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I have lost 13.6 pounds since I started the diet.– Today I looked up asparagus to see if it is some kind of diuretic that causes people to lose water. I just started the diet. I absolutely refuse to buy 38-inch jeans. HELLO…..I was 226 pounds. I’d been using every excuse in the world to put it off and I was tired of it. Do you know how I got to this weight? i’m having so much fun doing it and it’s so good to hear that it’s helping people! you got there quick! What if everything that we are taught about carbs is actually propaganda? Do I end up gaining weight when I get on the scale tomorrow? thanks again!! It is my uncrossable line in the sand. And Tasty! That is where this blog comes into play. In fact, what they had on hand was two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts with which to celebrate Irena’s birthday. how goes it??? I wanted to give you great shopping tips, tasty recipes, and the encouragement you’ll need to follow this diet and stick with it. Which is a polite way of saying that I woke up in the middle of the night because I really really had to use the restroom. As far as I am concerned, this diet has been an unmitigated success. Here are some recipes I have tried! The basic diet can be summed up quickly. So this must all be water weight. Lost five pounds thus far by sticking with the Attack phase for six days. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Wait, what? For a total of 11.2 pounds lost since I started the diet. Once that time period ended, I didn’t go up or down in my weight at all. Apparently I was storing water yesterday. I’ll help you all I can. this whole thing has to do with being healthy, both mentally and physically. I don’t have any issues staying away from sugar; alcohol is harder, I like my glass (or two) of wine :o) I also could not give up cream in my morning coffee. Or maybe it was the lack of asparagus, or something else. I never even thought about things like sugar free maple syrup. there will be a link on this one as soon as we get it up and running! So when my fat jeans get tight, I have a real problem, and I have to do something (If you are thin, you are probably thinking this discussion is pathetic, but it is reality for me and I doubt that I am alone). ‘-D. Today is day seven on my new “food plan”. • And a daily weigh in! Just let me know how! This week I am here to report on my second week in the “Cruise Phase”, aka Phase 2, Days 11 through 17. I’m excited to do this! So happy for you and really proud! Day 14 –– This morning on the scale I lost 0.4 pounds. Dumping all that water meant I had lost 1.8 pounds when I got on the scale this morning. I don’t know. But the “nothing but protein” rule is incredibly easy for my brain to follow. I have been wearing that backpack for years, and now it has disappeared in 17 days. XOXO. I would normally be a big fan of KK donuts, happy to eat two or three at a time, but not now. amazon_ad_height="600"; thanks for all the support. it is for people moving on in the diet and getting back to regular food with some really healthy changes. Day 16 –– This morning on the scale I gained 0.8 pounds. It would not surprise me at all, however, if I regained most of that weight tomorrow when my body re-absorbs some of the lost water. a little more of a healthy stabilization-type site. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. so, yes…day 1 of attack…today! I totally agree with you Karen…I can’t wait to shop at Janice’s ‘ready made goodies’ store too! Food got a little challenging and it was difficult to be excited about eating, so the two of us ventured through the Dukan Diet website, curious about all these ingredients you couldn’t buy in the US, and how we could make these recipes with ingredients that we could find. How can that be,Ha Ha..But seriously, Hooray for you! Where to start? For the record, I did not eat any more food yesterday than normal for the past couple of weeks, so I do not believe it was food/calories causing the weight gain.– Today is a good example of eating in an unexpected place. I may have gotten to my goal weight before now if I had, but life would not have been worth living :o). It makes a big difference. It seems like, if I stop eating asparagus now, I will reabsorb water and gain a couple of pounds. I had surgery two years ago and in the year leading up to that surgery and the year following it, I gained about 18 pounds. Visit My store that has all things Dukan-friendly!! I skipped the rice. Brilliant! I follow your blog daily and love the recipes. It certainly wasn’t by having a single snack a day. amazon_color_link="A43907"; I am going to stick with it. I lost till now 18 lbs and I am so glad that I discover this diet. But sometimes their negativity makes me want to go pig out. I have two more days of attack phase and then I can pick the veggies in my garden again!! My name is Ioana and I am a Dukan diet follower! Is this blog still active? If it was just about following the book, we wouldn’t need the sites. I can’t tell you how many times I have been yelled at by others for saying I have a SF pudding or a SF?FF fudge bar. Which is confirmed by the midnight restroom runs. I would say this – if I needed to lose a few pounds in a day or two, you should try asparagus as a “secret ingredient” and see if it has the same effect on your body that it seems to have on mine. I’ve been trying the recipes on the Dukan website..some don’t make much sense to Americans. How does your appearance change when you become obese? amazon_color_border="FFFFFF"; I actually feel lighter, like I am able to jump higher (although that may all be psychological).– Let me tell you a story about my pants. On a serious note, this sounds fantastic. The diet referred to my 20 pounds as a suitcase that I had been carrying. Then the Cruise Phase started, which was to go for roughly for 8 weeks. And no pizza. It’s actually not that I’m lazy. Just wanted to chime in and say a big Thank You for doing this blog! Day 17 –– On the scale this morning I had lost 0.8 pounds. Why fight success? I am looking forward to chatting with all of you. Very cool calculator for calculating your specific dietary needs – Protein, carbs, fat, vitamins, etc. What caused it? I just started this 2 weeks ago and I’ve never had so much fun! Or maybe the sugar in the stir fry sauce had some effect on the fat-burning power of pure protein.

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