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Bake in the centre of the preheated oven for about 4-4½ hours, or until the cake feels firm to the touch and is a rich golden brown. I put it at 150C (because of the fan) and it took about 105 mins. I have been building on my cake repetoire for a while now but this will be the biggest cake i have made yet! I used to get a lot of burnt crusts when I used my fan oven (having said that it cooks up a pizza perfectly with the fan!). I just had another question, do you have any recipes for a fresh cream cake? You’ll also get a taller, lighter cake. I’ve just written a post on exactly that. Hi Emma, I must say there is loads of info here and I’m really grateful for it.I have been making cakes for my grandchildren birthdays for more years than I care to mention, but I always make Victoria sponge recipe, but now I’m making one for a 60th birthday party for my sister,so I need it to look profession as possible.can you tell me why it’s baked in one tin and also why 3inch high is the highest you advocate,only I feel like I want it to be cakes 2inch in height and baked in 2 tins,just wonders with your experience if you know of the draw back would be.again many thanks for all your time saving trials ,it is much appreciated. Cake ingredients for different size tins post here, Tried the Madeira cake 10′. 10 eggs should do it. Why. Everyone seems to be making Madeira cakes for wedding cakes and tiered birthday cakes at the mo and I keep getting asked for all sorts of ingredients for all sorts of sizes! Hat’s off to you! That’s a good indicator. I have about five 8″ tins so I can split the cake mix then but in general it all has to go into one tin. Sorry, I haven’t made Red velvet cake. The other thing is, I would like my cake to rise slightly over the top of my cake tin so I can level the cake before removing from the tin – do the ingredient measurements you provide allow for this or would I need to compensate to achieve this? Stir in the soaked fruit. You can do this with a hand-held electric whisk, but keep the speed low. Then you can measure the volume of the cake tin you want to use, in my case a 10″ and can work out how much more ingredients you’ll need. Any help will be much appreciated as I am making a birthday cake for a friend and am dreading it all going wrong! I’m anxious about the 12″ cake, but I’m confident it will take around 2.5 hours. This is not a good thing to do!!!!! On my oven there are two separate signs. I don’t have a tin this big (nor an oven that it will fit in for that matter!) Finally, store your cake … I’m a little confused with the volumes you’ve given in the chart for the sizes of your tins as I have worked out the same sizes but got a different volume in ml. You only need one egg! How to use this chart : 1/ Find the size of tin used in the recipe from the left hand column. Add the flour and water alternatively in four batches. Gently level and smooth the top of the paste with the rolling pin, then ease the marzipan down the sides of the cake, smoothing it at the same time. For the covering, stand the cake upside down, flat side uppermost, on a cake board which is 5cm/2in larger than the size of the cake. Lesley. Once you can smell the cake it’s safe to open the oven door and check it. To work out the formula all you need to divide the big tin by the small tin so…. If you have a look at the post I did on different cake tins you’ll find all the ingredients there (link below) . So far that has worked well for me! Let me know how you get on if you do adapt another recipe. Then, wrap your Christmas cake in the marinated cheesecloth. I’m calculating it all out this week. 1. I made my own wedding cake 2years ago and I wish I had your recipe then! I’m so so pleased and will be keeping your table of quantities for different sized tins on hand always. p.s. :0) That’s a great tip about the paper, thanks! I know they should be more spongier and not as dense as a Madeira cake. I should try it with cold water some time and see how it comes out! First time it was a 3 tier cake 6 8 10 inch round. I used to use just butter but by blending butter and margarine the cake comes out soooo much more moist, fluffy and light. I haven’t baked a 10″ cake in a 9″ tin but I think you would get the result you need (plus a bit to taste at the same time!) Quite useful tips. Yes the conversion should work with other recipes. The tiny holes are where the water expands in the cake mix as it’s baking. The 6″ cake tin is 1200ml and the 10″ is 4000ml. If you don't have the required tin size, go to her cake calculator to recalculate the ingredients and cooking time for your cake tin. (tried the recipe for 8″ round today and it’s perfect!). Measure the butter, sugar, eggs, treacle and almonds into a very large bowl and beat well (preferably with an electric free-standing mixer). If you can let me know I can work out the measurements for you or you can see if it’s close to one of the recipes on this post here. I prefer ones with solid bottoms as they bake better and I use silicon paper to line my tins so I never have a problem getting the cake out. Add a spoon of the flour to prevent curdling. 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I brought some to work and they said ” Where did I get the recipe because its so yummy good really “. It is such a lovely cake! Hi I was just wondering if you can do the 10in recipe and cook in 2 tins instead of one tin Louisa x. I use the roasting tin by Mermaid (on the link below) for most of my rectangular cakes. Last week I made a two-tier wedding cake for a friend and I decided that it was about time I really mastered getting the right amounts of ingredients for different sized cake tins, rather than doubling and hoping for the best.

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