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BioControl 59(4):377–393 Gerling, D. 1990. Environ Entomol 27:1029–1038, Hoy, M.A. : Cerosipha gossypii, melon and cotton aphid. Other names: Cerosipha gossypii, melon and cotton aphid. Its legs are greenish-yellow colored. Proceedings of the section experimental and applied entomology of the Netherlands entomological society (N.E.V). How to Get Rid of Aphids Naturally. SAS Institute, Cary, NC, van Schelt, J. Find out which product works best for you. The highest population of the aphid reached (60.58 individuals/in.2) was recorded in the 9th week. Statistical analysis of 2015 data showed insignificant differences in the plant height among the three biological control treatments, while there was a significant difference between BCGs and PAG and the least significant difference recorded was 12.77. Inspection was made once a week to determine the population density of A. gossypii, one of the major pests on cucumber. Aphids comprise one of the economic group of pests on cucumber plants beside mites, white flies, thrips, and caterpillars. Melon aphids (Aphis gossypii) are a common pest of plants in the genus Hibiscus. These ensure an easy migration of aphids from one plant to another. Shake well and spray your plants well to kill aphids. Thus, chlorophyll assimilation by the plants is blocked. Wait to apply either chemical until the outside temperature is below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Canadian Subscribers - Click Here Your email address will not be published. When aphid colonies become obvious, the intervention with contact, systemic and translaminar phytosanitary products is required. Statistical analysis of 2016 results indicated insignificant difference between BCGs and control, also between BCGs and PAG, but the difference was significant between PAG and control, as the least significant difference recorded was 7.66. Strain this and spray it on your plants as necessary, up to several times daily. Terms and Conditions, (2001) stated that all watermelon plants in untreated greenhouse were found dead due to the heavy infestation of A. gossypii. If these are present in sufficient quantity, you might consider crushing only some of the aphids and leaving the rest as food for the beneficial insects. One of the best methods of control is to know where and when aphid infestations start, and simply begin hand-crushing the pests early in the season — before they have a chance to multiply to damaging levels. They feed and become adults and form nymphs by parthogenetical and viviparous reproduction (it does not involve males and results in live birth). 1994. Perhaps you have a large number of plants with aphids, or in the case of infestations on trees and tall shrubs, the pests may be out of reach. Cotton aphids ( Aphis gossypii ) are found on cotton as well as on melons, beans, and beets; of variable color, they may be green, brown, or black. volume 28, Article number: 64 (2018) 1a)]. Up To 55% Off Clearance. Metcalf and W.H. The tiny insects have rounded bodies, with … In spring, as the weather is warmer, fundatrices (fundatrix) are hatched from overwintering eggs. The number of generations is 13-16 per year. Canadian subscriptions: 1 year (includes postage & GST). J Asia-Pacific Entomol 4(2):171–174, Heinz KM (1998) Dispersal and dispersion of aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) and selected natural enemies in spatially subdivided greenhouse environments. entomol. Find mouse traps, pesticides, fly traps, bug spray, rat traps, rat bait and grub control. The plants had good growth with shinning green color in the three treatments of BCG, but most of the plants in PAG were weak and pale and had dark green color, where insecticides influence seemed to have negative effect on the heights and color of plants that may be due to the phytotoxicity. ( Log Out /  Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. Aphid infestation occurred from week 6 to week 12 in 2015 and from week 4 to week 11 in 2016. The BCG produced (63.88%) more yield than the PAG in 2015. Top of page In the Aphis frangulae group to which A. gossypii belongs, the primary (winter) hosts belong to the Rhamnaceae; A. gossypii is an exception as it can also overwinter on a number of plants in other families. Internal parasites also take their toll on the aphid population. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Technol 8:377–387, Kim Y, Kim J (2003) Biological control of aphids on cucumber in plastic greenhouses using banker plants. This will remove their protective waxy coating and cause many to die from desiccation. Fortunately, the control of these pests differs little from one species to another. Using biological control agents such as the aphid parasitoids, Aphidius spp., for aphid control in the greenhouse, successfully, helps to reduce dependence on insecticides alone (Fernández and Nentwig 1997). We've circled one at the lower right because their coloration makes them hard to see. Adly D (2015) Comparative study of biological and chemical control programs of certain cucumber pests in greenhouses. Its cornicles are black. D. Adly. The treatments were conducted at Dokki, Giza, Egypt, through two cucumber summer plantations in 2015 and 2016. Typically, the overwintering host is the plant where eggs are laid and the aphid completes a sexual reproductive phase. Be sure to spray thoroughly, covering both sides of the leaves. Number of aphids was counted weekly. 1a, b), a control treatment was added to the four treatments. Change ). It is considered a polyphagous pest, being reported in many cultivated and spontaneous plants; however, it produces significant damage to cucumbers, melons, vegetable marrows, cotton, some greenhouse plants. The population density of A. gossypii increased gradually to reach the peak during the 11th week in BCG1 and BCG2 and the 9th week in BCG3 [37.13, 29.86, and 46.27 individuals/in.2 in BCG1, BCG2, and BCG3, respectively (Fig. A pre-count of aphids was carried out in both greenhouses before treatments. Spray hibiscus infested with non-winged populations of melon aphids with a blast of water from a garden hose to dislodge them. The two common species of aphids which attack a wide range of host plants in greenhouses are the green peach aphid, Myzus persicae Sulzer, and the cotton aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover (Hemiptera: Aphididae) (Gissella et al. Melon aphids tend to feed in clusters, and in numbers they can cause extensive damage to plants, including leaf curling and distortion. ( Log Out /  While you can buy insecticides, these can be harmful to the ecosystem. Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. This aphid was eaten from the inside out by a wasp larva. These 6/100-inch-long, yellowish-green to green-black, pear-shaped insects feed directly on the nutrient-rich juices inside the leaves, as well as on succulent new growth. You can get them under control by taking advantage of their weaknesses and making a few changes in the way you manage your garden. Privacy Therefore, if ants are observed on the plants’ leaves and sprouts, this represents a sign of aphid infestation of the plants. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The most significant damage produced by the aphids is that caused by viruses’ transmission, which are known as important virosis vectors, such as: cucumber mosaic virus (Cucumis virus 1) and yellow mosaic virus (Cucumis virus 2). All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Statistical analysis of 2015 results, concerning differences in the population number of aphid, showed insignificant differences among the three biological control treatments; also they were insignificant between the BCG3 and PAG, but there was a significant difference between each of BCG1, BCG2, and PAG. Apply rosemary oil or insecticidal soap to a hibiscus infested with many winged aphids, or to any plant whose aphid population is not reduced by water sprays. in SAS (SAS Institute 1998). Cookies policy. Hyun et al. Products for cotton aphid control: Decis Mega EW 50, Actara 25 WG, Fastac Active, Karate Zeon 50 CS, Mavrik 2 F, Mospilan 20 SG.

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