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But even more, planting deep allows for additional roots to grow off of the stem. When it comes to growing tomatoes, or more importantly, an incredible crop of tomatoes, a few tips and hints can help pave the way to sweet success. It makes wide, deep holes quickly, and with little bending! New roots will grow from there as well, and it will not hurt the plant. Especially at the bottom of each plant. And best of all, they release them back slowly as the plants grow. As tomatoes grow in the garden, it is vital to keep heavy foot traffic away from the soil right around plants. The OWG Garden Guide – Our New “How-To” Page For Gardening Advice. That trampling not only compresses roots and stops them from growing, but staking later can easily damage roots as posts are driven in near plants. Growing Tomatoes – 7 Simple Secrets To Grow Your Best Crop Ever! Get out there this year and grow your best crop of tomatoes ever! We start by digging our holes with the post hole digger to about 10″ in depth. At minimum, clear 8 to 10 inches away from the bottom as your tomato plants grow. The number 5 secret is mulch. But most importantly, it keeps competing weeds out of the picture. It also helps keep soil and nutrients from eroding during strong rains. Weeds that rob plants of the vital nutrients they need to grow strong. And mulching while it’s cool can actually keep the soil from warming. Not only is it easier for the gardener, but it keeps you from trampling the soil and roots around the tomatoes as they grow. To receive our 3 Home, Garden, Recipe and Simple Life articles each week, sign up below for our free email list. Product Link : Pure Worm Castings. The crushed eggs shells give a boost of calcium as they break down. And it even makes it easier to water too! Roots that are vital in helping find nutrients and water for the plant as it grows. But by rotating the crop to a new space each season, you reduce the risk of both greatly. This article may contain affiliate links. Tomatoes are extremely susceptible to disease. Happy Gardening! And as we plant, we fill the hole back in with a mix of soil, compost, a few crushed egg shells, a couple teaspoons of coffee grounds, and a quarter cup of worm castings. There you have it, our 7 simple secrets to growing tomatoes! Why? Unsupported vines are easily damaged in storms or by foot traffic. Here is a look at our seven top tips to ensure a banner harvest of tomatoes from your garden year after year. https://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/outdoors/gardening/how-to-grow-tomatoes We prune all of our heirlooms 12 to 16 inches off the ground by the time they are fully mature. In fact, they dominate nearly a quarter of our entire garden space every year. Finally, we finish with a 4 to 6″ thick layer of straw on top at least 12″ around each plant. Mulching is a huge key to success! As we plant each tomato, we put a huge energy boost into each hole. Mulch plays a major role in the health and production level of tomato plants. This helps to prevent black rot and blossom-end rot. In fact, 7 of them to be exact – and they make a huge difference for sure! See : Pruning Tomatoes. Jim and Mary. Less roots below = less tomatoes up top! And this can play a huge role in keeping roots from developing to maximum capacity. And through the years, we have learned a few secrets about growing a healthy, vibrant crop. The cocktail of nutrients gets plants off to a great start in their first few weeks. Plants are also more susceptible to disease and pests when allowed to sprawl on the ground.

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