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Each boss has a huge amount of health, multiple modifiers, and is immensely difficult to defeat in one go by a single player. The characters featured here are exclusive to this store and Raid rewards. 6-Star characters receive a boost to Attack and Health, as well as receive a 6th Talent slot, making them formidable heroes. While these battles grant XP Capsules, the characters on the team will not receive XP when using a Sim Chip. FAIR WARNING: Phase 3 and 4 will have Brainiac changing forms, this will cancel out any action that was already occurring such as you setting up a move or him while he's using his skill ( literally saved my aquaman once). "Let's kill some people, and see where that leaves us"-Deadshot. It disables boss/phases super for 60 sec. Phase 4 Raid Strategy! Completing a Raid for difficulty tiers 1-6 will reward League Credits, Hero Shards, and 3 pieces of Gear. You can either start with AGA or ESF but I prefer ESF since AGA will be needed to survive until he has enough power meter to burn. Arguably the Highest damage output against any other team. Anyway, I've been seeing a lot of raids help posts and hopefully I can give some pointers on how to deal with this Raid Boss. To face off against Robin and his team, we’ll need a Joker League of Anarchy team member. Gear upgrades are covered further here in our Intermediate Guide! First off is analyzing your opponent. This will be through Campaign Battles, Arena, and Leagues. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I came up with this when I was reading on fast attacks against Phase 2 and it actually works pretty well on other phases. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Vicious: Boss Doctor Fate deals increased damage, Harmonious: This Boss cannot be stunned or frozen and has immunity to power drain, Rewards: Credits, Arcane XP Capsules, Gear Material. As a result, you can then utilize Sim Chips to instantly complete the battle and obtain the rewards. Because HB has an armor piercing SP3. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Some objectives include winning a number of arena battles, winning a number of heroic campaign battles, or gaining a number of levels on characters. But being able to rapidly put out his hazard is good too. Cloud Saving: How do I backup or retrieve my Injustice 2 mobile game save. You can submit your question. Is the account temporary or playing as guest is okay. I have not received my Champions Arena rewards. The higher the rank of your opponent, the more Season Points you will receive upon a victorious battle. Hellboy is tough but he doesn't have defensive skills. When you have reached a milestone, you will claim these rewards in the battle completion screen. But you need a super strong HB to do any significant damage. These are especially good in Phase 3 - 4. Check out our Beginner Guide: http://go.wbgames.com/I2Mguide, Have to take a step back to review? Bane - 40% Atk 40% HP 10% Team Defense. These are required items to level up your Heroes to 6 stars. Harmonious: This Boss cannot be stunned or frozen and has immunity to power drain. These are a god-send in these fights because Brainiac's damage is absurd and he can counterattack quicker than most characters. Each boss also has a "weakness" to three certain heroes; if they are on your team, you gain different team-wide bonuses against that boss (this does not change between raids or difficulty changes). My reason for taking ASM as his partner is the passive defense buff and his super block. Cloud Saving: How do I backup or retrieve my Injustice 2 mobile game save? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. This mainly takes focus and practice 2. Harmonious: This Boss cannot be stunned or frozen, Resilient: Critical and lethal attacks on Boss Brainiac deal normal damage instead. Each player can utilize 3 teams of 3 heroes from their roster a day to do their part in taking down the villains. His SP1 has a power drain which is detrimental if you're hit by it. You can then apply this rewarded Gear Material to further progress the gear equipped on your heroes. Gear upgrades are covered further here in our. Leaders and Officers of your League can start funding to begin a Raid. joshatt3 2 years ago #2. Get your supermove as soon as possible and ideally unleash it using your carry with a combo of at least 25 (if you can max it to 40 hits then even better). Ok so, I haven't posted in a while. I've tried it on P4. Remember to Block. No Mercy: When Boss Captain Cold stuns an opponent, he also deals damage over time. This stacks to a maximum of 600% and is only available in Raids. The amount of Hero Shards and level of Gears will vary, with improved drops from higher difficulty Raids. Raiden - 10% Atk 10% HP 10% Crit Chance Brainiac has 4 phases each with a unique quirk. Don't fire the SP 1 without comboing EVER. Each hero on your roster can be utilized up to 5 battles a day by default. With this passive he gains a damage increasing buff for the rest of the match each time he uses a special ability. JSGL can also do some work once we have the means to upgrade him. While there are 5 attempts per day for each character as mentioned, you can also pay 20 Gems to refresh these pips up to twice a day. For more about the Champion's Arena, please visit the full guide here: For more details on the benefits from each type of team, please visit our Team Synergy guide here: Some Heroes have increased advantages for all Raid Boss Battles and are a cornerstone to putting in efforts for your League.

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