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just visit your local thrift store or some flea markets and use what you find to create something new.;). I would buy this in a second – can you please show me how to make an oversized chair? Cinthya you can buy readymade legs at the hardware store in the wood dept or you could find a thrift store table and reuse! Stunning! The bedframe also must also now accommodate a mattress that is one size up from your old mattress. It would be the perfect place to read a book and drink some iced tea in the afternoon and “chillax“!. If you are wondering how to make a stunning outdoor sofa that will turn your friends green with envy, you shouldn’t miss this impressive design. So cool! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. And cover did you use? This was my inspiration photo I found on the web, but kind of got in a other direction. There is very little spring to this mattress which I find to be the key to a great night's sleep. My first time trying to seam 2 pieces of fabric together I thought there was no way this milky, watery stuff was going to work but it does! This post contains affiliate links. *Sizing for scrap natural latex. :) Wonderful job, John! With the mattress covers, rugs and fun pillows…. Sizing is discussed in Step 2. Once you have the cushions, measure the size the doors need to be to frame them, but also make sure your couch will be appropriately comfortable for height and depth. But I just thought a sturdy plastic would do. Oh my!!! Love this post! Any ideas? Really quite clever! Congratulations, John. It is important that it is a jersey knit sheet. To test your home for these chemicals simply pinch a marble size piece of foam from each item in your home and submit it for testing. I simply laid down a wool blanket before assembling my mattress and that was enough to bridge the gaps. I have had to do this a few times during my designing and testing of this mattress concept and I found it quite easy to do but a bit time-consuming. The trick is to move the filling bit by bit. A sofa made from old doors could be a big old mess if designed poorly, which is why I admire John’s piece all the more. Would be great to get a tut of some sort. I just was gifted a mattress that I don’t wanna throw out! We cannot be held responsible for the difference in materials for your project as we are still in the process of testing this new mattress concept. I love it! Then a plastic shower curtain. Maybe one day I can find some doors and make something like this. Repurposing, back before the word “upcycle” was even a thing! Hemp hulls, on their own, also are not soft enough for most people to sleep on. You will sleep deeper with less tossing and turning. I’m sure my grandparent’s could use some new cabin furniture… How quaint! Transforming a bed into a sofa gives you a comfy place to lounge that is versatile as well. Hemp hulls have no nutritional value so they will not attract pests. This project is in the development phase to explore it's potential a mass-manufactured mattress topper but for now, it is just an Instructable showing how it can be done. Lauren’s Spare Room Makeover: The Reveal. 2 1x2x75in boards: for the inside frame to support the slats. Or my Kitchen reveal, here on Remodelaholic. You can sleep on your mattress after you get it mostly spread out. You have done a extraordinary job! I bought a sturdy plastic sheet and wrapped the mattress on it really well before putting the new cover on. b) I agree with the zipper problem: the previous couch used the pillows in a direction which hid them, though I felt the couch was too deep (I have short legs), which is why I rotated them 90 degrees, revealing them. I love this idea!!!! If you want a mattress that is the same size as your old mattress, I suggest taking it apart and cutting down the foam to measure one mattress size smaller, then rebuilding it back to its original size with hemp hulls! You will be moving the hulls around under the sheet - it feels like sand at the beach. The stretch of the cotton jersey fabric allows the hulls to shift and mold to your body while you sleep. I also used wood filler in the visible holes of the doors. Some people decide to throw it out, while others will determine that storage is the best course of action for the mattress. The only way to truly know what is in your mattress is to make it yourself. Thank you again, for having me her, Lorene! Fold your fitted sheet in half the long way. Start by cutting the boards to size using my schematic above. Take your time to make sure it is folded the long way and not the short way, measuring the sides folded both ways if you need to.

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