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Only thing is , this area was not Pennsport. In the years since Mount Sinai closed, Pennsport has seen a significant increase in home values and in quality of life despite the hulking mass of a once-great hospital in constant view. Due to a huge influx of population from immigration mostly from Ireland and Italy, the Act of Consolidation in 1854 brought this southern area into Philadelphia proper. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2007. Real estate values along South Street plummeted. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As in decades past, South Street emerged as a heterogeneous commercial corridor, its sidewalks thronged with a diverse range of shoppers. Like earlier immigrants, Southeast Asians created their own social worlds, including a vibrant commercial and cultural infrastructure along Washington Avenue that included large supermarkets, restaurants, and music and video stores. In operation until 1963, it housed everyone from a drunken Edgar Allan Poe to H.H. They successfully treated the area’s poor Jewish population and also accepted patients from other faiths. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, Odunde Festival draws thousands to a celebration of African culture (WHYY, June 10, 2014), Former South St. mecca for artists now hosting dance classes (WHYY, December 1, 2014), As summer heat hits Philadelphia, Odunde festival brings South Street to life (WHYY, June 12, 2017), South of South Street Neighborhood Association (SOSA), The South Street Story (WHYY via YouTube), American Bandstand: Doing the South Street and More (Bandstand's Best via YouTube, Hippest Street In Town, Circa 1766 (HiddenCity.org), Collapse of the South Street Bridge (PhillyHistory Blog), A Royal Loss On South Street (Hidden City Philadelphia, February 24, 2017), Philadelphia, the Place that Loves You Back, Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, University of Pennsylvania Architectural Archives. 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Sinai would do both), could not be built near homes and churches. At the time, a city law was on the books stating that a hospital, especially one treating consumptives or immigrants (Mt. South Philadelphia: Mummers, Memories, and the Melrose Diner. While South Philadelphia retained a distinct identity, it also forged deep ties to the region. Sinai is the Divine Lorraine of South Philadelphia. Designated an official city celebration in 1901, the Mummer’s Parade has been controversial and only in the late twentieth century did the parade ban blackface and allow women to participate. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006. The Shot Tower stands as a remnant of South Philadelphia industry, shown here in a drawing from the 1920s. Looming over its neighborhood for almost a century, Mt. Many of those immigrants settled just north of the Immigration Station in row houses on or near South Street itself. By the way, Philadelphia’s first gay community center opened in 1976 on Kater Street, one block below South, between 4rd and 5th Streets. Most of what you write is correct, but I must inform you that flash mobs actually started in 2009 and continued again in 2010. Fante-Leone Public Pool by Melissa M. Mandell. Black Citymakers: How The Philadelphia Negro Changed Urban America. One Hundred Thousand potential patients. Similarly, Hog Island, once a shipbuilding facility, became the Philadelphia International Airport. Holmes, the United States’ first convicted serial killer, and Samuel Roth, a smut publisher whose later obscenity conviction ascended to the U.S. Supreme Court. Oh BTW the massive new wing was finished in 1983 not 1987. Philadelphia has more than 100 separate neighborhoods, each with its own historical memories. Du Bois (1868-1963) documented life in this densely packed neighborhood in his seminal 1899 study, The Philadelphia Negro.

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