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Find the best Guitar Repair Shops near you on Yelp - see all Guitar Repair Shops open now. You would have to completely sand down the entire guitar to remove these cracks. Guitar Repair. Refinishing a vintage guitar will decrease its value. It just looks like there is a bubble in the finish itself. Erick Coleman uses tinted aerosols to recreate a vintage Strat 2-tone 'burst. Fender's most popular pick shape in different materials. Once the color stain is dried, you can put some finish on it. I have a Fender Sonoran natural finish that someone had applied stickers to the top years ago. Bronzing Powder. If you travel with your instrument and it is subject to severe temperature changes, you should allow it to acclimate to room temperature before opening the case. The Custom coil uses thinner, 43-gauge wire, which yields a crisper, more immediate attack, tighter lows, and additional compression when wound for higher output (14.1k in a standard Custom). Poly and lacquer could take as much as a day to dry. Erick Coleman shows why black fingerboard stain is a standard item in any guitarmaker's shop, including the big name builders. Wha, Never know when you will need a Floyd rose. The fretboard has a nasty crunch. Explore other popular Local Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and … Dan Erlewine shares his experience working with, and knowledge of, shellac. An overview of the basics of buffing with compounds. The resulting blend of woody PAF tone and modern humbucking power not only impressed the forum member, but also maestro Duncan himself—so much so that the modified pickup was introduced as a standard production model. Which sandpaper to use for instrument work? I like to put a small amount of acetone in a plastic cup and drop a few drops of color stain in it. Works great! Directions for using ColorTone Liquid Pigments for Waterbase Lacquer. Thanks! Super glue drop fills. Erick Coleman shows how to quickly replace a missing inlay, including coloring the new work to match the old. You could bubble or ruin the surrounding finish this way. He wants to spray an 1960s-style sunburst, but first he's got to get that hard plastic coating off of there... As Dan Erlewine was packing a customer's Les Paul for shipment, he noticed that somebody in his shop had scratched the top! Sanding a small spot like this can be really tricky. Strip sanding is pretty easy. Some dents and chips take the color with when they are ripped out of the guitar. I'm happy and so was the customer. The pickup also uses four-conductor wire for coil tapping and out-of-phase switching, if that’s your fancy. This will give your Taylor or Martin a chance to thaw and acclimate itself to the new environment before going through the stress of being played. Now all you have to do is take a rag with some buffing compound and buff the section. I decided to brush on little ColorTone Red Mahogany Stain to replace the color that went away with the finish chip. After an unsuccessful finish repair, this guitar’s owner sent it to Dan Erlewine to fix the damage. The Fender Delay pedal creates richly resonating echo effects from short slap-back rockabilly sounds to longer repeating echo perfect for huge, soaring guitar solos (it’s great for other electronic instruments too, such as keyboards). Just a small drop will hold the cut closed, even through a double trouble set! It’s cracking where it joins the wood. Dan Erlewine learned this trick at Gibson’s factory back in the 60s: Three jars, three mixes of lacquer and thinner always ready for “flash coat” touch-up spraying. So, here's my pothole: It's a patch of lacquer that was chipped off the back of a Martin guitar … West/East concept guitar: Michihiro Matsuda taught guitar design at Galloup Guitars' Northwoods Guitar Seminar in August. Part 3: Dan Erlewine shows how to achieve a PRS-style finish using liquid stains and aerosol lacquer. How to hide a scratch in your big brother's guitar, Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce. After everything is buffed out, grab a little cleaner and clean the rest of the guitar. 300 guitars a year for customers all around the world. This is an extremely common, somewhat expected condition on older instruments with lacquer finishes. Black Friday Sale! The Behkol dries in a few seconds — enough time to show that the look is just a little too light. You can dab up the excess with a paper towel and let it dry. The color mix should disperse over the dent. The concept began with a fan talking on the company’s online forum about how he’d experimented with combining coils from Duncan ’59 and Custom pickups. Fix a finish in a jiffy with super glue On this video he also talks with Dan Erlewine about how a 1954 Les Paul went from Bondo Mess to Relic Goldtop, with multiple luthiers contributing to its restoration. to mix with the acetone. The topcoat is probably not sticking to the sealer coat. Use and abuse of the instrument as well as the weather conditions ruin acoustic guitar finish. This bass from the early '70s is in great shape except for a gaptoothed peghead inlay. A step-by-step flow chart of nitrocellulose finishing. I like to start strip sanding with 400-grit sandpaper and work my way up to 1,000-grit. An instruments finish can consist of a color coat and clear top coat or simply a clear coat. The lacquer itself is put thru allot of stress as this takes place and the finish may develop checking/crazing is a result of this movement. Add sparkle to clean open chords, to animate strummed passages and to thicken distorted power chords. Dan Erlewine's cooking with baking soda and ColorTone stains -- fixing a hole in his granddaughter's birthday present. Black Friday Sale! What is not clear to me, as I want to repair chips, is where/how I get the color powder(?) •   No matter how many orders you place. Part 5: Dan Erlewine sprays the clear topcoats to achieve a PRS-style finish using liquid stains and aerosol lacquer. This week, somebody's attempt to fix a 1960 Les Paul is an example of what not to do. If you're looking to modify your instrument, then you have found the right place. The Fender Distortion pedal drives tube or solid-state amps into thick distortion and singing sustain, evoking the edgy hard-rock tones of the ’70s and ’80s. If you go after a deep scratch with sandpaper, you will probably sand through the topcoat and into the color coats or raw wood like we talked about earlier. Directions for using ColorTone Liquid Pigments for Lacquer. When a pedestal buffer can't accommodate the shape of Junior Brown's famous Guit-Steels, Michael Stevens finds that a simple foam buffer does a great job! Working on an aged Les Paul, Erick Coleman has to sand part of the yellowed binding. Sand the drop-fill by pulling narrow strips of Fre-cut Gold Sandpaper across it under gentle pressure applied by your fingertip. Do not try to fill these scratches with extra lacquer or other filler. In this article, I’ll explain a few different guitar finish problems as well as a few ways to repair small finish blemishes. I squeezed some out onto the lid of a cottage cheese carton, and used the bent tip of a Drop-fill Toothpick for my brush. This should mix up nicely. Go have lunch! Curing his Boogie Fever required a neck transplant, but Fender's Micro-Tilt neck adjustment makes that tricky. About the guitar in this video: This 1930s Kay Deluxe is a fixer-upper that Dan Erlewine repaired in order to sell. Go to a movie and let this sit overnight! Place the razor flat against the guitar and run the un-taped blade against the bubble of finish. All you need is some Super Glue, a toothpick, and several grits of sandpaper (I used a little red mahogany stain too). Your acoustic guitar’s finish can have all kinds of problems, as you play it over the years. This shows how the chip will look with clear finish on it. Don't make a new nut just to fix a low slot—fill it!

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