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I suspect this influx of cash and business acumen of a private equity firm helped grow the brand. BTW: Indeed, the zippers are awful. I have a large and it’s long enough to the waist and most importantly it’s snug around the torso (not a huge puffer jacket) and the arms are long enough. So I’m wearing the Canada Goose Emory slim fit parka jacket with a coyote trim. Overall it’s pretty expensive even though it’s twenty dollars less expensive than the Moncler jacket but at the end of the day, I don’t find any of those jackets really stylish because this one is very shiny and puffy, this one is less puffy but it’s so stiff and just makes me feel like a very unstylish person. Today, Canada Goose continues to focus on quality and domestic Canadian production. As a consequence, their flagship jacket, which we are about to review, costs around $1000 and so we want to know, is it really worth that money? Then I had to have it cleaned and sent to them. Discover high quality jackets, parkas and accessories designed for women, men and kids. I have a Canada Goose jacket and love it, though where I live in Canada there’s only a handful of days that I really need it. I think it depends a lot on where you live. This coat looks to be a near copy of that right I work in an office and like skiing. “Also keep in mind that you can find warmer jackets with a higher fill power for about half the price of this Canada Goose.”, Checkout rei.com down-filled jackets, they give a loft rating and fill weight for each jacket. At minus 25 wind chill, I may as well have not been wearing the coat at all. It’s a nice coat, but when walking into a sub zero north wind, I felt cold air against my chest. Interestingly, it was not named Canada Goose but Metro Sportswear. It’s expensive but I hope to have it for many years. $228.00, Special Price: I live just north of Detroit and must be outside walking for three miles per day regardless of temperature. And no, I do not think it is worth the price. $189.00, Regular Price: Canada Goose is the first choice for arctic-proof fashion. CG, Kanuk and other local brands tend to perform well in the harsh conditions found in many Canadian cities. My wife, who dislokes the cold, i managed to convicne her to get the womens version too. All prices include sales taxes. They also use an authentication system making sure that if you pay top dollar, you get the real thing and not a knockoff. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The Canada Goose jacket is softer, snugger around my wrists, plusher and fits way better. That said, it was a (lovely) gift; if I was going to choose a cold weather parka (not a camping/climbing/skiing sporty jacket) I’d probably go with a Quartz Co. one; very similar quality, many are washable with removable fur, slightly lower priced- but unlike Canada Goose you can sometimes get a Quartz jacket on a good sale! Hybridge Base Hooded Down Jacket - Mens - Navy, Armstrong Quilted-down Parka - Mens - Navy, Woolford Quilted Down Jacket - Mens - Green, Canada Goose Woman Rosewell Shell Hooded Jacket Black Size S, Macmillan Down-filled Shell Parka - Mens - Green, Hybridge Quilted Down Hooded Jacket - Mens - Red, Lodge Packable Quilted Down Jacket - Mens - Red, Toronto Hooded Quilted Down Jacket - Mens - Black, Hybridge Base Hooded Down Jacket - Mens - Black, Down Jacket for Women, Puffer Ski Jacket On Sale, Blue Navy, polyester, 2019, 10 6 8, Canada Goose Woman Rosewell Shell Hooded Jacket Indigo Size S, Woolford Quilted Down Jacket - Mens - Black, Down Jacket for Women, Puffer Ski Jacket On Sale, Black, Down, 2019, 10 6 8, Chilliwack PBI White Fur-trimmed Shell Coat, Black HyBridge Feather Down Padded Jacket - Mens - Feather Down/Nylon/Polyester. It’s a hip brand. Canada Goose addresses the counterfeit issue here. With the perfect fit and plush down, it’s really warm. If the price is too good to be true, it is. If after a while the jacket is seen on any Tom, Dick or Harry (complete with a Starbuck’s coffee and ear-plugs) it’s no longer “exclusive” – instead it’s now “worn by the proles”. $191.00, Regular Price: View as: However, if you find the model you want on the Canada Goose site, it’s worth seeing if you can save money on Amazon for the same jacket (or whatever you’re buying). By then, Canada Goose had become so popular that model Kate Upton wore a jacket on a Sports Illustrated cover swimsuit edition. $239.00, Special Price: It is surprising and disappointing to find you advertising something with labels all over the outside, in contravention of your own rules. I have to completely disagree with your position on Canada Goose. I prefer buying stuff from the actual brand website unless they don’t retail. Because this jacket uses duck down, it’s not surprising that there’s a fill power of 625. No rights may be derived from the information contained in this site. For some reason though, I find it a lot harder to close. Item:CGMDownwear-226 Size:XS S M L XL XXL ADD TO CART. Other than skiing, I’ll likely never put this jacket to the test in sub-zero temperatures. Previous similar coats were always too big in the torso. Mine was a lifesaver on more than one occasion. CANADA GOOSE Hybridge Jacket €541.04 CANADA GOOSE Hybridge Padded Coat €795.00 New in CANADA GOOSE Armstrong Down Jacket €695.00 CANADA GOOSE Armstrong Down Jacket €664.00 CANADA GOOSE Logo Hat €175.00 CANADA GOOSE Garribaldi 3-in-1 Parka €1,106.66 US$199. $206.00, Regular Price: 5 types of Canada Goose jackets to choose from. The stock price closed at $23 CAD on March 17, 2017. I’m okay with that. The initial public offering (IPO) was a huge success and has been since. Explore the Canada Goose range at Harvey Nichols. I chose it cos the longer length vs canada goose hip ones. I had to take pictures of the patch and inside labels to prove it was real. This story was covered in 2013 by CBC. I have several and their Firebee AR is *unbelievably* warm/light, while avoiding the Michelin Man look (the down baffles are concealed under a clean exterior). As a Canadian, I like that it makes its wares in Canada and am happy to pay a bit more for that. Totally worthe the moey and the shipping charge. I also appreciate that it was not made overseas. It is matte and it’s a lot thicker than the Moncler jacket. However, I see them in urban settings and think they are way over-specified and quite ugly. Face the elements in style and confidence. They are definitely superior in warmth/style to Patagonia, North Face, Canada Goose, et al. The company developed the Thermal Experience Index to help you determine which jacket will be best for your unique needs. The jacket features an abundance of pockets, has lots of Zamak metal snap buttons that are plastic covered. I just wear it out and about during winter months. $244.00, Special Price: It’s heavier than the Moncler jacket which is not so great in my opinion but more importantly it’s simply too stiff for my tastes. In 2013, Bain Capital, the private equity firm co-founded and run for many years by Mitt Romney, bought a majority stake in Canada Goose. Waiting for it to arrive. 4 weeks later it came back to me in a custome garment bag. Canada Goose That is one heckuva a good return on investment in 1.5 years. Unlike Moncler, Canada Goose comes with a lifetime warranty, however, that sounds better than it actually is because it’s just a warranty against manufacturing defects. In fact, the whole outdoor living lifestyle is massive right now. The question here seems to be one of personal taste rather than functionality. To pay nearly a thousand pound in the Uk to buy one of these things is not something I am ever likely to do except if it is a chilly day in Hell. $115.00, Regular Price: Made to stand up to the world's most extreme weather conditions, Canada Goose jackets will keep you warm and toasty and safe no matter what Mother Nature throws at you! down to the coyote trim. The way the brand has taken off fascinates me. Choose the warmth you need for your expedition in the elements by using Canada Goose's Thermal Experience Index. Discover a unique selection of luxurious Canada Goose Winter Parkas, Jackets, Bombers, Lightweight Down, Rainwear and the all new Knitwear Collection. And who cares about looking faaaabulous when you’re freezing your cojones off?? Canada Goose was founded in a Toronto more than fifty years ago.

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