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:D. Then make the legs thicker and draw points for toes. Please use the. Of course, like many insects, man don't usually enjoy the presence of ants! Then, add a small oval shape below the head to form the top of the body. Make sure that all outlines are set to none (or 0). This new shape should be a little bit darker than the oval one. Important note: For each step available below, the first image represents the operation you must perform for this particular step. Now let's add four arms to our character. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Do you want to teach your child to draw an ant? Use the transparency tool to hide the top part a little. Drawing a Bed, - Drawing a Cactus- Drawing a Desert- Drawing a Doughnut- Drawing a House- Drawing a Ladybug- Drawing a Llama- Drawing a Manatee- Drawing an Ostrich- Drawing a Palm Tree- Drawing a Unicycle. Drawing an Elf3. Step 6: Finalize the legs by giving them some width. Step:1 . You can meet an ant in any country. Use different tones of colors so that each shape can be seen easily. Last, at the front of the face, you are going to draw the pincers. Now, coming out of the top of the head, trace two short lines for the antennas. These are the eyes of the ant. Make sure that all outlines are set to none (or 0). Erase the unnecessary lines which are intersected. To form the arms, simply draw a curved line like shown above. The belly has a drop-like shape. Still, for this lesson purposes, let's be friend again with this amazing little creature and let's see how we could draw it easily! 5.Draw the details on your eyes. On the second image, you will have the opportunity to see the result of this particular step. 4. I hope you had fun drawing our little insect friend! You can color with the help of the watercolors, the crayons or the markers. The eyes are big. It's also the case for the right arm and the right leg. You can draw these new shapes a little more on the left of your character's face to give a slight perspective to your image. Okay, this is a really easy tutorial and you're going to start it by drawing an circle for the middle body, then two ovals for the head and the abdomen. How to draw a chameleon step by step instruction (+ coloring), How to draw a rhino: step by step instruction (+ coloring), E-mail is already registered on the site. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The tip of the mouth should be narrow and pointed. Drawing a Rose6. Use your transparency tool to hide the bottom part of the circle. They give a lot of energy and force to the construct the house. See all images here! Make sure that the center of the circular fill is white. Add some more strokes as it’s shown in the picture. Their house is called an anthill. Do the same thing on the antennas, the arms, the legs and the mouth. or enter another. Draw a small circle on the left side of the paper. Drawing a Rose6. Starting from the end of the curve, draw a small curve horizontally. Start off by drawing the basic shapes of the ant. 0% ( votes) Step 1. And we will help you to make the process of drawing as easy as possible. These shadows should be dark and if you want them to look more realistic, add a small curve in these new elements so that they can follow the shape of the body. Feel free to explore, study and enjoy paintings with PaintingValley.com. Using 23 cool printable resources, you can now enjoy tons of tutorials featuring fun animals, characters, food, objects, plants, vehicles, sports and places. This is the mouth. You Might Enjoy Our Other Bug Drawing Tutorials. Step:2 . Today we will show you how to draw cartoon ants…the cute kind, not the pesty kind. Similarly, draw another curve on opposite. Think you can't learn to draw? This is the head of the ant. Let's add more details on the eyes. Do you want to teach your child to draw an ant? 1. Okay, this is a really easy tutorial and you're going to start it by drawing an circle for the middle body, then two ovals for the head and the abdomen. Drawing a Monster4. Like JPG. Required fields are marked *. The most important details of the drawing have already been drawn. 4.Draw an arm and a hand of the ant, then draw the body and stripes on the body. Enjoy a wide variety of cartoon animals and characters available in various styles and designs. Add a nice mix of brown colors and there you have it! For this second step, use your gradient tool on the head and the body of your ant cartoon. Before the 1st leg, draw a smaller curve. Login form You can now get your hands on more than 1600+ cute illustrations to help you create anything you want. Hope you enjoyed drawing this little guy. A nice and colorful cartoon ant drawn in only eight easy steps! Ant drawing - step 1. Please use the Proceed... Now draw cute little eyes and draw the pupils to make it more cuter! It's time to finally draw this illustration of an ant. Step 2: Draw another smaller oval shape on the inside of the bigger one. These new shapes should be colored with a light tone of brown and use the transparency tool to hide the bottom a little bit. All you need to learn how to draw in minutes can be found in this special collection filled with more than 2200+ pages and 3600+ easy exercises. Don't miss the opportunity to own cute (and cheap) images today! You don't really need to draw in the toes, actually. Learn how to draw an ant mostly made from circular shapes. Create an oval shape for the head, also eyes, add a semicircle for the mouth, and finally, two lines at the top of the head, for the antennas, and add two small ovals at the end. We strive to teach you to draw with the most basic learning techniques. You can easily draw them with the help of three circles of different shapes. Drawing an ant cartoon can be fun especially when you are able to design a cute cartoon character. Inside the lengthy oval, draw a small curve at the left end. Then draw an eye, feelers, and two hands. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

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