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Dance instructor/professional dancer/choreographer $14,000 52 Part-time Professional company and two dance studios St. Louis, MO 3 Dance educator $9,000 40 Part-time Dance studios Gulf Shores, AL 16 Danice teacher $20,000 50 A mix Dance studio Seattle, WA 6 High school dance teacher $27,000 47 A mix Charter school "They tend to fall and trip.". Don’t get burnt! Visit danceindustry.co.uk  to get your contract checklist. Even if a dance job feels too small to require an agreement or you trust your client completely, even if your client is a friend, it’s important to put something in writing to protect yourself – it’s simply good business practice. Photo Courtesy Tulsa Ballet. If you are hosting or teaching dance, then you can create a dance contract in just a few steps that will serve most of your needs. 2. Label this space "Emergency Contact," and place the same information as for step 2. When dancers sign their first contract, they envision themselves working with star choreographers and performing in foreign theaters. I grew up without a ton of money, so I'm used to saving. Minimum weekly pay rates for a commercial theatre production are £360 to £487.50, depending on the capacity of the venue. Home / News / DANCE + INDUSTRY – The importance of contracts as a professional dancer from Kymberlee Jay. "Dancers aren't known to be graceful all of the time," says Mandy Blackmon, PT, DPT, OSC, CMTPT, head physical therapist/medical director for Atlanta Ballet. Dance City is seeking to appoint a BA and MA Programme Leader to undertake the management of the... Read More. teach dance, either privately or in the public sector, work in dance development and promotion, encouraging and enabling people, especially children, to become involved in dance and to understand and appreciate it, run workshops in the community, for example with groups of disabled people, undertake administrative, promotional or stage management work - particularly if you work for yourself or are employed in a small company. Freelancing might be the most challenging path in dance in terms of finances. Know that side jobs are a reality of most dancers' lives. The Elite Dance Center Company Contract 2014-2015 The Elite Dance Center Company Agreement 2014-2015 Please sign and return this page. Type all the contact information for you or your organization as it would appear on a mailing address. Minimum weekly pay rates for a commercial theatre production are £360 to £487.50, depending on the capacity of the venue. Graphic design for a major dance company, Contemporary dance company, dance studios, Private dance studio and summer stock theater, Professional ballet dancer, ballet teacher, Pilates instructor, Community college, private college, studio, competitions, outreach program, nonprofits, Burlesque troupe & bellydance/bollywood troupe, National tour, Broadway Dance Lab, various performances, Children's performing arts group, private ballet and barre classes, Dance company and affiliated school, plus public university, Public school dance teacher and the owner of a small studio, Dance instructor/studio assistant director, Freelance performer/operations supervisor, Ballet company, modern company, own company, Dance instructor/professional dancer/choreographer, Professional company and two dance studios, Entertainment company, mobile dance school, Modern dance company, ballet company, independent choreographers, Concert contemporary dance companies, dance theater company, freelance commercial work, A 501c3 supporting the choreographic career of the founding artist, including a community rental dance studio, Dance organization with a professional company, arts education outreach, studio classes, Contemporary rep company, local dance studios, Dance studios, high school drama department, Dance company, private studio, dance education nonprofit, Youth instructor and company artistic director, Arts high school; private dance studio; private clients; dance companies; non-profit organizations, Assistant artistic director/ballet instructor/choreographer, Program assistant/work exchange coordinator/dance instructor, Dance center & performing arts organization, Membership services manager; independent choreographer, Principal dancer/educational program coordinator, Associate professor of dance, department chair, Dance studio; private university; dance festival, School affiliated with professional company, Ballet teacher and freelance ballet dancer, Private day/boarding school and local dance studio, Contemporary jazz dance company; community arts programs, Ballet company; contemporary dance company.

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