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DISCLAIMER 2: There are so many things that need to be in place and connected properly for this to work. cause mine just comes up with an error code every time. Titles and tags help shoppers find your item when they search on Etsy. Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page! This is great! When posting on any social channel, ensure that what you share makes sense in the context of your overall brand. Can I link my Etsy shop to Facebooks new "Shop " feature? It took only 2-3 days for me. How do you do that? You'll need to delete most of the rows and you might need to clean up a few columns. If Facebook finds out that what is showing up in your Facebook shop is not accurate, you may become ineligible to sell on Facebook/Instagram (see the commerce requirements). Copy row 1 of the sample sheet and place it as row 1 of your data feed sheet. Don’t forget to add a link to your Etsy shop on your Facebook business page (and add a link to your Facebook page on your Etsy shop!). Is there any way that I can enter multiples of the same item in StoreYa? Go to StoreYa.com and click on the "Get started now - Connect with Facebook" button.. 2. Place your mouse on the ‘Your shop’ link towards the top right corner of the Etsy homepage. I was going to just post my Etsy items on Facebook and Instagram as and when I upload new ones, so is your way more automated? So, this post hopefully demystifies the process a bit and makes it seem a bit more straightforward. I created a page for my Etsy shop from my personal account. Optional: Choose a section in your shop. Click [Go to App] to start now When you connect your Etsy account with your Facebook account, you grant Etsy permission to see the information you've made available to Facebook, such as your name, Likes, and your list of friends. There are some additional notes about each column on the sample sheet I would advise reading. Naturally facebook says those domains are not mine. Thanks for reaching out.Please send us an email to: Support@storeya.com and state the email address/FB profile you used to create a StoreYa account. Many people will be reading your posts on mobile devices, where they may have to click to see more of the copy. Since you’ll probably be managing your business page through your personal Facebook account, it can be easy to confuse the two. Step 1: Add photos and video. If you have errors in your spreadsheet, review the error log provided by Facebook and adjust, review their troubleshooting help sheet, or use their feed debugger to identify the problem spots. Before you post to your business page, double-check that you're not posting from your personal account (and vice-versa). Approval on your commerce account will come via email. You can use Facebook’s paid ad service by either creating a new Facebook ad or boosting an existing post. While it is important to push out your products to your potential customers, too much of promotional content can backfire. Be sure to keep the wording of the column titles exactly as they are in the sample sheet, otherwise your upload may have errors. Apologies for the random message in the reply. It's been like that for over half an hour. You can learn more about using Facebook to promote your business in Facebook’s business center. This is how you find it: 3. A beautiful Etsy store app for your Facebook page. Go to File > Import > Upload and select the CSV you just saved. If you run into issues while setting this up, I would highly recommend reaching out to Facebook Support directly. The only way to get it more automated is to have your FB catalog connected to one of their 3rd party app integrations. Now that both your Etsy shop and your Facebook business page are linked to each other, you need to push out your products to your fans/followers. Goodluck! not sure if anybody can help me. At the end of this process, you'll get a confirmation screen that your Instagram shop has been sent for approval. your etsy shop address). Will it drop off the old and add the new for instance? Once your store is linked to your social channels and vice versa, you’ll be pulling in customers from all platforms and your sales will get rolling quicker than you’d expected. Aim for a regular rhythm when posting, 1-2 posts per day is a good goal. WARNING: This is the most confusing/time-intensive step, so bear with me. For example different size options for the same product. If you wish to edit the products manually - you can do so only with our paid plan. The "shop now" button on a facebook business page is just a button link to whatever website you put in (i.e. You have to supply a bank account for facebook to be able to transfer your funds to so this iteration looks to be more than just linking to existing shops on other websites. —You need at least 12 products to be able to sell through Facebook/Instagram. Here are some tips for using the world's largest social media channel to grow your business. Import your entire store to Facebook.Customize your store and keep it synced.Get promotional & statistics tools. No problem! I haven’t looked into Instagram shops before.

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