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Adding the Pattern: Go to the Layers pane Filter for Adjustment Layer menubar (1) and select Pattern (2). (250 grams of, 2-quart Mason jar or heat safe container (or larger if you are making a larger vat), Natural fabric (wool, silk, cotton, etc. Using a spare piece of paper, test the color by dipping it directly into the dyebath. I've always loved the way Parker black gives wonderful shades when diluted, but it fades. Furthering his exploration into the art of washi, he created aizome washi. At the end of the process, she tells me that there are a few traditional washi mills left in the area, but only Awagami makes this special indigo-dyed washi. Above: Slowly, the textile turns a deeper shade of indigo as it reacts with the air. You can dip fibers for from 30 seconds to three minutes; after you remove the fabric, let it drip into a container (later you’ll pour the liquid  back into the vat). Harvest the indigo and immediately strip the leaves from the stems and drop in a bucket of ice water. The mixture will be thick but pourable. Wearing rubber gloves, mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of well-shaken. Cover and let the spectralite reduce the oxygen in the water; this takes about 20 minutes. Place a coin on either side of the triangle and clamp it in place with woodwork clamps. Your support of The Kindcraft through these programs is very much appreciated! Add ½ teaspoon spectralite to the water and stir. The paper absorbs the colour really quickly when the dye is hot. Oops! This gradient dye method. Striving to live a sustainable life, she celebrates local bounty, artisan-made goods, and slow living. This is how to fold the paper with the white circles: Fold a sheet of Mulberry paper, 36cm x 24cm zig-zag, fan-style so that each fold is 24cm x 6cm. To learn about Cara’s natural dye studio, see Shopper’s Diary: Natural Flower Dyes and Silk Scarves, From Cara Marie Piazza. Above: Indigo dyed wool by Cara Marie Piazza. Go to the top menubar and click File

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