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Source Natural Store, a Hong Kong based Live & Fresh Seafood specialist. I prefer full fat milk, full fat cheese, full fat Philadephia, and I love pork crackling. I’m not keen on buying cooked seafood, I have no idea why people would buy cooked tiger prawns or cooked mussels. You can add a couple tablespoons of water if the wok is too dry. And we welcome both wholesale and retail orders! Your email address will not be published. 1 Cup Grapeseed Oil, or another oil with a high smoking point Lobster Noodles | Hong Kong Style Lobster Noodles - YouTube 2-inch piece Ginger, sliced into coins Add the white portions of the scallions and the lobster. It is such an 80s dish and it is just pure self-indulgence. Masterchef John Zhang shows you tips on how to make delicious lobster and ribs in Hong Kong Style with step by step instruction. Are you a foodie craving Chinese food? Meanwhile cook the noodles in a wok with sliced ginger and spring onion with soy sauce. Lobster and Ribs in Hong Kong Style by Masterchef • Taste The Chinese Recipes Show, Limited Time Only 2 Months Free tastecard Click Banner Below, Cooking Delicious Shrimp Stir Fry • Taste The Chinese Recipes Show, Perfect Scallops 2 Ways • Taste The Chinese Recipes Show, The Most Epic Rice Recipe Ever by Master Chef • Taste The Chinese Recipes Show, Lamb Chop Chow Mein, Simply the Best • Taste The Chinese Recipes Show, Sichuan Spicy Pomfret • Taste The Chinese Recipes Show, CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES RECIPE BY SPANISH COOKING, TOMATO & CORN SOUP RECIPE BY SPANISH COOKING, CHICKEN IN MUSTARD & BEER SAUCE BY SPANISH COOKING, COFFEE CUSTARD PUDDING BY SPANISH COOKING, FABADA ASTURIANA / BEANS STEW RECIPE BY SPANISH COOKING, LOW FAT SPANISH OMELETTE | TORTILLA DE PATATA BY SPANISH COOKING, TAPAS #1: ASPARAGUS & HAM ROLLS BY SPANISH COOKING, LEMON ICE CREAM | LIMÓN HELADO BY SPANISH COOKING, CHICKPEAS WITH CODFISH BY SPANISH COOKING, ROSCON DE REYES / EPIPHANY CAKE BY SPANISH COOKING, Pasta All’amatricana | Gennaro Contaldo | Italian Special, Gianduja (Homemade Nutella) | Gennaro Contaldo, Super Fast Chocolate Pots | Jamie Oliver , Friday Night Feast | Mushroom Shawarma, Paella & Lamb Shanks | Series 7. Ingredients....For frying lobster :2 fresh lobstersCorn flour 4 tbsp2 tbsp white pepperslight salt to tasteSauce:2 tbsp sugar1\u00261/2 tsp salt4 tsp soy sauce3 tbsp oyster sauce1 tsp sesame oil2 tbsp Chinese rice wineTo saute Lobster:Ginger slices Garlic finely chopped 4 big clovesGreen onions cut into 2 inches stalkCornstarch and white pepper mixed into waterTo saute noodles:Yee Mein or “E-Fu” noodlesThinly sliced ginger 2 tbsp oyster sauce 1 tsp sesame oil Cornstarch and white pepper mixed into waterThis is one of my husband’s signature dishes. 1/2 Teaspoon Chicken Essence. Then cover with lid and cook for about 3 minutes. When lobsters are ready, toss the noodles with the lobster and juices in the tin. While the oil is heating, toss the lobster with tapioca starch until pieces are well-coated. 1x ~800 g live lobstervegetable oil, for deep-frying3 red Asian shallots, about 120g thinly sliced1 red onion, about 120g, thinly sliced5 spring onions (scallions), white part only, cut into 5 cm lengths1 garlic clove, finely choppedA splash of Shaoxing rice wine, to deglaze the panThinly sliced spring onions (scallions), to garnish, Sauce 250 ml (1 cup) Shaoxing rice wine2 tablespoons light soy sauce½ teaspoon sugar. Look no further. You can discard the mustard, use it in another dish, or include it in this dish. Cut each half section into bite-sized pieces across the shell. Serve hot. Here we have the best Chinese recipes, prepared by award-winning chefs to showcase authentic, traditional Chinese cooking. Let all of the lobster pieces drain of excess water after you rinse them and pat dry with a paper towel. This process only takes 20 seconds or so, but for home cooking, we’ll use a smaller pot and fry in batches. Put in a splash of white wine, cook until it reduces by half. This flash fry method cooks the lobster about 70% of the way through, enhances the lobster flavor, produces a rich color, and seals in the juices while preventing the tender meat from overcooking. Browse our delicious and quick recipes guaranteed to please everyone's taste. Heat 2 cups of oil in a small pot to about boiling, and drop the lobster into the pot a couple pieces at a time for about 10 seconds. Our family enjoys this every now and then.links:Bonita flakes:https://amzn.to/3dk1mkuoyster sauce:https://amzn.to/33Nk4h5vegetarian oyster sauce:https://amzn.to/2Ih4x0Nsoy sauce:https://amzn.to/2Ih4x0Nsesame oil: https://amzn.to/30UlzbJChinese rice wine:https://amzn.to/36UwgPdbamboo cutting board: https://amzn.to/36TPCnvThanks for watching it. We left it out (some people don’t like the strong flavor). Photography by Greg Elms. But I want to make it super special. Remove the green mustard, innards and the sand tract. Chop the tail section in half lengthways and remove the intestinal tract. Mix the flour and cornstarch in a shallow bowl, and lightly dredge the lobster pieces. Cut each tail half into 3 equal pieces, giving you 6 total tail meat pieces. Listen online, on the ABC listen app, on channel 25 on your television, via DAB+ Digital Radio or On Air, Or ask your smart speaker to "play ABC Radio Melbourne". https://www.youtube.com/c/TasteShow?sub_confirmation=1, Looking for more Chinese lobster recipes? Subscribe for more awesome Chinese recipes: Cut or twist off the lobster claws, and cut off the smaller legs. Not with cooked ones! Cut off the mouth … Strain the oil and save the oil for another seafood frying. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vaniathmalingaminsta https://www.instagram.com/vaniathmalingamSubscribe to my channel http://bit.ly/SubscribeToVaniAthmalingam 2 -3 Tablespoon Tapioca Starch or Cornstarch Drizzle the wine around the perimeter of the wok. At this point, many restaurants deep fry the lobster in a large wok to quickly seal in the juices. Drain and set aside. Cut off the mouth portion of the lobster head with a cleaver or chef’s knife. What could be more decadent than lobsters? Add in double cream, cook until it's a thick cream consistency so you can spread the sauce on the lobster tails. It is a shell-on Lobster and ribs deep fried, then stir-fried with aromatics of garlic and breadcrumbs. If you like to spoil yourself and your loved ones, this dish will do it.". Heat the oil in a wok or deep-fryer to 170°C or until a cube of bread turns golden in 10 seconds, and deep-fry the shallots until just golden (5–8 minutes). Your email address will not be published. Carefully add lobster pieces to hot oil one piece at a time, do not overcrowd the wok or it can cause steaming and we want the lobster to deep-fry if needed fry in batches.

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