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It is the second track from their 1987 album The Joshua Tree and was released as the album's second single in May 1987. The desire to write or play music began to fade away. I remember that I saw an article which linked SSRIs to diabetes, but I had no known family history of the disease and it seemed not only irrelevant but inconclusive, a correlation at best. “You’ll be fine,” he said. I also noticed that my dreams were extra lucid. Self-maintenance is, in my opinion, next to Godliness. I am no longer angry at the drug companies, and the doctors, and myself. I went from being the girl who drove up the California coast to the person who could not drive over a bridge. The doctor sent in the prescription. “I am so exhausted I just can’t stay awake.” It felt as if I had taken two Benadryl pills or what I assume a horse tranquilizer would feel like. I have always had a reputation for being impulsive. I haven’t written a song in years. ~ A/N : I haven’t written in a while, but I’m super inspired. From the moment we met, his uncle and family felt like my own, and I felt safe to discuss whatever was on my mind. We need to see the person in a holistic view and also not place our particular values onto them. On a normal day, they are quite lucid, so I certainly took notice of that. I’m anxious.” I tried to explain the difference to him. First, there was the chest squeezing, as if someone was tugging at my breasts from within, twisting them with a tiny rope. I managed to get into a fantastic route with the Virginia Gentleman the day of my… I discussed all of this with my then boyfriend of one year, and he was supportive and non-judgemental. I began the medication when the weather was still nice outside, sometime in the late summer. I'm sure I'll write it tomorrow when hysteria sets in. Up until that moment in my life, I had never considered any decision for as long as I had considered the choice to take SSRIs. Thanks Sarah for the article and Jim for asking that question. Those were the days of heartbreak and anxiety, and the absolute absence of being able to envision what my future looked like. I strum for a little while. Every slight noise, every mere suggestion, felt like a root had been planted in my psyche, one in which I could not pour weed killer over. It stayed that way for about two weeks, and then at least the exhaustion dissipated thereafter. I now am on a different medication for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a byproduct of the weight gain the SSRIs caused. It wasn’t like popping an Advil. My body was no longer under my control, and no amount of caffeine could arouse me from the inevitable slumber. I reached out to friends who had used them, who were using them, who were considering using them. That’s the thing about SSRIs, the changes that seem large, or would have appeared large prior to being on the medicine, now were simply subtle. I still pick up the guitar, even though most days it yields nothing. from Zodiac by Spira / Digital Track. “My doctor wants me to go on SSRIs and I don’t really know what to do,” I let slip during the afternoon. I had just taken the first dose. I am thirty-three now. So, I haven’t written in a while. I think as a society, we have yet to fully comprehend that if we are receiving someone’s gifts in the form of music or writing, or acting, that underneath it all, likely, there is pain and possible mental health rumblings. It was a steady incline, like charging up a mountain, attempting to scale the entire place in a day. . Recently, I was watching Kanye West speak to David Letterman on Netflix, regarding his diagnosis with Bi-polar disorder. Various other physical perceptions took hold of me as well, including a constricting in my eyes that caused me to stop driving long distances. While I haven’t produced “great” works, it feels good to get back into writing after a 5 year hiatus. I began gaining weight, so much so that my period, always completely normal, faded away. This was different. My parents have been visiting (which is great), the kids have been sick (which is not so great) and we’ve been trying our best to carve out some much needed family time (which is great, but also kind of a lot of work).. By the 25- minute mark in the film, I was asleep on his bed. I was sitting on the ever uncomfortable table, white paper crunching beneath my body. My Mom Used to Steal My Perfume. Heir Of Ecliptical Romanticismby Lamp Of Murmuur, Eagle, Quetzal, and Condor (NP-XII)by Ixachitlan, Master Boot Record's latest collection of industrial techno tracks flirts with chiptune and black metal, and offers some secret surprises. SO GO FOLLOW MAX, // Hi, I'm Ally // Requests : OPEN // Idol kinks : OPEN // MTL : OPEN //, here’s a link where I sorta ‘judge’ what kinks he has, I can just imagine that you two meet in a cafe, he accidentally bumps into you on his way out, he saw you spilled coffee on yourself and the floor, and (being the sweetheart the he is) baekhyun rushed to grab some napkins to help you wipe it up, you said “thank you” for helping you clean up and he apologizes and offers to buy you another coffee to make up for it, you two end up talking for an hour and he asks for your number because he enjoyed your company so much, as a first date baekhyun would plan something special, I feel like he’s the type to take you to an amusement park / a city fair, he’ll buy you whatever deep fried foods you want and make sure to ‘super size’ it so the both of you can share, also, just imagine how cute it would be if y’all share a milkshake, the both of you would have tons of tickets to play fair games and ride the crazy rides, he’ll for sure want to go to one of those stands and play a game and try to win you the biggest teddy bear he can, but let’s be real, he doesn’t win the game, lucky for you guys though, the guy at the stand gives you guys a freebie because baekhyun almost used up all his tickets trying to win it for you, I feel like he’s a bit of a puppy when y’all are out though, like he just wants to go on every ride and play every game and eat every food, there’s just so much to do and he wants to do all of them with you, before you know it, it’s sundown and baek leads the both of you to the ferris wheel, and of course it’s cheesy, but that’s where he kisses you, at the top of the ferris wheel, with the beautiful colors of the sunset in the background, before y’all head home, of course he’s gonna buy you one last ice cream cone, ooooh and he’s gonna carry all of the toys he ‘won’, he’ll leave his clothes around his room and he’ll wait weeks before he does his laundry, he’s a bit of a mess in the kitchen, which is why you handle most of the work when you guys cook together, takes super long showers and uses up all the hot water, not to mention the fact that he sings so loudly in the bathroom as well, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good things about living with him, he always gives the best fashion advice, he’ll help you pick out an adorable outfit, even though his clinginess can be too much at times, you always have someone to cuddle with, since he’s pretty devoted to his work, he understands when you need your space to do yours, even though he’s a mess in the kitchen, he’s always surprising you with little baked goods / snacks he’s whipped up, constantly gives compliments to you, saying how beautiful / handsome you are, he can be pretty playful and silly around the house, baekhyun love joking and messing around, he’s always there to brighten your mood, that stupid bright smile is constantly on show whenever you’re in the room with him, whenever you’re on your period, he’s there to give you all the snuggles and ice cream your heart desires, baekhyun is the first person you go to to rant and complain about your tiring day, and he loves that he can do the same with you, I don’t think he’s the type to have deep conversations with every night, but he’ll have one with you every now and again, mostly if he notices you’re feeling down or just to talk about how he’s feeling, mainly he just loves the fact that he can trust you with everything, he gets the biggest smile on his face when you visit him in the practice rooms / the studio, every tuesday, the members stop by for chicken and beer, baek loves the fact that you get along with them so well, sleeping with baekhyun is the best part about your relationship, he’ll hum in your ear sweet lullabies and twirl the hair behind your ears until you’re fast asleep, he also enjoys when you do the same to him, but he’s a taurus, and those bitches are stubborn af, so even though he hates confrontation, he thinks he’s right 90% of the time (when that’s not the case), I feel like with the petty arguments (like forgetting a birthday or showing up late for a date), you guys are able to sort things out pretty quickly, but with bigger arguments (your relationship becoming public or lying that he hasn’t met someone he loves), they would take longer to sort out, he would probably lock himself in the bedroom or seperate himself, just so he can cool off, he doesn’t want to say anything that he would regret / would hurt you, I’ve said before that baekhyun is a switch, usually when he doms, he’s pretty merciless, just like how he is normally, he’s pretty playful in bed, so expect lots of teasing, with that come orgasm denial and over stimulation, will actually shop for some with you, but he also likes when you shop alone so he can be surprised with what you pick out, strip teases are also a personal favorite, loves sitting back and watching the show, as well as a ‘mommy’ kink if he in a relationship with a girl, loves being overstimulated as well, preferably through deepthroating, he’s also a fan of being spanked and receiving scratch marks on his back, he loves marking in general (giving and receiving), he’s a pretty equal lover of rough sex and passionate sex though, he pays attention to every sweet spot of yours, he knows your body like the back of his hand, baekhyun is big into giving pleasure not only to himself, but to you as well, so he won’t stop until the both of your are writhing and moaning with bliss, you’ll know you had a great night, because the next morning you won’t be able to walk.

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