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with the cinema room beyond. themselves. on which the guests are seated, begin to swing - gently at first, and then higher and higher until guests find themselves hanging It takes its theme from a local Staffordshire legend, making it a thoroughly unique experience that could The benches are mounted on the platform angled backward by 20 degrees; riders effectively face slightly upward at rest. and pass-by the bookcase and into the hidden passageway beyond. At this point, the guests are moving from the original building up into the specially constructed part of the ride, but due to the careful continuation of theming, it is difficult to tell where this occurs. The quality of theming and preshows is first class, and the local legend on which the ride's backstory is based is The legend was adapted and fancifully elaborated to form the back-story for the ride Hex – the Legend of the Towers at the nearby Alton Towers theme park. a film that fills in the details of the legend. Fittingly, the ride is an update of a system that dates back to Victorian times, when rotating rooms would be used to confuse and disorient funfair visitors. which tells of an encounter that Charles Talbot, the 15th Earl of Shrewsbury, supposedly had with an old An obsession. A curse. As the story goes, that same night one of the Earl's family members suffered Legend. After much brainstorming, he found that the rich ponce Talbot family who used to own the Towers estate had been cursed at some point in the 1800s after the 15th Earl of Shrewsbury didn't pay his tax and some local tree was cursed by the government to kill off his family for revenge. Here guests are introduced to the legend that acts as the inspiration for the ride before being led through to the Octagon. He dismissed the beggar's request for money, so she put a curse on the Earl: Has the curse running along either side of the walls. This is filled with scaffolding and building works, with TV screens beginning to tell some At full backward tilt, the bench is at 45 degrees to horizontal which accentuates the sensory effect. While the queue can at times appear intimidatingly long, thanks to the ride's large capacity it rarely takes too much The pivot mechanism for the benches is hidden by the Earl's machine at one end of the room and a large cabinet at the other. Hex - The Legend of the Towers, was the new ride for the 2000 season. Hex – The Legend of the Towers is a walkthrough dark ride experience at Alton Towers. Opened in 2000, Hex – The Legend of the Towers made its debut to mixed reactions. Was their mind deceiving them? woman one day when he was returning home to Alton Towers. guests nor their belongings fall to the ground. Are you ready for a Tale with a Twist? A wind picks up, causing the drapes to billow, and the ghostly cursing of the beggarwoman can be heard, along with the loud crash of a falling branch and the sound of horse's hooves. Note: Hex is best experienced without knowing all the details of the attraction and its storyline, so readers who have For visitors wanting to find the real heart of Alton Towers, Hex is one of the theme park's must-do attractions. In the classic ride the seats would hang suspended on a swing to allow the room to spin around the stationary seats. Riders gradually experience an odd sense of movement, even though nothing in the vault appears to be moving - with riders on one side feeling as if they're being pulled away from the branch and on the other feeling as if they're being pushed towards the branch. Tussauds needed a new interesting dark ride after going for 6 years without building one, and so asked the holy John Wardleyto create (or steal) a new ride concept. He dismissed the beggar's request for money, so The transition is so cleverly done that Theme park guests begin their Hex experience by entering through a giant door into the Towers' original Armoury, which now hosts used to full advantage. This attraction was closed for the duration of the 2016 season, but underwent repairs in the winter before reopening in 2017. of the ride building itself. The longitudinal benches are mounted on a platform that can swing back and forth within the vault. This is what gives the impression of pushing toward and pulling away from the branch. Haunted House Monster Party, Legoland Windsor, About   –  the disoriented riders' heads. benches stop spinning, and riders are returned to the ground face up. The lap-bars are lowered and checked by two staff members, who then leave the vault. most guests will not realise that they have ever been outside the authentic Towers ruins. However, after some adjustment to the attraction in 2000, response for Hex changed drastically and the ride proved consistently popular. Seated in rows on either side of the branch, riders on Hex - The Legend of the Towers watch in amazement as the room begins to rotate around them, creating the impression that they themselves are turning upside down.

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