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The first deer we had was gamey and turned me away from it! No markets. The best candidates for oven-broiling are cuts taken from the less-exercised loin area of the animal. I am making cabbage rolls with a Mexican flair tonight. Cook the meat first and remove all the fat. Get control of your money in just 5 days with this free challenge! Add more water if necessary. Venison has 50% less fat than beef, making it a healthier red meat alternative. Cut into tenderloin medallions and serve with mushroom cream sauce, if desired. Required fields are marked *. I’m Beckie Hemmerling. […] you still don’t feel overly confident cooking venison be sure to check out these “How to Cook Deer Meat So It Doesn’t Taste Gamey” from […], Your email address will not be published. Here is a tasty yet easy recipe you can make. Then sprinkle the surface of the water & deer leg with the pepper. Also remember not to over cook you deer meat. Next plop about 3 tablespoons of your fat right into the pan. I do mean covering it. Most of the time, you’d never know it was deer. Deer meat is very lean, so you need to add some fat. Set your pan in the middle of the oven and let the links roast for about 15 minutes. You can spray some In celebration of the opening of deer season I’m going to show you how to cook a deer leg! If you live out where I live,  you definitely know it’s deer season…. Oh, so wonderful! This gives it great flavor and then I can just throw the meat with roasted potatoes or in a taco shell. Join the 5-Day Challenge today and start getting your money life in order this week! The meat is fork tender, it is perfectly browned on top and falling off the bones. Whatever floats your boat will work. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people who cook deer meat use a soaking of some sort before getting into the actual preparation. How to Make Bread - Instructional Video  A dream is …, Where are the Homesteaders? I was given 2legs , now I know what to do with them. I prefer deer meat to be used in a dish – not separate (like a steak would be). Unsubscribe at any time. Have you ever done a hind leg this way? If all you liquid boils out or steams out, your deer leg will be a horrible version of deer jerky. Rub the deer steak with fat such as cooking oil, bacon fat or butter to prevent sticking. Fry at 350 until about medium or so. How to Self-Publish a Book – Tips to Get You Started. The meat should cook in about 30 minutes or so, but the flavors will really come together with at least an hour or two of slow cooking. So, if you use a processing house, make sure that you shop around with other processors in the area to see and taste which ones do a better job. I had mine in the oven 5 mins. Be sure the water does not steam out. That's it. This guy is going to cook for 7-10 hours in a 275 degree oven. In The Kitchen. If you're being ugly and not adding anything of benefit to the conversation, your comment will be removed. I'd like to receive the free email course. Then cover with the lid. Of course there are endless ways you can marinate before cooking deer meat. I love food and I think of it on a basic level of providing strength & nourishment. In oven canning, product temperatures never exceed the boiling point because the jars are not covered. Flip the meat every six hours. Cover with water. To help the sausages cook correctly, make sure they do not touch each other. Sign up & get the Eating Guide, Tips to Live Your Homestead Dream & Learn the Truth About Store-Bought Flour NOW. As a deer processor and wife of a hunter the key to having your steaks not have a game flavor is to be sure the fat and silver skin is removed. I usually can cut it at the joint & it fits in my biggest pan. Home » Gluten Free » Perfect Seared & Baked Deer Tenderloin. (click on the banner to check it out), If you've been encouraged, inspired or enjoyed this neck of the blog-woods... consider giving a little. When I first started cooking deer meat, I would usually end up over seasoning because I honestly didn’t know what to do with it. If you don’t have fresh lard just use bacon grease or butter. Cooking has helped me *try* to figure out life, not just my own, but also other people's. This will create such goodness for you to enjoy for weeks to come. I have cooked deer legs all day long. Lower the heat settings after an hour. It's flavorful and rich in nutrients like choline, magnesium and potassium. Cover tightly with foil. It just has to cook 7-10 hours. I am not a doctor and the statements on this blog are based on my own research, knowledge, and experiences. January 29, 2016 By Jessi Fearon 15 Comments. Venison will look incredibly rare when it is actually medium and if it looks a pink “medium” color, it is actually well done. This will feed a crowd and no one will know it's venison unless you tell them. The oven canning method involves placing jars in an oven and heating. Here’s how to budget for it. What is your favorite tip for cooking deer meat that doesn’t taste gamey? This is where a digital oven thermometer  come in handy, as you never have to open the oven door to know where the internal temperature of the meat is at. Best thing we ever did! Then place the steaks on the grill and cook them until the meat is seared on both sides — no longer. Here’s all you need:  bacon fat (or lard), Lawry’s seasoned salt (can use regular salt if you prefer) and pepper. You must have plenty of water. So, just add it in. We won't send you spam. I’ll soak my meat in a cooler, filled with ice, for a week or two. Remove the pan from the oven. Tabasco sauce. A simple method that does not require much experience is to lightly season the meat and cook it in the oven. This is true for other animals as well, which is why slaughter houses kill cows and pigs in the manner which they do – to avoid the meat the being too tough. You can make buttermilk simply by adding vinegar to regular milk from the carton. Oh, so wonderful! My daughter does not care for much meat in her diet but will go for seconds when we make venison. Please consult the appropriate professional before making any changes to your diet, health, or other applicable areas. Go Luke! Making deer roast in the oven results in a low calorie, high protein weeknight dish.

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