundle. It’s also worth mentioning that level 1-4 Raids dropped significantly more FAST TMS than CHARGED TMS, while level 5 Raids dropped CHARGED TMS at an equal or even slightly higher rate than FAST TMS. Keeps leagues from becoming toxic, keeps it feeling like more of a team effort. View Mobile … You get the chance to fight for gold Last Laugh. There’s also the currently overlooked league currency, and that also adds up over time. Posted by 2 years ago. Is the account temporary or playing as guest is okay. This video contains the rewards we received from raid 5 I also received 160 shards of Power Girl through raid rewards Raid Rewards. Keeps there from being a massive gap in the same league rewards. This automatically means, that unless you reset the challenge you will not be able to unlock the character during one weekend. This guide will reveal all known information about it, including a complete list of current, upcoming and past challenges. The Silph Research group will soon have the updated distribution tables (including POTIONS) along with the new bundle multiples for each Raid level and will update this article with the latest information. Press J to jump to the feed. Alongside the August 16th POTION additions, it (tentatively) appears that a change has occurred in the level 5 Raid reward bundles.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'thesilphroad_com-leader-1','ezslot_10',154,'0','0'])); The latest data collected indicates that the level 5 reward bundle counts now mirror the level 4 Raid bundle counts. 11.6k. Solo Raids is a game mode introduced in Update 4.0 (June, 2020). etc. Study: Special Lure Module Spawn Patterns, Study: Reflecting on Pokémon GO Shiny Rates III: The Base Rate, How many bundles we’ll receive (based on the Raid level &. (For example, receiving 20 REVIVES from one Raid.) I was actually going to request this, but I wasn't going to do the math and I assumed no one else would..lol. So there's hope. Indian League completed Raid 5 for the first time. I think we all play for a reward and that’s why ppl strive to rank up. The last step is a game of chance. Doesn't stack with similar effects (0.3 bars increase per level), +15% - 33% Health gained from opponent KO. We owe many thanks to the awesome researchers in the Silph Research Group for meticulously recording and analyzing this dataset. Special thanks to researchers Noin, iankickasbadas and ko3k3bakk3r for going out of their way to find data for Raid level <-> PREMIER BALLS combinations that were still missing in order to complete the table. All these make the challenges much more difficult and mean that you might not be able to play through all difficulties of the challenges at first. Online. Injustice 2 Mobile is a hard-hitting DC-based action game with an incredible wealth of RPG/Collection mechanics, best in class fighting and incredible, high-end visuals. There is no guaranteed pattern, as new characters are arriving all the time. I know that took some time that I sure wasn’t going to invest. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Solo Raids is a game mode introduced in Update 4.0 (June, 2020). Notably, our data supports the following conclusion: The distribution of item types drawn from when assigning each reward bundle depends only on the Raid level and nothing else. That means lower ranking members can get a free ride if they stay under the radar on a decent league???? 2] 3 Days Until Anthem (02/19/2019). save hide report. A strategy guide for standard battles can be found here. Single Player Challenges You’ve likely already noticed that Raid reward items are often given out in multiples of the same item. [Note 1]. share. Raid rewards are allotted in ‘item groupings’ that we call reward bundles. https://injustice-2-mobile.fandom.com/wiki/Solo_Raids?oldid=8251. -50% - 95% Hazard and Hazard DoT incoming damage (5% decrease per level), -55% - 100% Hazard secondary effects (5% decrease per level), Attack Bonus: +3,000/4,600/7,000/9,800/13,000/16,300/20,000/23,800/27,800/32,000, Health Bonus: +10,000/15,300/23,000/31,800/41,600/52,200/63,300/75,100/87,300/100,000, +105% - 150% Power generation for 5 seconds when hit by a Critical Attack (5% increase per level), +37% - 100% Health (9% increase per level), Steal 37% - 100% of opponent's healing effects (9% increase per level), When below 30% health, heal back 15% - 51% of max health over 6 seconds. Level 4 - Available after defeating (12) Solo Raid Bosses or Sub-Bosses. I am confused huh:/. Because somones gets to play sub bosses and others have to play phase 3. While still providing a little bit - just a little - of incentive to rank higher when you can. Posted by 2 years ago. This is a list of all known past and upcoming challenges. Consequently, we have incremented the PREMIER BALL axis in the charts above to fit this change, despite a portion of the dataset being gathered before the extra ball. Artifacts can be upgraded like normal gear, ... Injustice 2 Mobile Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This additional ball did not increase the reward bundle payouts, despite adding another ball. Earning more premier balls (up to the maximum of 14) by controlling the gym and dealing personal and team damage increases the number of reward bundles, up to double of what you get for only completing the Raid.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thesilphroad_com-box-4','ezslot_5',140,'0','0'])); The full table showing the number of reward bundles based on Raid level and number of premier balls can be found below: Note that with the August 16th introduction of POTIONS, we tentatively observe that level 5 Raids may have just received a nerf and instead fall under the level 4 award bundle distribution.

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